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Big schools of redfish have been in bays off the ICW and New River in the Sneads Ferry area, and getting the to bite hasn't been terribly difficult Despite being in huge schools, redfish are biting in Sneads Ferry area
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Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures in Sneads Ferry said there are red drum in the shallow bays off the Intracoastal Waterway and New River around Sneads Ferry, in schools of anywhere from 50 to 200 or 300 fish – and most of them are hungry.

Crappie have been biting jigs tipped with minnows and slow-trolled in deep water at Badin Lake. Go deep for Badin Lake's cold, winter crappie
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Most fishermen don’t consider February a prime month because of the cold weather, but a few sunny days can make a big difference, and they have recently for anglers targeting crappie on Badin Lake.

Learn to follow the movements of baitfish during the winter as guide Chris Hammill has, and big blue catfish won't be far away. Kannapolis guide: follow baitfish, find big catfish
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You may think dog days of summer when catfish come to mind, but blue cats are perfectly happy in cold water, where they will be shadowing every move of shad and feasting on the baitfish in reservoirs across North Carolina. Patterning baitfish is a key for Kannapolis guide Chris Hammill of Hammill Outdoor Adventures, who puts them in the boat on Yadkin/Pee Dee system reservoirs. Here are some of his winter catfishing tips:

More than 1,000 striped bass were tagged and released on 10 recent trips by NCDMF personnel who want to study the species' migration and spawning patterns. NCDMF tags more than 1,000 ocean stripers to study migration, spawning
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I recently had the opportunity to go on a couple of the 10 fishing trips that are part of a program funded by sales of North Carolina’s Coastal Recreational Fishing License to catch and tag coastal striped bass. On the two trips I took part in, more than 400 fish were caught and tagged, and slightly more than 1,000 fish were caught and tagged during the 10 trips. Most, unfortunately, had not migrated into North Carolina waters, so trips had to be run out of Virginia’s Rudee Inlet.

Southern flounder remain overfished and overharvested, but an NCDMF report that outlines the problems has been rejected by a peer-review board, thus sidetracking mandated moves to improve the fishery. NCDMF's stock-assessment report for southern flounder is sidetracked
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Southern flounder, according to the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, have been in trouble for more than 10 years, and a potential big step toward ending overfishing and overharvest of the species has turned into a big stumble.

Karley Davidson skipped school on Nov. 19 to kill this big 10-point Randolph County buck. New home, new land, new big buck
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Karley Davidson may be 16, but she approaches hunting like a 40-year veteran.

Kenny Snyder’s big 10-point buck from Orange County fell on Nov. 25, 2014. Father’s fingerprints “all over” big Orange County buck
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Kenny Snyder of Efland and his wife, Rhonda, have enjoyed a run of successful deer hunts for trophy bucks in recent years.

John Del Papa killed this 145-inch Wake County 8-pointer on Nov. 21 with a compound bow. Raleigh teen archer had the right stuff
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Sometimes it’s an easy read when encountering people, even younger ones, who have the right stuff. 

A chase of more than 4 hours ended when Tim Willliams killed this 12-pound Gates County buck in front of his beagles. Gates County beagles come through
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Timothy Williams’ pack of beagles earned their dog food for an entire year on Nov. 29, when a chase that lasted more than four hours ended with Williams putting a great 12-point buck on the ground.

Scott Niemitalo took this 140-inch Randolph County 8-pointer last Nov. 23. Passing on little bucks results in Randolph County trophy
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Scott Niemitalo grew up in eastern Oregon where he hunted mule deer and elk with a bow and arrow. But tagging a large Randolph County whitetail buck provided one of his most satisfying experiences.

Will Fussy got two chances at this big Union County non-typical. He missed the first shot, then scored with the second. The hunting gods frowned, then smiled on hunter
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Will Fussy skipped school on Nov. 25 because he had only one class, and the hunting gods punished him. Walking into his stand, a big non-typical buck presented him with a 65-yard shot, which he promptly missed.

Chunky, delicious white perch are an often-overlooked winter target on many of North Carolina's reservoirs where significant populations exist. One man's trash is another man's treasure; don't ignore winter white perch.
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White perch, the renegade cousin of striped and white bass are known for being overly prolific and have infiltrated most major reservoirs in North Carolina. Rather than singing the blues, anglers targeting cold-water crappie can make minor adjustments to load up on the massive schools of tasty perch.