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    Jason Bowen of Durham had to call for reinforcements when he hooked this 101-pound blue catfish at Buggs Island on Oct. 15.

    Durham angler catches 101-pound catfish

    Undeterred by a broken trolling motor, Jason Bowen of Durham had to make all his drifts for blue catfish with the wind on Kerr Lake last Saturday. After changing spots once, he hooked up to the biggest fish of his life, a 101-pounder that required reinforcements to land.

    8 hours ago
    Josh Lawler killed this 10-point buck in Granville County on Sept. 24.

    College bowhunter takes big Granville County buck

    Josh Lawler and his dad, Aaron, are bowhunters who spent the latter part of August and the first half of September keeping tabs on a handsome 10-point buck near their home in southern Granville County.

    Josh, a 20-year-old junior at East Carolina University, finally brought the surveillance to an end on Sept. 24 when he dropped the big buck, estimated to score in the 140-inch range.

    Yesterday at 10:37pm
    False albacore aren't a mainstay at the Georgetown jetties, but they've shown up lately and are biting topwater plugs and soft plastics under popping corks.

    False albacore surprising anglers at Georgetown jetties

    Anglers up and down the coast of both Carolinas are having a field day with bull redfish, but other fish are contributing to the fun as well, and sometimes they are doing it with a surprise. Such was the case yesterday for Capt. Rod Thomas at the Georgetown jetties.

    Yesterday at 9:36pm
    Will Hadley of Eli Whitney, N.C. made his first bow kill a good one with this albino doe that he'd watched for several years.

    Alamance County bowhunter kills solid white doe

    Numerous hunters encounter calico or piebald deer if they hunt often enough, but seeing a true albino deer is a rare sight that most hunters never see. Will Hadley of Eli Whitney, N.C. spent a couple of years watching two solid white, pink-eyed does. On Oct. 15, he killed one of them, but not before struggling with whether or not to shoot it.

    October 19 at 5:24pm
    The goal of using bleat or grunt calls in October should be attracting deer's attention instead of bringing in bucks ready to fight.

    Until the rut kicks in, keep calling, rattling low key

    Few people in the hunting industry would ever describe Marshall Collette as “understated.”

    The big, garrulous hunter, a long-time pro staff member for companies like Mossy Oak and Quaker Boy, is rarely at a loss for words or opinions.

    October 19 at 3:38pm
    White oak acorns are No. 1 on a deer's list of favorite fall foods. Find the tree that's dropping the most nuts and hunt it.

    Scout by ear when acorns fall

    Most deer hunters scout with their eyes — either watching through binoculars, looking over trail-camera photos or actually in the woods, searching for deer sign.

    But veteran hunter and wildlife photographer Brian Carroll said October is really the time to scout with your ears.

    October 19 at 3:22pm
    Joshua Sparks killed this 8-point brute in Marion just before dark.

    Marion hunter kills 140-class buck

    It took perseverance, a few changes to deer stands and locations, and a little bit of luck, but it all came together in time of Joshua Sparks of Marion to kill the deer of his dreams last month, and it all started with a trail camera photo he obtained after hunting season had already started.

    October 19 at 2:59pm
    The biggest trail camera survey in history will contribute to North Carolina's Candid Critters, a study being conducted by the NCWRC, NC State University, and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

    NCWRC asking for public's help with backyard animal survey

    A new research project of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences and N.C. State University aims to answer a big question: What animals are found in the wildest parts of the state, in backyards and in suburbs?

    October 19 at 8:09am
    Because of flooded areas, the SCDNR has expanded the deer hunting closures in Georgetown, Horry, and Marion Counties through Oct. 29.

    More deer hunting closures start today due to flooding

    Last week, the SCDNR closed certain portions of flooded areas to deer hunting for a 10-day period. With more areas now flooding due to runoff from rivers, other areas have now been closed. These temporary closures are intended to last 10 days also, and the SCDNR will monitor these areas and adjust that schedule accordingly.

    October 19 at 6:34am

    Kill more ducks with the Decoy Raft

    With waterfowl season quickly approaching, many hunters across the Carolinas will be using a new product on their hunts. The Decoy Raft, a product made by North Carolina's Southern Flyway Outfitters, first became available to the public early this year, and it's been a big hit with outfitters all over the U.S. and Canada, and many homegrown hunters are excited to put it to use.

    October 18 at 5:01pm
    During the flooding after Hurricane Matthew, SCDNR officers rescued many pets and farm animals.

    SCNDR officers rescue countless pets during hurricane flooding

    The flooding that has taken place as a result of Hurricane Matthew is not entirely over for everyone in South Carolina. Days after the storm ended, and with bluebird skies welcoming nice weather and pretty fall days, some areas of the state had just begun to flood, thanks to runoff from the swollen rivers to their north.

    October 16 at 11:04pm
    The 2016 Inaugural Duckfest will include a duck calling contest, bass fishing tournament, a cook-off, and much more.

    Duckfest to be held in Summerton on Oct. 22

    Clarendon County is one of South Carolina's top destinations for waterfowl hunting, so it's only fitting that this will be the site of the Inaugural Duckfest on Oct. 22, a celebration of duck hunting throughout the county and state.

    October 14 at 9:06pm

    Deer hunting temporarily closed in Waccamaw River drainage area

    After last year's "Flood of '15," numerous areas were temporarily declared closed to deer hunting, and due to flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the SCDNR has once again issued similar closures. The following is a press release from SCDNR describing the closed areas.

    October 14 at 7:44pm
    The NWTF is heavily involved in turkey hunting, but there is much more to it than that.

    NWTF is about more than turkey hunting

    Since turkey hunting season is a long ways off, there’s really no reason to see what’s happening with the NWTF right now. Perhaps they are shut down for the winter anyway, and will open back up in the spring? Far from it. The National Wild Turkey Federation is about more than just turkey hunting. Much more.

    October 14 at 9:17am
    The NCWRC and Ducks Unlimited are teaming up to offer waterfowl hunting seminars across the state, starting on Oct. 24.

    Slots available for 7 waterfowl hunting seminars

    Spaces remain for seven waterfowl hunting seminars being offered by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and Ducks Unlimited starting next week.

    October 13 at 2:20pm
    Nathan Coffey of Lynchburg, Va. killed this big boar at Cottonwood Plantation in Edgecombe County, N.C.

    410-pound boar killed in Edgecombe County, N.C.

    Nathan Coffey of Lynchburg, Va. has been hunting at Cottonwood Plantation of North Carolina in Edgecombe County for several years, and on Oct. 4th, he killed a trophy boar that weighed over 410 pounds. 

    October 12 at 11:08pm