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Target topwater bass in the early morning hours for great mid-summer fishing opportunities. Don't fry while fishing deep water. Get out early and fish topwaters for bass
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Many bass fishermen consider July and August times when they're forced to spend all day in a bass boat on an open lake with no shade in the blazing sun, slathered by sunscreen, cranking deep-diving crankbaits and hoping to reach 20-foot depths where they believe big fish may be hiding. Fortunately, there's a better way that's much cooler and more fun.

Tube jigs rigged Texas-style can be great baits to target bass lurking in the shallow, river ends of reservoirs during the summer. Don't forget shallow waters in upper ends of lakes for summer bass
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It’s a given among bass anglers that July and August heat drives largemouth bass into deep waters, but that’s not always true. The shallow-water bite might be the best one.

Two North Carolina lakes are in Bassmaster's Top 100 list for the 2015. Two North Carolina lakes are in Bassmaster's Top 100 for 2015
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Two lakes in North Carolina have been ranked in the top 100 bass fisheries in the country according to Bassmaster magazine.

Jonathan Phillips of Pittsboroo targets main-lake points for much of his summer bass action. Fish points for tops in summer bass action in North Carolina
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Points are among the most-recognizable features of any body of water. They are also great starting blocks for targeting bass as they ease offshore into their summer patterns. However, with a lake full of choices, learning to distinguish those with the most fish-holding potential and work them effectively will make you a better summertime bass fisherman. Try these tips for more success.

Zell Rowland holds up a bass caught on the YUM Sharp Shooter. YUM’s Kill Shot, Warning Shot and Sharp Shooter
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Take it from a Bassmaster Elite pro bass fisherman who is serious about his drop-shot and finesse worm fishing: three soft plastics introduced by YUM Baits at the 2014 ICast are going to be deadly tantalizing to bass from California to his home state of Florida.

Lures that catch bass as the summer heat starts to beat down on North Carolina lakes can range from deep-diving crankbaits to worms, to jigs, to topwaters. Be ready for summer bass with a variety of lures, guides suggest
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For the better part of two weeks, June’s weather has got plenty of naysayers thinking that there may be something to global warming, and don’t think largemouth bass aren’t affected by all those back-to-back-to-back 90-degree days. And fishermen need to understand that the summer heat should change their approach and lure selection some.

Recovered from the spawn, bass will get their appetites back in June. It doesn’t get any better
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Across North Carolina, I think June is the best month to fish for bass. When you wake up in the morning this month, you need to take all the vacation time you’ve got and go to the lake.

Some anglers use armbands to relieve pressure on their elbow tendons caused by the repetitive nature of flipping hundreds of boat docks in a day’s fishing. Flipping can lead to fishing elbow
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Flipping may be the most-effective way to fish piers and reach their hard-to-reach inner recesses, but its practitioners risk an injury known as “fishing elbow,” which can result in surgery.

Fishing the piers in an area thoroughly will allow fishermen to finds and hone in on areas that are holding a lot of bass. Fish upriver: the alternative to piers
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With the deep-water bite vanishing at High Rock, pounding piers is shallow water has become the norm at the lake. On any given day, a parade of fishermen marches along, flipping piers and docks along the shoreline.

Casey Ashley fishes a popping bait from mid-morning, working it around any kind of shady cover and around bream beds he locates. Tune up that popping bait
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Pro fisherman Casey Ashley, the reigning Bassmaster Classic champion, loves his popper fishing. He’s particularly fond of the XCalibur Zell Pop, but even though the bait comes ready for action, Ashley makes a few adjustments to ensure he gets the performance he needs.

Jordan Lake's postspawn bass are biting in 8 to 10 feet of water. Despite postspawn, Jordan Lake's bass are still biting
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Bass fishing on the Raleigh-Durham area’s three big lakes — Jordan, Falls of the Neuse and Shearon Harris — is just about to settle into a normal summer pattern, which means deep water.

Artificial frogs can be a very effective lure for big bass during the summer on lakes with a lot of surface vegetation.
Let a frog lead you to big summer bass
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During hot weather, largemouths at many large lakes head to deep water for comfort and baitfish, and anglers who chase them have sporadic success. But shoreline vegetation sprouts this time of year and affords opportunities for faster action, especially for anglers who cast soft-plastic frog lures at weed-covered shallow water and are patient enough to set hooks after a bass’s heart-throbbing surface attack.