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    Bass move back into creeks in the fall, and they begin to feed heavily to build up reserves as winter approaches.

    Is October best month?

    October is a month I have circled on the calendar every year; it can be the best month for the kind of fishing I do, and there are plenty of other bass fishermen think the same thing, no matter what kinds of baits they like to throw. Fish are moving back in creeks, and they’re moving up, feeding heavily, and they become easier to catch.

    October 01 at 7:00am
    The wider profile and heart-shaped tail give this bait a distinctive wobble and kick.

    Heart Tail Swimbaits

    Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits keeps raising the bar higher and higher with each entry into the artificial lure manufacturing industry.

    For example, owner Gary Yamamoto is proud of the fairly new Heart Tail Swimbait.

    September 29 at 9:00am
    Guide Ronnie Parris targets smallmouth bass on deep, rocky points at Fontana Lake this month.

    Fontana Lake points will hold plenty of fall smallmouth bass

    Ronnie Parris of Smoky Mountain Outdoors Unlimited targets rocky points in October for smallmouth bass at Fontana Lake.

    September 27 at 11:39am
    A square-billed crankbait will cover shallow areas well, so bass pro Davy Hite loves to tie one on in the fall when bass are headed to the bank as the water cools.

    Three-pronged approach - Square-bill, jig and spinnerbait are fall staples

    September is the first month when bass fishermen across the Carolinas get the chance to target fish that are moving back into shallow water, and I can’t wait. Because I’m normally fishing shallow this month, I am always going to have three different baits tied on: a square-billed crankbait, a jig and a spinnerbait.

    September 01 at 9:00am
    A 7-inch Senko fished on a Texas rig is a great bait for deep summer bass.

    Catch more bass with Senkos

    August is the dog days of summer, bass fishing can really get tough, and that can be frustrating. First off, you have to understand that you aren’t going to catch the big weights you did back early in the spring. I often tell people that March is my favorite month because you can catch a lot of fish, and the fish weigh as much as they’re going to all year.

    August 30 at 5:36pm
    High Rock Lake regularly produces some nice striped bass, with fish congregating on main-lake humps or long points.

    High Rock Lake producing nice stripers this month

    Guides Jerry Hill and Maynard Edwards agree that September is a tough month for stripers everywhere, with fish transitioning from summer to early fall patterns, but with a little persistence, some quality fish can be caught from High Rock Lake.

    August 29 at 4:15pm
    Rapala’s Shadow Rap Shad

    Rapala’s Shadow Rap Shad

    Rapala, one of the most-recognizable and respected brands in the artificial lure manufacturing business, introduced a jerkbait at the 2015 Bassmaster Classiic.

    This spring, the company followed up with another jerkbait in the series that stands out from any others: Bass haven’t seen an artificial lure move like the Shadow Rap Shad.

    August 22 at 9:00am
    Bass pro David Fritts has gotten the 3 1/2-inch 25.5 Dredger hung up at almost 25 feet deep.

    Get to those deep bass

    August is usually a month when fishermen across North Carolina find bass so deep that the number of lures with which they can reach them is cut in half.

    August 15 at 9:00am
    Nice largemouths, like this chunky specimen landed by Lee Lanier, are becoming more plentiful in the Neuse River.<br />

    Crayfish bloom blows up Neuse River bass

    Hurricanes have affected largemouth bass in many North Carolina rivers, especially the Neuse River near Kinston.

    August 15 at 7:00am
    Mike McSwain shows off the type of bass that is typical along the Devils Elbow stretch of the Lumber River.

    Catch more Lumber River bass with these tips

    Just below Fair Bluff, N.C., and above Nichols, S.C., a place known as Devils Elbow sits on the Lumber River. This series of sharp turns on the river has the Lumber running parallel to itself, and the flow of the water here offers fish an abundance of what they’re looking for in a place to make their home. And when fish congregate, anglers will find success if they’re willing to put in the time.

    August 14 at 9:50pm
    The Oak Hollow Fishing Trail teaches anglers the seasonal patterns of largemouth bass, and how to catch them in each season.

    Oak Hollow Fishing Trail teaches anglers how to pattern bass during different seasons

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, along with N.C. B.A.S.S. and the City of High Point, recently opened an educational fishing trail on Oak Hollow Reservoir to teach anglers how to catch largemouth bass and other sport fish during different times of the year.

    August 02 at 4:46pm
    Zodias rods

    Shimano Zodias bass rods

    Shimano has expanded its Zodias (ZDS) bass rod line-up with three new models that are constructed for specific lure and situation use and feature Shimano’s unique CI4+ reel seat. The 7-foot ZDS 170M-G and 7-foot-6 inch ZDS 176M-G crankbait rods have longer reargrips for long-casting leverage, and include glass composite Hi-Power X blanks to give the rods the needed softer action when using crankbaits. The heavy power, 7-foot-5-inch ZDS 175H is ideal for braided line applications, especially when launching frogs into heavy grass.

    August 01 at 7:00am
    Snow Hill’s Lee Lanier loves to fish the Neuse River for chunky largemouth bass like this one that hit a spinnerbait.

    Rollercoaster river bass - Neuse River bass go on a feast when the water is the least

    The water gauge on the US 70 bridge over the Neuse River in Kinston ends about a foot below the guardrail. Just above that 27-foot mark, someone painted a vertical arrow and one word: “Floyd.”

    Eastern North Carolina’s most-destructive hurricane submerged the bridge when it spread flood waters across hundreds of square miles, causing 57 fatalities and $6.9 billion in property damage. Those figures from 1987 didn’t include the destruction of natural resources, especially to the Neuse’s bass population.

    August 01 at 7:00am
    Guide Tim Biesecker said the summer bass bite on Roanoke Rapids Lake is directly related to how much current is running through the lake.

    Current = catches

    Guide Tim Biesecker said that Roanoke Rapids Lake fishes more like a river system than a lake, and fishermen who understand the difference are a good bit of the way toward successful trips, especially in August.

    July 29 at 4:19pm
    Bass angler Brad Staley of Pleasant Garden dredged up this nice Randleman Lake bass from offshore structure.

    Randleman is rocking

    Randleman Lake, a 3,007-acre reservoir on the Deep River between Guilford and Randleman counties, has lived up to its promise as a stellar bass factory since its opening March 2010. In 2007, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission stocked the lake with 150,000 bass fingerlings, enhancing its potential. Today, the lake is chock-full of 3- to 5-pound bass.

    July 29 at 4:07pm
    Setting the hook at the right time will help you land more topwater bass like these from Marc Deschenes and Ray Walsh.

    1 secret to hooking more bass on topwater lures

    The fog is lifting off the surface of the calm lake, and the sun still hasn’t peaked above the tree line. These are perfect conditions for working a topwater plug near the shore for bass. Nothing is more exciting than calling a bass up to smash a lure on the surface.

    July 27 at 6:26pm