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    Kathryn McClure and Cory Swink pose with the 66-pound king mackerel that McClure caught last week out of Holden Beach.

    Angler catches 66-pound king mackerel on her first offshore trip

    An angler’s first offshore fishing trip is often something they’ll never forget – especially if they land a 66-pound king mackerel. That’s exactly what happened to Kathryn McClure while being guided by Cory Swink aboard the Hawg Hunter. They trolled a stretch of live bottom about 20 miles off of Holden Beach on July 23 to produce the incredible catch, which measured 63 inches long with a girth of 28.5 inches.

    7 hours ago
    Brayden McMullan, Brant McMullan, Barrett McMullan, Dylan Stone, and Conner Yates pose with one of the recent daylight swordfish caught out of Brunswick County.

    Swordfish run has bluewater anglers daring to attack the heat

    For years, swordfishing off North Carolina’s coast meant spending the night offshore, fishing multiple live and dead baits at staggered depths from an illuminated boat. It could be productive, but the trip itself was an ordeal. But local anglers have recently found out that South Florida-style daylight fishing works just as well, if not better — if catches over the past week are any indication.

    Yesterday at 3:37pm
    1 tip that will help anglers land more flounder comes from Oak Island professional angler Capt. Jimmy Price.

    1 tip to help you hook more flounder

    “I can’t tell if I’ve got a fish or if I’m hung up in some debris,” said Monty Gardner while slowly reeling in his line in a creek near Holden Beach.

    July 22 at 3:42pm
    Jason Edwards' state record pigfish is on his left-handed stringer, and would have been lost in the shuffle of similarly-sized fish if not for the quick thinking for the Fishing Center crew.

    State record pigfish caught out of Cape Lookout

    Pigfish aren't a species that immediately brings visions of deeply bent rods and screaming reels, but there are N.C. state and IGFA world records and Jason Edwards' May 23rd catch has been approved for one and is pending for the other. Edwards' pigfish weighed 2 pounds and 12 ounces which bested the former N.C. state record by a half pound.

    July 22 at 11:14am
    Capt. Joey  Crisp and Andy McInnis of the Wee Doggie Fishing Team caught this 82-pound wahoo out of Wrightsville Beach on July 17.

    82-pound wahoo caught out of Wrightsville Beach

    Although the crew of the Wee Doggie Fishing Team had mackerel on their minds while competing in the S.H.A.R.E King Mackerel Tournament out of Wrightsville Beach on July 17th, they made time for a world class wahoo when it slammed the longline of their trolling spread 15 miles outside of Little River Inlet. Fishing a patch of live bottom known as “the jungle”, Capt. Joey Crisp and Andy McInnis managed to stick an 82 pounder that measured 69 inches long with a girth of 28 inches.

    July 21 at 5:56pm
    MirrOlures might not be every trout angler's favorite lure, but you'll be hard pressed to find an experienced speck angler that doesn't have a handful in their tackle box.

    1 lure every speckled trout angler needs in his tackle box

    Survey a handful of trout fishermen about their favorite lures for specks, and you’re liable to see several answers repeated a number of times: topwaters, soft-plastic shrimp under a popping cork, soft-plastic grubs on jigheads.

    July 21 at 10:25am
    Dylan Fulk said hollow body frogs are his go-to lure all summer long.

    Top tips for bass fishing with hollow body frogs

    Bass fishermen have a lot of different lures to choose as their go-to baits at different times of year and under different fishing situations.

    It’s a good bet that there aren’t many like bass pro Dylan Fulk of Concord, N.C., who reach for a soft-plastic frog.

    July 21 at 10:08am
    Build your own rod and make your own lures at these workshops being held in August at the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center in Fayetteville.

    Build your own fishing rod, make your own fishing lures

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is offering two free fishing workshops in August at the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center, in Fayetteville. 

    July 19 at 4:27pm
    Durham County's Sevin Carter landed this lunker at Durham's Little River Lake.

    4 tips to catching quality bass on urban fishing holes

    Urban fishing holes are some of the most overlooked waters, but they can give up plenty of quality bass. One of the best things about these locales is that they are often conveniently located near homes and businesses, which means anglers in the area can enjoy an hour or two of fishing before or after work.

    July 19 at 2:12pm
    These steps will help catch-and-release anglers keep their catch alive and healthy.

    Simple steps to keep bass alive during summer heat

    Largemouth bass anglers who practice catch-and-release fishing this summer can follow a few simple steps to ensure the fish they catch today will survive to bite another lure tomorrow. 

    July 18 at 3:57pm
    Plenty of Spanish mackerel are biting readily just off the beaches of North Carolina.

    Anglers catching Spanish mackerel just off North Carolina's beaches

    North Carolina’s saltwater anglers are having no trouble catching a variety of fish, and that’s especially true for folks fishing a mile or two off the beaches. Bluefish are plentiful, but the Spanish mackerel are really stealing the show.

    July 13 at 10:19am
    Win $10,000 in this weekend's Tim Hill Memorial Trout Tournament in Cherokee.

    Win $10,000 this weekend for catching trout in Cherokee

    What’s better than fishing in the beautiful surroundings of the Southern Appalachians? How about winning $10,000 for catching a fish there? You can do it this weekend by fishing in the rivers of Cherokee’s Qualla Boundary, if you catch the right fish.

    July 11 at 10:55am
    The smallmouth are biting in Western N. C.'s rivers, and these tips from Slippery Friction Fishing will help you catch your share.

    Catch more Western N.C. smallmouth with this unconventional tactic

    Western North Carolina’s rivers are keeping anglers busy and happy, especially those fishing for smallmouth bass in the New and French Broad Rivers. While anglers are catching their share of river bronzebacks on a variety of lures and techniques, the topwater bite has been especially good. 

    July 08 at 1:05pm
    North Carolina's 2015 bear harvest saw an uptick of 20 percent over the 2014 season.

    North Carolina’s 2015 bear harvest up 20 percent

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission set a goal in 2013 to slow down the state’s expanding black bear population, increasing hunting opportunities in hopes of an raising the annual harvest to around 25 percent of the state’s bruins.

    July 07 at 9:43pm
    The North Carolina coast is beautiful and fragile. Help protect it by entering the Photos for the Ocean contest.

    Photo contest helps preserve N. C. coastal benefits

    North Carolina is home to some of the most diverse marine environments on the Atlantic Coast. From the elegant red drum tailing in the shallow marshes to the giant sand tiger sharks dwelling on the deep ship wrecks, North Carolina's marine ecosystems are truly amazing. However, as beautiful as they may be, they are equally fragile.

    July 07 at 10:01am
    Catch more bass in surface weeds with these 3 tips from a seasoned bass angler.

    Top 3 tips for catching bass in heavy vegetation

    Noah Tackett lives near the border town of Play Card, South Carolina, and his job as an advertising salesman takes him all over North and South Carolina. He pulls his bass boat right behind him everywhere he goes. This time of year, his favorite type of fishing is bass fishing with hollow body frogs in thick surface weeds, and he’s got some tips to help you catch your share of bass on these lures.

    July 06 at 5:07pm