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Using plastic worms to work the outer edges of submerged trees near deep water is a good tactic for catching summer largemouth bass. Summer bass may be deep, but look for shallower cover where they'll feed
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During summer, largemouth bass on big impoundments usually hang out in deep, cool water where the oxygen level provides comfort. But another key to finding hot-weather bass is locating baitfish, usually threadfin shad, sunfish or small bluegills.

By August, bass in many lakes are actually in crankbait range after spending July in extremely deep water. Donít let the heat win
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When it’s as hot as it has been this summer, and August has taken over from July, most fishermen think about limiting their trips to the first few hours in the morning and the hours around sundown.

A big jigging spoon is a great bait to rip off the bottom when bass are holding on deep structure. The ripping technique
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The technique of “ripping” a spoon requires energy and stamina and has been used by several legendary fishermen to generate reaction bites from bass.

Add Suspendots and SuspenStrips to deep-diving crankbaits to get a little more depth on your casts and retrieves. Weighting crankbaits
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When fishing offshore structure, bass pro Tim Grein often needs his deep-diving crankbaits to break the 20-foot barrier. While many manufacturers proclaim their deep-divers reach such depths right out of the box, Grein gives his baits, if need be, a little assistance by adding weight.

Summer condition pushes bass shallow Summer condition pushes bass shallow
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Bass are attracted to aquatic plants that grow in shallow water, including water willow, because of the food and cover they provide. But during the hottest summer days, an environmental condition makes them even more inviting.

Fisheries biologists in both North Carolina and South Carolina are planting water willow in reservoirs to stabilize shorelines and add to fisheries habitat. Biologists adding aquatic plants to Carolina lakes
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If you are noticing more aquatic plants in your favorite lake, don’t be alarmed. Biologists in North Carolina and South Carolina may have planted them to control erosion and improve fisheries.†

Guide Joel Richardson said the bass fishing at Randleman Reservoir has been as hot as the August weather. Even the heat can't stop Randleman bass from biting
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No matter how sweltering the heat is in August, one Piedmont lake features a bass bite that just won’t quit, come morning, afternoon or evening. “There’s really good bass fishing at Randleman now,” said guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville (336-803-2195). “Even with the hot weather, they’re really biting good.”

Deep-diving crankbaits and spoons are the top weapons fishermen use to target Lake Wylieís summer bass. Give a rip - Summer bass at Lake Wylie are deep, and youíve got to reach down and get them
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When polarized glasses become an option rather than a necessity and topwater baits and flipping lures get stowed deep in the recesses of tackle boxes, then shallow-water fishing for bass has given way to offshore structure fishing.

Donít be afraid to fish the thickest patches of water willow when the summer sun is high in the sky. Grass means bass
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Brett Collins lives in Ridgeway, S.C., a small town of about 300 just west of Lake Wateree where he’s fished since the 1960s. He’s watched the lake change through the years and said it has become a different fishery since the early 1990s, about the time the water willow arrived.

Fly fishing with terrestrials and topwater poppers are producing a lot of smallmouth bass for New River anglers. Cool New River is producing some hot smallmouth bass action
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Anglers who want to escape North Carolina’s summer heat and catch fish might consider a float-fishing trip at the state’s northwestern corner, at least that’s the idea presented by guide Marty Shaffner of Elkin, who said his clients have been catching plenty of smallmouth bass on the New River.

Target topwater bass in the early morning hours for great mid-summer fishing opportunities. Don't fry while fishing deep water. Get out early and fish topwaters for bass
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Many bass fishermen consider July and August times when they're forced to spend all day in a bass boat on an open lake with no shade in the blazing sun, slathered by sunscreen, cranking deep-diving crankbaits and hoping to reach 20-foot depths where they believe big fish may be hiding. Fortunately, there's a better way that's much cooler and more fun.

Tube jigs rigged Texas-style can be great baits to target bass lurking in the shallow, river ends of reservoirs during the summer. Don't forget shallow waters in upper ends of lakes for summer bass
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It’s a given among bass anglers that July and August heat drives largemouth bass into deep waters, but that’s not always true. The shallow-water bite might be the best one.