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Wahoo fishing off Morehead City usually picks up in the fall, but it's August and charterboats are starting to bring in catches of multiple 'hoos in day's trip. Good fall wahoo fishing has begun off Cape Lookout earlier than usual
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The fall wahoo fishing off Atlantic Beach has gotten off to an early start, according to Capt. Mike Webb of Pelagic Sportfishing, who isn’t sure what has caused this good fortune be said the cooler-than-usual summer probably fits into the mix.

Jordan Lake is once again producing some bragging-sized crappie after a 2011 fish kill. Stick to New Hope Creek channel for Jordan Lake crappie
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One angler who doesn’t need any convincing that Jordan Lake’s crappie fishery has returned to prominence is Freddie Sinclair, a guide from Clayton. He said slabs have recovered nicely from the 2011 fish kill and are biting along the main New Hope Creek channel in deeper water. 

H. R. White took advantage of the return of a deep bite in High Rock's Flat Swamp Creek. Surprise! Cooler weather returns bass to deep water at High Rock
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Throughout a sizzling July, the offshore bite for bass at High Rock Lake was almost non-existent, much to the chagrin of crankbait and Carolina-rig fishermen, as fish snuggled tight to the piers in less than 5 feet of water, hitting jigs and plastics flipped their way. Then along came August and surprisingly cooler temperatures and the unexpected happened. The offshore bite reappeared, catching most fishermen by surprise.

Victoria Navaroli caught this huge green sunfish, which weighed 1 ounce shy of 2 pounds. It is the new North Carolina state record. Charlotte teen catches state-record green sunfish
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It was a team effort that landed Victoria Navaroli a state-record fish from a private pond in Creston. In the early morning hours of July 12, the 13-year-old Charlotte girl watched as her big brother Jack baited his hook with a quarter of a night crawler and then handed his fishing rod to her. Two casts later, Victoria reeled in the record-breaking green sunfish.

The Yadkin Patriots from Forbush Middle School won the junior-division national championship at the Youth Hunter Education Challenge in Pennsylvania. Yadkin County hunter-ed team wins junior-division national championship
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The Yadkin Patriots from Forbush Middle School in Yadkin County took top honors in the nation as junior champions at the 29th annual International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC), a week-long shooting and outdoors skills competition held in late July in Mansfield, Pa.

T.J. Farrington, 13, of High Point, decked this 42-pound, 10-ounce king mackerel on Oak Island Pier last week. High Point teen decks trophy king mackerel at Oak Island Pier
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There’s little doubt that 13-year-old T.J. Farrington of High Point will remember the first king mackerel of his pier-fishing career – because it was a real smoker. Farrington decked a 42-pound, 10-ounce king on the Oak Island Pier last week, the biggest from the pier this year and the biggest in several years.

Wildlife officer Michael Paxinos spends plenty of his off-duty time targeting flathead catfish in the Neuse River. This is his biggest, at 57 1/2-pounder. Try the Neuse River for huge flathead catfish
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Want to beat the heat this summer and have a chance to catch a potential record fish? First, load a skiff with plenty of lighting equipment for after-dark fishing, a couple of cinder-block anchors, eight or nine heavy baitcasting outfits spooled with 50-pound monofilmament, some Carolina and Santee rigs and about 30 eating-sized bluegills in the livewell, plus insect repellant. Then trailer it to the Neuse River in Wayne, Lenoir or Craven counties where the giant flathead catfish live.

Big flounder have been regular visitors to fishermen's creels in the Wrightsville Beach area. Big flounder making plenty of waves in Wrightsville Beach area
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Tex Grissom of Tex’s Tackle in Wilmington said the fishing is pretty good around Wrightsville Beach from the backwaters to the Gulf Stream, but flounder fishing has been especially good, especially for big fish.

Guide Joel Richardson uses sections of surgical tubing to bind together all of his hooks by size and style, so they're less likely to get jumbled in his tackle box. A slice of surgical tubing can keep hooks all in line
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If you’re like many anglers, you have scads of hooks for different types of fishing because our finny targets have variable-size mouths. They’re usually stored in different compartments in tackle boxes, and it’s likely that a good bump going down the road or down the lake will shake things up, leaving hooks in a big tangle the next time you need one particular size and style. That’s where guide Joel Richardson and a length of surgical tubing come into play.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed the state budget bill on Thursday, ending wrangling over several key wildlife and fisheries issues, including the management of captive deer. Sportsman are winners in budget bill signed Thursday
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The budget bill passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday included a few victories for sportsmen and fishermen in confrontations between the N.C. House and N.C. Senate, both controlled by Republicans.

Two commercial fishing groups have filed suit against a handful of federal and state agencies, saying they're unfairly bearing the brunt of Endangered Species Act restrictions concerning sea turtles, and that hook-and-line recreational fishermen are not being restricted in any fashion. Commercial fishermen file suit, take aim at agencies over sea turtles
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The North Carolina Fisheries Association  and the Carteret County Fisherman’s Association filed suit in Raleigh on Aug. 5 against several state and federal agencies, citing violations of the Endangered Species Act in regards to protecting sea turtles. This action followed a March 5 letter notifying the agencies they were planning to initiate the suit.   

Watch the attached vid to for step-by-step instructions on how to tie the improved clinch knot. Knot instructions: How to tie an improved clinch knot  Video Included
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The improved clinch knot is probably one of the first knots an angler learns, and is a quick, easy way to make a strong connection between line and hook.

Read the instructions below, then watch the accompanying video for great step-by-step visuals.