This Richmond County hunter loves his “bad luck buck.” The bad luck buck - A day of horrible luck turns out to be the best of one Richmond County hunter’s career
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A hunter may have everything in his favor — especially during November’s deer rut — and still not put venison in his cooler or a big rack on his wall.

Bucks will be chasing does in the weeks leading up to the peak of the rut, but as the peak approaches, they’ll spend more time with receptive does. Get into a rut this November
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If North Carolina hunters could change a season by picking a month to extend longer than usual, it’d be November and deer season.

Cover Cover
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For the past 10 years, Rockingham County has been producing trophy bucks like this one killed last fall by Zach Satterfield. Find out how this northern Piedmont county suddenly became the buckle on North Carolina's trophy belt.

Zach Satterfield killed this great Rockingham County buck last fall during blackpowder season. It was just one of many trophies killed in the northern Piedmont county last season. Head for the Rock - Why has Rockingham County become North Carolina’s No. 1 county for trophy bucks? Who knows?
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Where did all these big bucks come from?

Play a trick on a Pamlico Sound trout this fall. Fake out a trout - Artificial baits can be real trout killers in the fall in North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound
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The fall fishing season across North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound offers ideal water conditions for speckled trout, which respond to falling water temperatures by becoming aggressive and feeding heavily. It’s the time of year that anglers often trade in live bait for artificials.

Rennie Clark targets fall redfish around Carolina Beach with a variety of artificial lures, including this topwater plug. Double up on reds - Redfish king and his first lady have Carolina Beach redfish under their spell
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Rennie Clark of Carolina Beach zigged and zagged through the creeks behind Bald Head Island on his way to a pocket he was sure was holding redfish, and he didn’t slow until he was about 100 yards from the spot he intended to fish, switched off his outboard, lowered the trolling motor, plucked a spinning outfit from a rod holder and handed it to his wife, Shannon.

Blade baits and tailspinners can be very productive lures when Lake Gaston bass school during the late fall and winter. Get ready for winter bass - With winter on the horizon, get your Lake Gaston bass plans in order
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When you’re thinking about all the time you expect to spend indoors this winter, why not include some time to get out for a day or so of fishing? There may be no better place to go in North Carolina than Lake Gaston, where you have opportunities to catch all three major species of black bass — largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass — along with striped bass, walleye or crappie using the same techniques.

Depending on where you put step in the water, the Davidson River can fish  as easy as a stocked stream or as tough as a native stream. Thanksgiving trout - Sample November’s bounty on North Carolina’s premier trout stream, the Davidson River
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When it comes to diversity in mountain trout fishing, North Carolina has it in spades. Think of stalking a tiny tributary stream on the Blue Ridge Parkway for native brook trout versus firing long casts to cover the vast stretches of the Tuckasegee River. 

Snap Lock Hunting Blinds Snap Lock Hunting Blinds
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The Snap Lock Hunting Blind by Formex is a revolutionary twin sheet plastic blind that weighs less than 100 pounds and can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. A 6-foot 6-inch high ceiling and a full size door allow for easy movement within the blind as well as easy access. The twin sheet technology also provides an insulation factor that cools in the summer and heats in the winter. The blind is available in a single man 4’X4’ version as well as a dual person 4’X6’.

ArcticShield Performance ArcticShield Performance
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Remain warm and comfortable with the ArcticShield Performance Fit Jacket and Bib from Onyx. Both are loaded with pockets to make it easy to store your gear and keep it close at hand while pursuing game. The bib features 24-inch zippered leg gussets with double storm flap with snaps and hook and loop adjustment at leg cuff to cinch up to keep moisture out. The jacket features underarm pit zips that allow for venting should the weather turn warmer and a removable adjustable hood.

Stihl Pole Pruner Stihl Pole Pruner
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The HT 56 C-E STIHL Pole Pruner makes it easy to clear around deer stands and duck blinds and helps keep wooded pathways free from encroaching limbs. It comes standard with automatic bar and chain oiling, a side-access chain tensioner for quick chain adjustment and an air filter cover that’s easy to remove for maintenance. The lightweight pruner also features a unique, two-piece shaft design for convenient storage and transport.

Soft-Dine XL Soft-Dine XL
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Paul Brown’s extremely popular Soft-Dine is now available in a new larger size. The 3 ¼-inch Soft-Dine XL is designed for fishing the shallows and catching trophy-size trout and redfish. Like its smaller brother, Soft-Dine XL features a built-in reflective foil insert for added realism and a special sonic rattling chamber for more vibration and noise.