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Bass will bite through the winter under a variety of the right conditions. Donít store your tackle
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If this January proves to be like last year, maybe we all need to get some 2-foot, ice-fishing poles and some lessons from our northern friends. Wow, what a brutal January 2014 was. I still remember the sting of opening that utility bill to the tune of 600 bucks — Ouch! †

Pour Mountain Dew down the throat of a bass thatís bleeding, and it will often help the fish survive. Dew will do to aid bleeding bass
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Bass anglers who use soft-plastic worms or lizards, often see fish suck down hooks that cause deep wounds and blood loss.

The tilapia crankbait is an anglersí favorite to catch Hyco Lakeís winter bass. Tilapia lures effective for Hyco bass
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Lure selection sometimes is critical when bass-fishing during the winter.

Barry Joyce seines Hyco Lake for plenty  of quality largemouth bass, taking advantage of the lakeís warm-water discharge and its population of tilapia. Cool runnings - North Carolinaís out-of-the-way Hyco Lake is a winter paradise, thanks to hot water
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Among outdoors and non-outdoors people, bass anglers are considered, well, a little off kilter.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and reigning Bassmaster Classic champ Randy Howell canít wait to put the Kut Tail Worm to the test this year. The 7ĺ-inch Kut Tail Worm
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Alabama pro bass angler Randy Howell got what he wanted and more in 2014.

Bass pro Dave Wolak limits his winter bass-fishing lures to a handful of baits that have special powers over cold, deep largemouths. Dave Wolak's five favorite winter bass baits
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Many bass fishermen lead double lives, torn between their bass boats and tree stands. But as the door slams shut on deer season, the choice for cold-water bass fishing becomes clear. According to bass pro Dave Wolak of Wake Forest, the key to success is locating deeper fish and using just a handful of lures.

When water temperatures get down to 50 degrees or below, a jig can be your best bet for winter bass. Be a weather watcher
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There are a lot of good reasons to fish in December, chief among them, most everybody else is deer hunting, and you’ve pretty much got the lake to yourself.

Winston Michel of Pierre Part caught this bass on a Mister Twister Pocíit Hawg Raiser while fishing out of Doironís Landing in the Atchafalaya Basin. Mister Twister Pocíit Hawg Raiser
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A Texas bass angler’s bid to get back to the Bassmaster Classic depended heavily on a soft-plastic creature bait that few, if any, others had in their arsenal when they fished the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on Nov. 6-8 on the Ouachita River.

Jordan Lake's bass have moved into the backs of feeder creeks as the water level has risen and the water temperature has fallen. Rising water level moves Jordan Lake bass to backs of creeks
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Fluctuating water levels are challenging Jordan Lake anglers, especially after rains in the last 10 days put shad on the move towards the backs of creeks.

Making an accurate cast requires releasing the spool or bail at just the right fraction of a second. Ping pong for more bass?
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I got a ping-pong table a couple of weeks ago. I’ll challenge anybody — I’ve even smoked my mother-in-law a time or two already. Anyway, I love to play ping-pong almost as much as I love to fish. My brother and I had a table as kids, and while my brother is still too scared to show up here, I’ve been challenging everybody I see.†

The new Arashi Wake Crank provides an alluring wobble right at the surface of the water, driving bass into biting. Arashi Wake Crank a bass magnet  Video Included
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An Idaho outdoorsman had plenty of time to talk about some keys to his success this year as an Elite Series angler as part of a four-year career that has earned him $517,632.

Brandon Palaniuk spoke highly the last week of September about techniques and patterns that have been working consistently. The season-ending Elite Series AOY in Michigan was behind him, and Palaniuk was driving to another event on Kentucky Lake before going home for the off-season in the Great Northwest.

During the call, Palaniuk eventually mentioned a recently released artificial lure that he helped design. That lure was a key to catching bass in clutch situations across the country.

The Storm Arashi Wake Crank has become one of his go-to baits.

A syringe can help deflate the swim bladder from a fish thatís been brought quickly out of deep water and canít swim back down. Fizzing a fish
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When bass decides to move from deep to shallower water, they will do it gradually, in small increments, so their internal swim bladders can adjust to the change in water pressure. Water pressure is very high in deeper depths and much lower nearer the surface. Bass can slowly add or remove air from their bladders to help them sink or rise easily.