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Gun cleaning, made easier and less messy

Don’t you just love cleaning your shotgun, rifle, or handgun? What’s better than threading those little patches through the ends of a cleaning rod, loading it down with cleaning fluids, then pushing it down the barrel, being careful not to scratch the metal with the cleaning rod? Now strip that patch out of the little slit on the end of the cleaning rod, put another patch in, and do it all over again.

October 28 at 6:45 am

Charlotte angler catches 70.83-pound catfish at Mountain Island Lake

Charlotte’s Evan Martin spent a long day of fishing on Oct 24 at Mountain Island Lake that began so tough that he had trouble even catching bait. He stuck to it though, and halfway through the day, he caught a monster blue catfish that tipped the scales at 70.83-pounds. It was the first of seven fish he landed on the day, with three of them going over 30-pounds.

October 27 at 10:01 am

Public land hunter kills 10-pointer, 9-pointer minutes apart on Roanoke River

Lee Huffman of Dallas likes to hunt, and this is his favorite time of year to do it. Seeing the results from his hunt on Oct. 23, it’s no mystery why. Huffman killed two deer — a 10-pointer and a 9-pointer — within a five minute stretch, and the 10-pointer was the best deer he has ever taken. The 10-pointer was green-scored at 135 1/4-inches.

October 27 at 6:45 am

Gibsonville hunter downs 200-pound, 16-point buck

After a gut wrenching standoff last Sunday, Gibsonville hunter Shane Phillips got a second chance on a Rockingham County buck that he actually wounded last year during rifle season. On this occasion, he delivered a perfect shot that would seal the fate of a full velvet 16-point that weighed in over 200-pounds with an unofficial green score of 191 4/8-inches gross.

“I was in the stand between 4:30 and 4:45, said Phillips. “I had a couple of small does and bucks come out in the field, it was an average hunt.”

The average hunt suddenly took a turn for the worse when the wind changed direction. “They could smell me and they bolted,” said Phillips. “I didn’t know if the hunt was over, so I just started grunting and bleating.”

October 26 at 12:01 pm

Greensboro angler catches limit of king mackerel from a kayak

It's no secret that Yaupon Beach Reef (AR 425) holds a variety of fish. It is arguably the most popular of all the artificial reefs overseen and maintained by the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, and in the past few years has attracted a new user group. Kayak anglers have discovered the productive reef is only about a 30 minute paddle from several Oak Island beach accesses, and they have been venturing to the artificial reef on an almost daily basis this fall. On October 21, Mark Patterson of Greensboro launched through the Oak Island surf shortly after sunrise and returned around 1:30 P.M. with a limit of king mackerel.

Patterson's kings were all in the 20 to 30 pound range. It's probably a good thing they weren't larger; he didn't have a large fish box or cooler to store them. They were in a thermal bag strapped to the bow of his kayak and all the tails were sticking out. The longest king was 45.5 inches and weighed 27.9 pounds. The next longest weighed 24.3 pounds. The shortest was only an inch or so less and was estimated at 20 pounds. That's a lot of steaks and fillets for a fishing trip that only burned about a half gallon of gas in the truck to get to and from the beach access.

October 26 at 6:58 am

Reel Anarchy wins SKA National Championship

The 2015 Southern Kingfish Association’s National Championship, held out of Morehead City, ended today, and Reel Anarchy held onto their day one lead to take the championship in the Open Division. The team lead by a good margin after day one with their 51.94-pound fish, and they added a 40.52-pounder today, giving them an overall weight of 92.46-pounds, which gave them the win by more than 12-pounds.

Team Animal House took second place. They added a 41.75-pound fish today to their 38.67 king from yesterday, finishing with 80.42-pounds. Spiced Rum III took third place with 79.45-pounds by bringing a 45.75-pounder to the scales today, which improved their 33.7-pound king on day one.

October 24 at 10:15 pm

Team Reel Anarchy leads SKA Nationals after day 1

Day one of the 26th Annual Southern Kingfish Association National Championship is in the books, and Team Reel Anarchy sits atop the leaderboard. The fishing starts back tomorrow in Morehead City, and the new champion will be crowned during the Title Championship Awards Ceremony Sunday morning.

With a weight of 51.94-pounds, Team Reel Anarchy finished day one more than 8-pounds ahead of 2nd-place team OIFC, who weighed in 43.93-pounds. Hot Hooks sits in 3rd place with 43.87-pounds, followed by Liquid Fire, whose 41.87-pound weigh-in has them sitting in 4th place.

October 23 at 9:57 pm

Tuckertown flathead bite on fire for anglers who find the current

When Stanley Correll of Catawba Lakes Guide Service reported a tremendous catch of 53 flathead catfish up to 60 pounds from Tuckertown Lake this past Sunday, he predicted the bite might last through Thanksgiving.

For at least one day this week, he was correct. On Wednesday, on a 4 1/2-hour trip to Tuckertown, Correll’s party of three fishermen boated 45 more flatheads, including three in the 35-pound class, a handful more in the 20-pound class and dozens of fish between 5 and 15 pounds.

October 22 at 11:25 pm

Wilmington angler catches 98-pound wahoo off of Carolina Beach

When Filipe Balbino of Wilmington gathered visiting friends and family last Saturday for a relaxing fishing trip, he wasn’t planning on doing battle with a nearly triple digit wahoo. However, while trolling for king mackerel near Carolina Beach, his crew decked a 72-inch, 98.2 pound beast that struck not one, but two of his king rigs.

After stopping to net a morning’s supply of fresh pogies outside of Carolina Beach Inlet, Balbino set sail with his 6-man crew to a king mackerel hotspot. Resting 10 miles offshore, the 10-Mile Boxcars is an artificial reef submerged in 60 feet of water and comprised of 10 railroad boxcars plus chunks of concrete.

October 22 at 9:29 am

Goldsboro angler catches 50.1-pound king mackerel from Seaview Pier

George Wulgemuth had a feeling early on the morning of October 9 that it had potential to be a special day. His feeling was correct and it was Wulgemuth, of Goldsboro, who played the biggest role in making it a day he - and numerous other fishermen on Seaview Pier at North Topsail Beach - will remember for years. Before the day was over, Wulgemuth landed a king mackerel that weighed 50.1 pounds, far exceeding his previous personal best.

As Wulgemuth walked out onto the pier the sun was just beginning to peek over the eastern horizon to welcome a beautiful fall day at the N.C. Coast. Wulgemuth felt the conditions were right for a fall king run. He was correct, but he was going to have to wait a while for the action to fire up.

October 21 at 12:17 pm

Wrightsville Beach guide says use these lures for hot trout action

The fall trout bite is as hot as it’s been all year in the Wrightsville Beach area, and Capt. Jot Owens of Jot it Down Charters has a few favorite lures that are all hooking plenty of specks right now. Soft plastic grubs and hard plugs make up the bulk of his arsenal this time of year.

“Specks aren’t too hard to catch, but knowing what lures to use and when can really make a difference in how many you catch,” said Owens.

Owens said anglers who use the following lures should find success this time of year:

October 21 at 11:48 am

NCWRC announces some gill-net closures, reopening of some game lands

The NCWRC recently announced estuarine waters in several areas have been closed to anchored gill nets because of unacceptably high interactions with sea turtles. These areas were closed on Oct. 16, and will remain closed for a minimum of two weeks, which will give turtles a chance to leave the areas.

The waters in Management Unit A have been closed. Management Unit A includes all of Albemarle, Currituck, Croatan, and Roanoke Sounds and their tributaries. Large-mesh and small-mesh anchored gill nets are all prohibited under this closure.

October 21 at 6:45 am

Aging a buck on the hoof

Many hunters have been in their deer stand and “something” steps into a field or shooting lane. The typical scenario is a buck on the prowl, usually at a considerable distance and in low light conditions. The hunter’s eyes immediately go to the rack.

“The rack has little to do with whether or not a deer has reached it’s potential growth” claims quality deer land manager Leslie Smith from Hampton. “Many hunters see what they think is a trophy deer because it’s got a visible rack over it’s head.”

October 20 at 6:01 pm

Duo boats 55 catfish at Tuckertown Lake, including a 60-pounder

A fishing trip that almost didn’t happen wound up being the best in a Lenoir guide’s long career. On Oct. 18, Stanley Correll of Catawba Lakes Guide Service, nearly cancelled a trip when two buddies cancelled out at the last minute, but his decision to head to Tuckertown Lake to target flathead catfish action worked out.

Correll and buddy Joe Montelongo of Morganton didn’t get on the water at the 2,600-acre reservoir on the Yadkin River until after noon, but by the time they ran out of bait at 10 p.m., they had landed 55 catfish: an 8-pound channel, a 12-pound blue and 53 flatheads. Their biggest flathead was a 60-pounder that Montelongo wrestled over the railing of Correll’s pontoon boat. The long-time guide said he and Montelongo caught two fish between 40 and 50 pounds, three more between 30 and 40, and a total of 28 fish that weighed at least 20 pounds.

October 19 at 7:24 pm

Davidson County 5-year old sets new IGFA catfish record

A Davidson County kindergarten student is a world-record holder after the International Game Fishing Association certified his catch of a 28-pound, 8-ounce flathead catfish in July at High Rock Lake as the world record for that species in the 50-pound line class.

Luke Harvell, 5, of Lexington, caught the fish at around 1 a.m. on July 19, fishing with his father, Ricky, close to the NC 8 boating access area of High Rock.

October 19 at 8:50 am

Stokesdale teen drops monster drop-tine buck in Rockingham County

Joe Willard, a 16-year-old Stokesdale man finally got his chance to arrow his biggest bow buck ever right after changing up his stand to a new wind direction and managing soggy conditions. And his trophy wasn’t just any buck. It was a 155-inch monster he and his father had been watching for over four years on film.

“My father saw him running with another buck four years ago and he was a big buck then too,” said Willard. “We think the buck is somewhere in the ballpark of 8 years old.”

October 16 at 6:44 am

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