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    When looking for wiring problems, you might find trouble on the inside where you see trouble on the outside. Note the broken clamp and wire ties that used to secure this covered wire bundle to the bulkhead.

    Getting wired - Proper wiring for your boat

    Wires are the blood vessels of your boat’s electrical system. If they aren’t right, everything that runs on amps and volts is at risk.

    We’re talking about boats here, so when we address wire we’re talking about marine-grade wire you can get from your local marine dealer or online at places like West Marine, Boaters World, Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops.

    Yesterday at 9:00am
    Santee Cooper is conducting aerial spraying from Oct. 25 through Nov. 7, and the agency is asking the public to avoid certain areas of both lakes during this time period.

    Santee Cooper to conduct aerial sprayings to lakes Marion and Moultrie

    From Oct. 25 through Nov. 7, Santee Cooper will conduct helicopter applications of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved herbicides to control giant cutgrass in lakes Marion and Moultrie.

    These applications should improve lake access for residential and commercial properties and improve recreational opportunities and wildlife habitats within the Santee Cooper Lakes system.

    October 25 at 9:57am
    Properly reviving a bull redfish saves more than just one fish. These fish are here this time of year to spawn, so saving one goes far beyond a single fish.

    VIDEO – How to properly revive a belly-up fish

    Catching bull redfish is a fun way to spend the day, and the last thing anglers want to do is inadvertently kill one of them. These are the breeding stock, and they are inshore this time of year to spawn, and they range anywhere from 15 to 50 years old, so losing one of these fish is a huge blow to the fishery.

    October 24 at 2:12pm
    The third annual Reel Em In tournament will be held this Saturday, Oct 29 at the Mt. Pleasant Pier.

    SCDNR hosting free kid's fishing tournament Oct. 29

    Get hooked on fishing Saturday, Oct. 29 at a free tournament that's just for kids. The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) invites you and the 16-and-under anglers you know to the third annual Reel 'Em In fishing tournament at the Mount Pleasant Pier in Charleston.

    October 24 at 9:01am
    This is a great time of year to catch trout on topwater, and these 3 lures will help you hook your share.

    Catch more trout with these 3 topwater lures for fall

    It’s tough to beat the speckled trout bite in the fall along the coast of the Carolinas. And for most anglers, nothing tops catching them on topwater lures. It’s the perfect combination of sight, sound, and feel that you can only get from using surface lures, and trout are very cooperative at this game, especially in low-light conditions like early morning.

    October 23 at 9:43pm
    Cody James Delton McAllister shows off one of the bull redfish he's been catching off the Apache Pier.

    Apache Pier, Sunset Beach Pier giving up big bull redfish

    Many people understandably wondered what the fishing would be like after the recent hurricane hit the coast of both Carolinas. By all accounts, the fishing has been great, even from the piers that have opened since the storm damage.

    October 23 at 6:10pm
    Jason Bowen of Durham had to call for reinforcements when he hooked this 101-pound blue catfish at Buggs Island on Oct. 15.

    Durham angler catches 101-pound catfish

    Undeterred by a broken trolling motor, Jason Bowen of Durham had to make all his drifts for blue catfish with the wind on Kerr Lake last Saturday. After changing spots once, he hooked up to the biggest fish of his life, a 101-pounder that required reinforcements to land.

    October 21 at 3:42pm
    False albacore aren't a mainstay at the Georgetown jetties, but they've shown up lately and are biting topwater plugs and soft plastics under popping corks.

    False albacore surprising anglers at Georgetown jetties

    Anglers up and down the coast of both Carolinas are having a field day with bull redfish, but other fish are contributing to the fun as well, and sometimes they are doing it with a surprise. Such was the case yesterday for Capt. Rod Thomas at the Georgetown jetties.

    October 20 at 9:36pm
    Ronnie Setzer is a self-taught fly-tier, but he recommends anglers who want to learn the craft start by taking a course or two.

    How to tie your own trout flies

    Seeing a trout rise to a fly is always a thrill, no matter how often you fish. Having a trout rise to a fly you’ve tied yourself is a greater thrill.

    Tying flies is an art, a craft and a science, the concocting of feathers, fur, thread, yarn and other material to produce a fly that looks enough like an insect to make a trout think it’s the real thing.

    October 19 at 9:00am
    Guide Joe Dennis expects to catch plenty of keeper striped bass when the seasons opens Oct. 1 on the Santee Cooper lakes.

    Striper fishing is back

    October is a great time for catching all kinds of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes, but the most anticipated day is the re-opening of the striped bass season after a four-month closure. With recent years as indicators of what’s likely to occur, striper fishing should be sensational on opening day and actually improve as the month progresses.

    October 16 at 9:00am
    Eris Jones said time on the water is the best way to track king mackerel movements in the fall, but getting information any way possible is an important first step to a good trip.

    Good information is key to king mackerel fishing success

    Eris Jones and Kevin Norris agree the best tool in the hunt for large king mackerel is current information. If they can’t be on the water, they are talking with fellow fishermen, checking fishing reports,and gathering information as they can. For tournaments, they network with a prearranged group of anglers who share information on where fish and bait are being caught. In the 1990s, cell phones added ar dimension to sharing information as locations for fish and bait could be shared privately on the water.

    October 15 at 7:00am
    A net full of big menhaden will make plenty of king mackerel fishermen thrilled, especially on a tournament day.

    King mackerel fishermen have a handful of productive baits to choose from

    Live baits are the most-productive ones for king mackerel, especially big kings. Some anglers continue to catch kings using a mixture of spoons, sea witches and lures. Some natural baits are used dead — including two that are favorites of tournament anglers. 

    October 15 at 7:00am
    If a school of stripers you’re working has only small fish, fish deeper or look for another active school to find bigger fish.

    Change strategy when you’re catching only small Santee Cooper striped bass

    The fall striper bite on the Santee Cooper lakes is a must-see event for anglers. Typically, hundreds of birds hovering over the water in fall are prime indicators of a surfacing school of stripers. Sometimes, anglers may want to consider leaving fish to find other fish. Here’s why.  

    October 15 at 7:00am
    The Diversion Canal between Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie is a great place to find stripers when weather makes for rough conditions on the open water of the lakes’ 170,000 acres.

    Santee Cooper’s Diversion Canal can be a striper hot spot on bad-weather days

    The Santee Cooper lakes, Moultrie an Marion, span more than 170,000 surface acres of water. While they include many coves, blackwater ponds and creeks where anglers can hide on windy days when the surface gets rough, the best schooling action is usually in open water where there’s no where to hide. But the Diversion Canal connecting the two lakes is a place where the action remains good, even on the worst weather days.

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Capt. Jack Brown’s Electric Chicken fly can be fished in the same places as jigheads with soft-plastic baits of the same color.

    An Electric Chicken with fur, feathers

    Because of the popularity of soft-plastic baits in the chartreuse-pink Electric Chicken color, fly anglers and guides created several flies to mimic the jig’s silhouette and motion.  

    October 15 at 7:00am
    A live shrimp fished under a popping cork is guide Ricky Kellum’s No. 1 after-dark trout tactic.

    Night moves are right moves

    Guide Ricky Kellum always has a stock of trout candy, aka live shrimp, when available, but the pinfish that have taken root on AR 398 make it nearly impossible to float one long enough for a trout to see  — at least during daylight hours. But according to Kellum, the reef is also a hot spot on a cool, fall night, and a supply of shrimp is the go-to trout killer.

    October 15 at 7:00am