Gamefish Bill

Rep. Darrell McCormick (background), co-chairman of the Legislature’s Committee on Marine Resources, listens as DMF director Louis Daniel III answers a question during a Raleigh public hearing. McCormick will speak at a recreational-fishing group’s fundraiser Feb. 25 in Swansboro. McCormick to speak at Swansboro fundraiser for gamefish fight
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Representative Darrell McCormick, co-chair of the North Carolina Legislature’s Committee on Marine Resources, will be the keynote speaker during a Feb. 25 event to raise money for the fight to change the state’s saltwater fisheries management and better reflect the value of recreational fishing. The event will be held in Swansboro.

This nearly 7-pound spotted bass will be the new state record if the catch is certified by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Pending state-record spotted bass landed on Lake Norman
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Shortly after Eric Weir of Belmont landed a 6-pound, 5-ounce spotted bass out of Lake Norman the day after Christmas in 2003, he made two predictions: first, that his record wouldn’t last long; and second, that it would be broken by another fish caught at Norman.

Eight years may or may not qualify as “lasting long,” but Weir’s second prediction came true on Saturday, Feb. 11, when Terry Trivette of Rural Hall landed a 6.97-pound spotted bass while fishing during a local Troll-Eze bass club tournament with partner Derick Tolley on Lake Norman.

Bassmaster Elite Series Dustin Wilks of Rocky Mount said a tough three-day practice left him uncertain about where to fish for the 2012 Bassmaster Classic. Tough Classic practice makes Tarheel pro nervous
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Rocky Mount’s Dustin Wilks said one word sums up the first three practice days for the 2012 Bassmaster Classic: Tough.

“It was cold and muddy,” the five-time Classic contender said today (Feb. 20). “They call it the Red River for a reason.”

And that experience left the Elite Series pro uncertain about the start of the B.A.S.S. championship on Louisiana’s Red River.

Television host and recreational fishing activist Joe Albea has been named the North Carolina Sportsman magazine's Sportsman of the Year. Albea named North Carolina Sportsman magazine Sportsman of the Year
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Most North Carolina sportsmen, especially those who live in the eastern part of the state, know Joe Albea’s name. Anyone who has watched the University of North Carolina’s public television stations for the past 19 years has probably heard of Albea. He’s creator/director/co-host of WUNC-TV’s popular Carolina Outdoor Journal and been behind the camera since 2005 filming Exploring North Carolina with host Tom Earnhardt.

The two excellent shows are almost enough to have earned him North Carolina Sportsman’s “Sportsman of the Year” award for 2011, but they only reveal a small part of what Albea has meant to the state’s wildlife and citizens.

River herring crashed because of mismanagement by the NCMRC even as state biologists warned continued commercial netting was detrimental, and at least one recreational angler says he fears the same thing could happen with speckled trout. Mismanagement of river herring warns of NCMFC's commercial bias, veteran rec angler says
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As commercial and recreational saltwater fishing interests duke out their positions online and at meetings of the legislature’s Committee on Marine Resources, Ray Brown of Goldsboro remains one of the most eloquent speakers on behalf of coastal resources.

Brown worries that the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission hasn’t learned from one of its most-egregious mistakes – allowing river herring to disappear – and may be on the road to repeating it with speckled trout.

The Alabama rig might be wildly popular, but the mult-lure rig is off limits to B.A.S.S. anglers fishing the Bassmaster Classic and Elite Series. Alabama rig banned for Bassmaster pro events
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BASS changed its rules in mid-January to limit bass pros competing in the Bassmaster Classic and on the Bassmaster Elite Series to the use of a single lure during practice and competition – a change that eliminates the Alabama rig, the lastest fishing craze – from the group’s premiere tournament trail.

B.A.S.S. reported that its Bassmaster Elite Series rules committee recommended the change, which does not apply to Bassmaster Open or Federation events, nor College BASS events.

Justin Miller, aka JustinTime, won the grand prize in the 2011 Bag-a-Buck Contest. JustinTime wins Bag-a-Buck grand prize
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Justin Miller of Bahama had to convince his hunting buddy, Ricky Glenn, to head into the woods last Nov. 7 to hunt a piece of property in Durham County where they’d put stands up only three days before.

“They were calling for rain, and I had to talk him into going, because he almost didn’t want to go,” said Miller, whose efforts were rewarded almost immediately.

Find the latest rod-building products at the International Custom Rod Building Exposition to be held in High Point on Feb. 25-26. Rod-building expo slated for High Point Feb. 25-26
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The International Custom Rod Building Exposition will be held in High Point on Feb. 25-26, and is open to the public.

The expo, which has been held for nine years, attracts thousands of custom rod builders; last year nearly 3,000 rod builders from around the world attended to check out the offerings of more than 50 exhibitors.

Securing gamefish status for red drum, speckled trout and stripers is vital to ensuring the health of North Carolina coastal communities, Topsail Island realtor Dean Phillips says. Coastal realtor says gamefish status key to coastal counties' survival
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The way Dean Phillips of Topsail Island sees it, fish availability is the horseshoe nail, the linchpin to the survival of most of North Carolina’s coastal counties, which is to say saltwater fish are crucial to the lives of a majority of coastal residents.

“(In) my county, Pender, it’s just absolutely the thing that ties everything together,” said Phillips, who lives at Topsail Island and works in the family business, Surf City’s Landmark Real Estate.

Tackle sales to recreational anglers not only lifts the coastal economy, but reaches far inland to help out North Carolina tackle shops. Healthy inshore fisheries will boost coastal and inland businesses, tackle shop owners say
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While few people doubt the positive influence of healthy inshore saltwater fisheries on coastal businesses, not many stop to realize they also would benefit many inland businesses.

There is also a pronounced tendency to underestimate the degree of the influence, especially to businesses well inland from the coast. Owners of several tackle shops were adamant that their economic viability should be included in discussions as legislators consider the option of granting gamefish status to speckled trout, red drum and striped bass. user wolfpack07 won the 2012 Waterfowl Hunting Photo Contest, and earned a $25 coupon to the online Sportsman Store and a free one-year subscription to North Carolina Sportsman magazine. wolfpack07 takes Waterfowl Hunting Photo Contest
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User wolfpack07 only joined in late October, but he’s already made his mark by easily winning the 2012 Waterfowl Hunting Photo Contest.

His photo showing three hunters with a brace of ducks killed during an Edgecombe County outing earned 50 percent of the votes cast.

Angler Ray Brown of Colerain told legislators during yesterday's Committee on Marine Fisheries meeting that gamefish protection of red drum, speckled trout and striped bass would encourage the already important recreational fishing industry. Experience is ‘sole reason hundreds of thousand go fishing every year,’ saltwater fisheries management review committee told
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The state legislature's Committee on Marine Fisheries met for the second time on Thursday (Feb. 2) this time to hear comments from stakeholders in the saltwater fishing industry.

Speakers gave their testimonies about the troubled state of North Carolina’s saltwater resources, the management of those resources by a state agency (the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission) and how proposed changes will affect the state’s economy, their lives and the lives of coastal residents.