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    Apparently startled, certainly rattled, a small, injured bream swam to the surface, zigged and zagged in the scattered grass, jumped a little and landed sideways before continuing to move erratically until it settled back into the water to meet its fate.

    June 22 at 9:00am
    Crankbaits are a great tool when bass move out on offshore structure, especially when they’re ganged up like they often are in June.

    June is worth the wait - Hungry bass can make your day all-month long

    Since I became a bass fishermen so many years ago, there’s one thing I came to believe, and I’ve never taken it back. There is no better month to fish on our North Carolina lakes and rivers than June. I think it is absolutely the best month to fish, because bass are everywhere, hitting just about anything you want to throw at them.

    June 15 at 9:00am
    Don't bypass an area just because other anglers have already fished it; the bass will still bite a properly-presented lure, said Marty Stone.

    Fishing pressure is overrated, veteran bass pro says

    Marty Stone learned plenty during his 20-year career as a professional bass fishermen, what with four Bassmaster Classic berths and four shots at the FLW Tour Championship under his belt. 

    May 30 at 11:36am
    Bass at Kerr Lake can be anywhere from shoreline bushes to offshore ledges in June.

    Fish Kerr Reservoir from shallow to deep for bass

    This month, guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville literally fishes Kerr Reservoir, aka Buggs Island from top to bottom, as bass make their way from the creeks into the main lake.

    May 27 at 11:22am
    Lookout Shoals Lake gives up a lot of nice bass to topwater baits in early June, according to guide Andy Fox.

    Calling topwaters

    Lookout Shoals isn’t one of the biggest reservoirs in North Carolina, but its relative small size, 1,200 acres on the Catawba River between Lake Hickory and Lake Norman, is a big factor in it being one of the state’s best summer lakes for bass fishing.

    May 27 at 11:10am
    Jason Threadgill shows off the quality of bass that can be caught on jigs at Tuckertown Lake this month.

    June is bass jig time

    June was once prime time for crankbait fishing at Tuckertown Lake, the 2,560-acre impoundment on the Yadkin River between High Rock and Badin lakes. 

    May 27 at 10:45am
    Guide Joel Munday catches plenty of Falls of Neuse Lake bass in June on offshore structure using crankbaits.

    Follow Falls Lake bass deep

    If you like fishing offshore structure for bass, then June is your month, and Falls of the Neuse is your lake. The lion’s share of largemouths will take up residence on deeper drops and ready to feed up after the spawn on schools of passing shad.

    May 27 at 10:40am
    The biggest bass are the first ones to make a big move as spawning patterns turn to post-spawn or even summertime.

    May: Time to cover lots of water for bass fishing

    Many bass fisherman do not like the month of May. Many fish are in a post-spawn funk, and fish tend to be scattered. 

    May is actually one of my favorite months, as the challenge of figuring them out becomes more difficult, thus creating a bigger reward. It is often the month of singles — not like singles night, but catching just one fish in an area. They can start schooling later in the month, but often, scattered is the name of the game.

    May 15 at 9:00am
    Topwater plugs like this Spook are great postspawn baits in late May at Kerr Lake.

    Sample Kerr Lake’s postspawn topwater bite in late May

    One of the best postspawn bass bites in late May at Kerr Lake fires up offshore of small islands along the west side of Nutbush Creek between the Hibernia and Henderson Point ramps, and on the lake’s northern shoreline from Eastland to Butchers creeks. 

    May 15 at 7:00am
    Keeping your baitcasting reels in smooth, running order is a key to casting and catching more fish.

    Try “boil-and-oil” cleaning tip for smoother casting

    Keeping reels working smoothly helps increase casting distance and helps bass fishermen catch more fish.

    May 15 at 7:00am
    Brush up on your brush tactics to catch Kerr Lake largemouths in May.

    Beat the bushes for Kerr Lake bass

    After a battle with largemouth bass virus that infected about 40 percent of its population before running its course, John H. Kerr Reservoir’s largemouth bass have recovered, as fishermen discovered the past couple of years. And while the spawn ends for most North Carolina chub chasers on most lakes by the end of April, there’s still plenty of reason to visit John H. Kerr Reservoir, aka Buggs Island, in May.

    May 01 at 7:00am
    Lake Rhodhiss holds some of the biggest stripers in any North Carolina reservoir, and they’re ganged up in the lake’s upper reaches this time of year, holding in deep holes and around current breaks.

    Lake Rhodhiss pothole stripers

    For striped bass ranging from 12 to 30 pounds this month, guide Joe Jobin of Xtreme Striper Fishing (704-240-0165) spends his time on Lake Rhodhiss, playing in the sand and trees from the NC 18 bridge upstream to the mouth of the St. John’s River.

    April 28 at 4:01pm
    In May, guide Joel Richardson keys on Lake Gaston bass that are spawning or have come off the beds and are feeding again.

    How to catch Lake Gaston's bass in May

    In wake of Lake Gaston’s ascension to catfishing fame, it’s important to remember that the 20,500-acre lake along the Virginia border north of Raleigh is still one of the finest bass lakes available during May, according to guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville.  

    April 28 at 3:29pm
    If High Rock Lake gets to full pool during the spring, you can bet some quality largemouth bass are going to head for the buttonwood bushes that dot areas of the lake’s shoreline.

    Water in the bushes equals bass at High Rock Lake

    This month on High Rock Lake, local anglers follow the golden rule. If the water is in the buttonwood bushes, fish the bushes.

    April 28 at 3:26pm
    Bassmaster Elite pro angler Davy Hite said even though his all-time favorite lure is a Buckeye Mop Jig, his favorite springtime lure is a Senko.

    3 ways to make a Senko squirm

    Bass pro Davy Hite of Ninety Six, S.C., makes no bones about the fact that his favorite lure is a Buckeye Mop Jig, but when it comes to springtime fishing for prespawn bass, he’s going to have one lure tied on for sure, and that’s a Senko.

    April 19 at 8:27am
    Some crankbaits work better than others, but if properly tuned, they should all work well.

    Catch more bass on crankbaits with this one tip

    When it comes to fishing with crankbaits, FLW pro David Fritts of Lexington N.C. is about as good as it gets. He would rather fish a crankbait than any other lure, and he has one tip that he said can make everyone a better crankbait angler.

    April 18 at 7:45pm