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    Setting the hook at the right time will help you land more topwater bass like these from Marc Deschenes and Ray Walsh.

    1 secret to hooking more bass on topwater lures

    The fog is lifting off the surface of the calm lake, and the sun still hasn’t peaked above the tree line. These are perfect conditions for working a topwater plug near the shore for bass. Nothing is more exciting than calling a bass up to smash a lure on the surface.

    Yesterday at 6:26pm
    Delta Lures’ Thunder Blade is taking off because of the vibrating jig’s quality components and fish-catching abilities.

    Thunder Jigs - Buddies started Delta Lures to recreate their favorite baits

    LaPlace is the home of Delta Lures and the Thunder Jig, among other artificial lures being made by two serious bass fishermen.

    July 22 at 9:00am
    Dylan Fulk said hollow body frogs are his go-to lure all summer long.

    Top tips for bass fishing with hollow body frogs

    Bass fishermen have a lot of different lures to choose as their go-to baits at different times of year and under different fishing situations.

    It’s a good bet that there aren’t many like bass pro Dylan Fulk of Concord, N.C., who reach for a soft-plastic frog.

    July 21 at 10:08am
    Durham County's Sevin Carter landed this lunker at Durham's Little River Lake.

    4 tips to catching quality bass on urban fishing holes

    Urban fishing holes are some of the most overlooked waters, but they can give up plenty of quality bass. One of the best things about these locales is that they are often conveniently located near homes and businesses, which means anglers in the area can enjoy an hour or two of fishing before or after work.

    July 19 at 2:12pm
    These steps will help catch-and-release anglers keep their catch alive and healthy.

    Simple steps to keep bass alive during summer heat

    Largemouth bass anglers who practice catch-and-release fishing this summer can follow a few simple steps to ensure the fish they catch today will survive to bite another lure tomorrow. 

    July 18 at 3:57pm
    Dennis Pridgen caught these two nice bass at night.

    How to catch more bass in the dark

    During the hottest part of the year, it is often best to stick with the air conditioning,  watch fishing shows and ready your gear for the fall, but when the urge hits you and you just gotta go, one great option is to fish at night.

    July 15 at 9:00am
    Zodias rods

    Shimano Zodias bass rods

    Shimano has expanded its Zodias (ZDS) bass rod line-up with three new models that are constructed for specific lure and situation use and feature Shimano’s unique CI4+ reel seat. The 7-foot ZDS 170M-G and 7-foot-6 inch ZDS 176M-G crankbait rods have longer reargrips for long-casting leverage, and include glass composite Hi-Power X blanks to give the rods the needed softer action when using crankbaits. The heavy power, 7-foot-5-inch ZDS 175H is ideal for braided line applications, especially when launching frogs into heavy grass.

    July 07 at 3:47pm
    Catch more bass in surface weeds with these 3 tips from a seasoned bass angler.

    Top 3 tips for catching bass in heavy vegetation

    Noah Tackett lives near the border town of Play Card, South Carolina, and his job as an advertising salesman takes him all over North and South Carolina. He pulls his bass boat right behind him everywhere he goes. This time of year, his favorite type of fishing is bass fishing with hollow body frogs in thick surface weeds, and he’s got some tips to help you catch your share of bass on these lures.

    July 06 at 5:07pm
    Jordan Lake has plenty of big bass, and thanks to the appearance of shoreline grass, they can be caught shallow around daylight.

    Sweat Jordan Lake bass

    Largemouth bass can stump even the best anglers this month, but those sweating it out can still catch heavy sacks at Jordan Lake. 

    June 28 at 4:00pm
    Shoreline grass beds provide plenty of shade and cover for Lake Gaston’s largemouth bass. Hit them the first hour or two if you put in at daylight.

    One-two Lake Gaston punch

    One thing that gets bass and bass fishermen at least a little bit excited about summer is shade, and that’s why former bass pro Marty Stone of Fayetteville lists Lake Gaston as one of his favorite hot-weather lakes.

    June 28 at 3:33pm
    LiveTarget Sunfish

    LiveTarget Sunfish

    Apparently startled, certainly rattled, a small, injured bream swam to the surface, zigged and zagged in the scattered grass, jumped a little and landed sideways before continuing to move erratically until it settled back into the water to meet its fate.

    June 22 at 9:00am
    Crankbaits are a great tool when bass move out on offshore structure, especially when they’re ganged up like they often are in June.

    June is worth the wait - Hungry bass can make your day all-month long

    Since I became a bass fishermen so many years ago, there’s one thing I came to believe, and I’ve never taken it back. There is no better month to fish on our North Carolina lakes and rivers than June. I think it is absolutely the best month to fish, because bass are everywhere, hitting just about anything you want to throw at them.

    June 15 at 9:00am
    Don't bypass an area just because other anglers have already fished it; the bass will still bite a properly-presented lure, said Marty Stone.

    Fishing pressure is overrated, veteran bass pro says

    Marty Stone learned plenty during his 20-year career as a professional bass fishermen, what with four Bassmaster Classic berths and four shots at the FLW Tour Championship under his belt. 

    May 30 at 11:36am
    Bass at Kerr Lake can be anywhere from shoreline bushes to offshore ledges in June.

    Fish Kerr Reservoir from shallow to deep for bass

    This month, guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville literally fishes Kerr Reservoir, aka Buggs Island from top to bottom, as bass make their way from the creeks into the main lake.

    May 27 at 11:22am
    Lookout Shoals Lake gives up a lot of nice bass to topwater baits in early June, according to guide Andy Fox.

    Calling topwaters

    Lookout Shoals isn’t one of the biggest reservoirs in North Carolina, but its relative small size, 1,200 acres on the Catawba River between Lake Hickory and Lake Norman, is a big factor in it being one of the state’s best summer lakes for bass fishing.

    May 27 at 11:10am
    Jason Threadgill shows off the quality of bass that can be caught on jigs at Tuckertown Lake this month.

    June is bass jig time

    June was once prime time for crankbait fishing at Tuckertown Lake, the 2,560-acre impoundment on the Yadkin River between High Rock and Badin lakes. 

    May 27 at 10:45am