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Fishermen are catching plenty of keeper striped bass and an occasional largemouth in the lower section of the Roanoke River. Good numbers of stripers still biting in lower section of Roanoke River
368 Views - Posted: March 26 at 12:57 pm

Joey VanDyke of Fingeance Sportfishing Charters said the striper action is really good in the lower Roanoke Rive, and it continues to get better. VanDyke has been fishing from Jamesville downriver to the edge of Albemarle Sound and is finding good numbers of fish in many locations. He said the stripers are staging in deeper holes along the river as they work their way upstream to spawn. They rest and feed for a few days and, as the river rises, head upstream again.

Crappie are moving out of deep water at Lake Tillery, getting into range of most fishermen. Sunny days bringing crappie into Lake Tillery shallows
1085 Views - Posted: March 25 at 5:26 pm

April fishing is busting out all over at Lake Tillery. That’s how Rodney Crisco at  Joe’s Bait & Tackle in Albemarle described conditions at the Yadkin River reservoir as the last few days of March flip off the calendar.

Guide Shannon Miller said striped bass are responding well to warmer water on Lake Norman. Lake Norman stripers blasting trolled Alabama rigs
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There's a large sign on the concrete dam at Lake Norman's Marshall Steam Station. Duke Energy makes it clear to "KEEP OFF," but your journey isn't over when you reach the forbidding message. See the sign and you know you’ve reached the spot for large striped bass.

A few more warm days and slightly warmer water temperatures should bring Jordan Lake's crappie to the shallows. Jordan Lake crappie have made first big move out of deep water
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Jordan Lake’s black crappies are migrating out of deep water and have reached staging areas for the coming spring spawn. Even though the heavy activity is a few days away, anglers such as guide Freddie Sinclair were catching slabs in 15 feet of water this past weekend.

Guide Richard Andrews can fish soft-plastic baits weedless with a Mission Fishing jighead. Use this unique weedless lure fix
76 Views - Posted: March 15 at 8:00 am

Guide Richard Andrews uses a unique way to create a weedless jighead for fishing creeks along the lower Roanoke River that are infested with bottom snags, usually cypress knees.

This striper from the Devils Gut area of the Roanoke River is a fine example of the age class that ‘s driven the fishery the past two years. Expect more, bigger stripers this year
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Fishermen had a great 2014 catching stripers on the Roanoke River, and the great spawn in 2011 should continue the good fishing this year. But those good times may not repeat the next few years.

This 18-inch brown trout is eligible for a citation from the N.C. Angler Recognition Program and is common sight on the upper Catawba River. Trophies galore
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission defines a trophy brown trout as any fish weighing 2 1/2 pounds or more or measuring 18 inches or longer — according to the N.C. Angler Recognition Program.

Fishing the Catawba Bugger Fishing the Catawba Bugger
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“Let it sink, twitch the line twice, followed by a long trip to take in the slack,” guide Scott Cunningham said. “You don’t want to have enough line out to make a lot of false casts. You want to make short, quick casts for slow, methodical fishing.”

Durham’s Ridgecrest Baptist Church puts on eight crappie tournaments as part of its Outdoors Ministry each year. Outdoors ministry features fishing events, kids, icons
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Rod King began the Outdoor Ministry at Durham’s Ridgecrest Baptist Church nine years ago.

Strong cold fronts will send crappie deep into cover where fishing straight down to the fish may be the only way to get one to bite. Cold-front finesse fishing
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The frequent cold fronts that wash over North Carolina in late February and through March can cause crappie to halt their progression toward the shallows, sink deep into brush or other cover and be hard to catch. 

Side- and down-imaging technology can help crappie anglers find and orient to fish before even wetting a line. Sonar on the side
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One of the ways that crappie pro Kent Driscoll has stayed on top of tournament leader boards has been by mastering the use of the newest sonar technology, and he relies on it as much as anything in his boat.

By trailing a length of logging chain behind the boat, anglers fishing from the bow can go slow even in strong winds. Dealing with wind
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As a tournament crappie fisherman Charlotte’s Mike Parrott is no stranger to fishing when he has to. He doesn’t get the luxury of choosing when tournaments will be held and most times, unless a dire situation exists, it’s time to hit the water. Like the Boy Scouts of America like to say:  “Be Prepared”.