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    Daniel Gibson of Ararat killed this big 10-pointer with a shot to the head.

    Crossbow hunter kills 150-inch Surry County buck

    On September 20th, Daniel Gibson of Ararat rushed to his ladder stand on the family farm to catch the last couple hours of daylight. After laying eyes on a trophy 10-point that he’d been watching on his trail camera for the last 3 years, Gibson shouldered his crossbow and managed an incredible shot that dropped the 150-inch Surry County monster in his tracks.

    17 hours ago
    The flounder closure for gill nets and recreational fishing is set to close Oct. 16, but a lawsuit has earned a temporary restraining order on the controversial regulation.

    Judge issues temporary restraining order in flounder closure lawsuit

    A Carteret County judge on Wednesday imposed a temporary restraining order on the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission’s decision to end flounder fishing on Oct. 16 for the remainder of 2016, in response to a lawsuit filed Sept. 23 by the N.C. Fisheries Association, Carteret County Fisherman’s association, and Carteret, Dare and Hyde counties.

    Yesterday at 1:42pm
    Holden Barley poses with his big buck.

    Guilford County trophy buck goes down to bowhunter

    Last hunting season, Holden Barley acquired a 20-acre plot of hunting land in Guilford County, and like many hunters do, he immediately hung a trail camera. Deer, including a number of bucks, began showing up right away, and he saw two in particular that caught his eye, including the biggest buck he’s ever killed with a bow last week, a 178-pound deer that was gross green-scored at 140 7/8.

    Yesterday at 8:37am
    Matt Mays started seeing this piebald buck on his trail-cameras this past summer, and killed it on Sept. 9.

    Piebald buck taken by Clarendon County hunter

    After capturing on camera the first white deer in over 17 years of hunting on his 600-acre Clarendon County property, Matt Mays figured his chances of encountering this deer with rifle in hand would be dismal. But, on September 9th just a few days into the S.C. 2016 deer season, the piebald eight point buck showed up in an unlikely place and at the perfect time for this Clarendon County hunter.

    September 27 at 9:43am
    Tommy Thompson of Greensboro killed this trophy in Guilford County last Wednesday.

    Greensboro crossbow hunter sticks big buck in Guilford County

    A retired Greensboro police officer used a crossbow to bag one of 2016’s biggest bucks last Wednesday in Guilford County.

    September 26 at 9:58pm
    North Carolina anglers have had a longer harvest period for cobia than South Carolina, but the season closes this week for those in the Tarheel State.

    Cobia season closes this week for North Carolina anglers

    The state division of marine fisheries is reminding anglers that the recreational cobia season closes in state waters this Friday, Sept. 30.

    September 26 at 9:39pm
    Three public forums will be held in November throughout North Carolina to discuss the management of American alligators.

    NCWRC, N.C. Alligator Task Force seeking public input on alligator management in North Carolina

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the N.C. Alligator Task Force are holding three public forums in early November to receive public input on management of American alligators in North Carolina.

    September 26 at 9:25pm
    Todd Walters (left) and Patrick Walters (right), both well-known as top-notch bass anglers, became gator hunters on Sept. 11, killing this Cooper River beast that measured over 10 feet long.

    Summerville hunters bag big Cooper River gator

    Patrick Walters of Summerville is best known for his bass fishing skills, but he’s now a trophy gator hunter as well. The University of South Carolina Fishing Team angler won the FLW College Fishing National Championship two years ago, and he’s won his share of money and trophies on other trails as well. But all the while he’s been fishing, he’s kept his eyes on the water for gators too.

    September 26 at 10:34am
    Brandon Bowman killed this trophy on a small parcel of Rockingham County land on Sept. 12.

    Tiny Rockingham County hideaway produces huge buck for North Carolina archer

    Brandon Bowman proved on Sept. 12 that it doesn’t take a big piece of land to produce a big buck. That’s when Bowman, from Madison, N.C., connected with a 10-point, 162-inch monster on a 10-acre tract in Rockingham County. 

    September 26 at 9:32am
    Dennis Watson of Leland caught this 8-pound, 9-ounce summer flounder September 20 from a Cape Fear River feeder stream.

    Leland angler lands monster flounder from Cape Fear River

    The Cape Fear River is known for producing some of North Carolina’s biggest flounder, and Dennis Watson of Leland caught one of them last Tuesday, an 8-pound, 9-ounce monster.

    September 26 at 8:14am
    Capt. Justin Carter starts his fishing days with a longer fluorocarbon leader than most anglers do, and he said it saves him time throughout each trip.

    How long is your fluorocarbon leader?

    Braided line has many virtues, and it’s popular among both freshwater and saltwater anglers. It’s also popular for those same anglers to use fluorocarbon leaders due to its invisibility. No other material in the world looks more like water, thus virtually disappearing in water, than fluorocarbon. 

    September 23 at 9:01am
    Today's fishing shoes are more comfortable, more slip resistant, and offer more support than old sneakers, but they can also get plenty stinky.

    How stinky are your fishing shoes?

    Anglers who wade a lot, whether it’s wading in a stream all day, or just stepping into the water to launch or retrieve a boat, have more footwear options than ever. Gone are the days of having to wear a pair of everyday sneakers that don’t fare well as water shoes.

    September 23 at 8:41am
    Mike Kossover of Spartanburg killed this trophy buck after hunting it for 3 years with the help of his trail cameras.

    Spartanburg hunter takes huge buck with crossbow

    One look at the massive rack and huge-bodied deer in the 2014 deer season prompted Spartanburg County bowhunter Mike Kossover to commit to hunting that specific buck. Kossover knew his patience would be an asset, but he didn’t realize it would be a three-year quest.

    September 22 at 9:40pm
    Chad Gaines watched this big on trail-cameras for quite some time, and finally killed it on Sept. 15 in Chatham County.

    Huge Chatham County 10-pointer taken by sheriff’s deputy

    Chad Gaines of Goldston, N.C., patrols the roads of Chatham County as a sheriff’s deputy, and he patrols for deer on his family farm. Late on the afternoon of Sept. 15, he put permanent handcuffs on a 156 5/8-inch whitetail buck he’d been investigating since the end of the 2015 season.

    September 21 at 12:44pm
    Mike Venable killed this 10-point buck almost a year after he missed it.

    150-inch Orange County 10-point buck goes down to bowhunter

    Mike Venable picked up a lease late last hunting season on some land in Orange County, N. C., and he wasted no time putting up a couple of stands on an oak ridge. The deer wasted no time either, showing up as soon he and his wife hunted the first time. But a bad mixture between his hunting stand and his arrow caused him to miss the biggest deer of his life. Luckily, that same deer showed up again on the 15th of this month, and this time, Venable arrowed the deer.

    September 20 at 3:57pm
    More changes are on the horizon for the cobia fishery across both Carolinas.

    More changes coming to cobia fishery in both Carolinas

    The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council has approved new, more restrictive regulations for cobia in 2017, hoping to prevent an early closure of the season as took place this year. 

    September 20 at 12:14pm