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Downsizing to much smaller lures is often a key to catching more winter bass and stripers. Downsize baits for better winter results on bass, stripers
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Whether you fish for striped bass or largemouth bass during the winter, most guides and experienced anglers suggest downsizing your fishing lures for more strikes.

Plenty of stripers are hitting topwater baits in the Cape Fear River. Carolina Beach area fishing continues to be first class in all areas
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Rennie Clark of Tournament Trail Charters in Carolina Beach said that despite cooler water and air temperatures, fishing around Carolina Beach continues to be pretty hot.

Jay Forest hooked himself in the lip recently while at a camp in the lower reaches of Louisiana's Bayou Black marsh, so he decided to let another camp member try to pull the hook using the old string trick. Watch the video to see if it was successful. Will the string trick remove a hook from the lip?  Video Included
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I've had a treble hook jammed into my jawline, so when I heard that Jay Forest, an employee of our sister publication, Louisiana Sportsman, had speared himself in the top lip with a jig hook I had to shiver a bit.

First published in 1981, Thayne Smith’s book, “In a Time of Need” detailed the use of Lowrance paper chart recording sonar units for search and recovery work. Electronics serving in times of need
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Search and recovery divers were pretty much on their own back in the early 1980’s; I know because I was one of them. I spent 10 years on the Dallas Fire Department’s dive team and worked from the department’s drag boats before the dive team came to be. Fireman Thad Moore, owner of a SCUBA shop in Dallas, thought we could do better for the families of drowning victims than recovering them with drag hooks. He developed a search and recovery class for SCUBA divers, canvassed the department for volunteers and the Dallas Fire Department’s SCUBA Search & Rescue team was born.

Catfish will hold along a dropoff in a creek, especially if baitfish are present. Drift or anchor? And where?
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Drifting and anchoring are the two main techniques that guide Chris Bullock uses when he’s targeting Kerr Lake’s blue catfish. Which he chooses depends on the weather and surface water temperature.

The blueback herring, once a vital species in the Roanoke River, has virtually vanished, but striped bass will still hit an artificial lure that resembles one. Flukes are a must for winter stripers
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It’s not a surprise that nearly every artificial lure guide Richard Andrews uses for winter stripers is a Fluke-style soft plastic.

Most winter stripers caught in the lower Roanoke River are holding along creek-channel ledges or other drop-offs in fairly deep water. Fish the edges of the ledges
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Although a lot of striper fishermen on the lower Roanoke River like to cast to cypress trees along the shoreline, those tactics may work well in mid-day after the sun has had a chance to warm the shallows. But for anglers on the water at dawn, the best idea may be to sit a long cast from the outermost cypress tree, cast toward the shoreline, then bump your lure off the bottom, paying particular attention as it falls over the edge of a creek channel.

Speckled trout start out eating crustaceans, but once they mature, their diet, like that of a redfish, tilts toward fish. Let ’em eat cake, or whatever they like
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The diet of speckled trout changes as fish grow, get bigger, stronger and faster, and develop superior digestive systems, a process called an ontogenetic change.

Speckled trout spawn in North Carolina waters beginning in April and going through October, with each female releasing 3 to 20 million eggs. A speckled trout’s life
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Spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus), also popularly called speckled trout, are members of the sciaenidae family, which includes drums, croakers and weakfish. They are prized throughout their range, which may extend from New York to Florida and northern Mexico. North Carolina is the northern end of the range where fishermen should expect to see them year-round.

Brandon Gray of Bullock, N.C., finished first in the bracket division of the Bassmaster Team Championship and won a berth in the Bassmaster Classic. Bullock, N.C., angler wins final berth in Bassmaster Classic
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North Carolina finally broke through and got a fisherman in the 2015 Bassmaster Classic when Brandon Gray of Bullock won the bracket round of the Bassmaster Team Championship on Arkansas’ DeGray Lake on Saturday.

Drifting a nymph through deep holes is an accepted way to catch sluggish trout hanging along the bottom. Slow down and go deep
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Spring is undoubtedly the ideal trout-fishing season, but trout fishing in the winter also has its merits. What most winter anglers discover is that they catch fewer, but larger, fish. The keys to successful winter fishing are to use a slow hand and fish with more nymphs and fewer dry flies. 

The waters of Brunswick County have been producing a lot of speckled trout, and a lot of nice ones, over the past week. Good speckled trout bite highlights Brunswick County action
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Capt. Mark Stacy of Ocean Isle Fishing Charters said inshore fishing in southern Brunswick County has been pretty good this week, and most fishermen are finding limits of nice fish, especially speckled trout.