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Bass pro Dustin Wilks said he tries to get a bedding bass agitated before he can really try to catch it. Spawning bass: Make her mad, then catch her
1025 Views - Posted: April 22 at 7:00 pm

Largemouth bass in lakes across North Carolina will begin spawning very shortly, if they already aren’t. And that marks a period that can be frustrating for fishermen because bass aren’t interested in eating. But former bass pro Dustin Wilks of Rocky Mount knows what it takes to get bedding bass to strike.

A crankbait is often overlooked during the spring when fish are hitting so many different baits, but it can be a key bass-fishing lure. Spring is crankbait time
131 Views - Posted: April 16 at 9:00 am

Alot of fishermen don’t think about fishing a crankbait in the spring, but except for the time when they’re on the bed, bass will hit a crankbait about as good as anything — if you know how to fish them. If you fish anywhere in the South, it’s one of the tools that you have to have in your tackle box.

Kayaks are great fishing platforms for anglers floating small- to medium-sized rivers like the Dan. Kayak fishing perfect fit for Dan River smallies
206 Views - Posted: April 15 at 7:00 am

Guide Kyle Hoover often takes fishermen on smallmouth bass float trips down the Dan River in a canoe, but he believes kayaks are the wave of the future for stream fishing.†

Knowing how to paddle properly is a necessity to traverse potential trouble spots when floating down a smallmouth river like the Dan. Different strokes for different folks
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One aspect of floating a stream such as the Dan River in a canoe or kayak is guiding the watercraft to avoid pitfalls.

Jerkbaits are great lures to use to imitate the river herring that move into Albemarle Sound and its tributaries in the spring. Match the hatch when herring arrive
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Bass fishing picks up in the Albemarle Sound and its tributaries at the same time that a different breed of baitfish plows in from the ocean, and for fishermen wanting to catch a trophy largemouth, the best lures will mimic these ocean intruders.

Wind direction has more effect than lunar tides on where the water rises and falls in Albemarle Sound and its tributaries. Savvy anglers will move to areas where the wind has pushed water out. Play the wind
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Even though the Albemarle Sound is an estuary with direct connections to the ocean, the lunar tide cycle has little effect, especially on the western side of the sound. The wind has a greater effect on water levels and currents. Anglers should pay close attention to the prevailing winds to choose which creeks to fish.

Docks may have a number of different features that make them attractive to bass, including shade, multiple posts and brush. Docks? Learn to take your pick
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Andy Montgomery is more concerned with what’s under a dock than what is above it, most of the time, but said there are some visual clues that he can identify a structure that might convince him to sling a jig or Texas rigged plastic under it.

Bass pro David Fritts said that long casts and a steady retrieve will make a crankbait a more-effective bass-fishing tool. Take David Fritts' tips and catch more fish on a crankbait.
611 Views - Posted: April 14 at 6:55 pm

At a recent open house at Angler’s Choice in Lexington, pro fisherman David Fritts discussed how to retrieve crankbaits to get more strikes from bass. The winner of the 1993 Bassmaster Classic and 1994 BASS Angler of the Year, Fritts said there’s more to successful crankbait fishing than casting a lure and bringing it the back to the boat.†

It's not just largemouths, but also spotted bass, that are beginning to spawn at Lake Norman and find their way into bass pro Hank Cherry's boat. Try boat docks for Lake Norman's spawning bass
663 Views - Posted: April 07 at 4:55 pm

Largemouth bass have been making their way toward spawning beds for weeks at Lake Norman, but the days leading up to this past weekend’s full moon saw that movement pick up in a big way. Anglers are catching bass all around the lake as the fish head to docks for sheltered spawning grounds.

When water temperatures reach moderate during April, smallmouth bass action will crank up on the Dan River. Donít diss the Dan
58 Views - Posted: April 01 at 7:00 am

Mention the Dan River, and most residents of North Carolina immediately think of Duke Energy’s coal-ash spill near Eden in February 2014. That accidental discharge into the river made and continues to make headlines, and because of the dangerous elements and compounds that wound up in the Dan, many people believe the entire river is contaminated.

With striped bass gone upstream on their spawning run, largemouth bass take center stage in April on the Albemarle Sound. Sound decisions - With stripers gone, largemouth bass are the No. 1 target on the Albemarle Sound in April
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The Albemarle Sound is one of the two largest estuaries in the North Carolina and is home to a world-renowned population of striped bass, which receive most of the attention given to the sound’s fishery.

Guide and bass pro Andy Montgomery relies on boat docks for a lot of his spring bass. Be a dock doctor - Find the right boat docks this month and youíll find some great bass underneath
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When pro bass fisherman Andy Montgomery approaches a boat dock with a fishing rod in hand, he’s like a painter looking at a brand-new canvas or a sculptor looking at a big hunk of clay.