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    The Matrix Mini allows anglers to scratch the angling itch when crappie are lethargic.

    The Matrix Mini

    Chas Champagne wishes it would have been as simple as pointing a futuristic-looking device at one of the most-popular speckled trout soft plastics on the market and reducing the size significantly, like in the 1989 movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”

    May 22 at 9:00am
    34 trout streams and two lakes, all of which are delayed-harvest trout waters, will open under hatchery-supported regulations on June 4.

    Delayed-harvest trout waters open under hatchery-supported regulations June 4

    On June 4 the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will open 34 trout streams and two lakes classified as delayed-harvest trout waters under hatchery-supported regulations.

    May 17 at 3:27pm
    Cut the pelvic fin from a redfin pickerel and you’ve got a bait that will catch plenty more fish.

    Catch fish, then cut bait when targeting redfin pickerel

    The traditional baits for catching redfin pickerel are the pelvic fin and the top or bottom half of its forked tail. 

    May 15 at 7:00am
    Cut a hole in the lid of a bucket, affix a plastic door, and you’ve got a perfect container for redfin pickerel.

    Catch redfin pickerel by the bucketful

    The best way to keep and carry redfin pickerel is in a plastic pail with a tight-fitting lid. 

    May 15 at 7:00am
    Ray Atkinson caught these two nice redfish pickerel from the backwaters of the Lumber River near Fair Bluff.

    Don’t carp about redfin size

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Angler Recognition Program awards outstanding catches with a suitable-for-framing certificate featuring the artwork of Duane River.

    May 15 at 7:00am
    Trout stocked in Cherokee Reservation Enterprise Waters are raised on the reservation.

    Sample Cherokee waters for trout fishing

    Cherokee Reservation Enterprise Waters are well known as some of the best catch-and-keep trout fisheries in North Carolina’s mountains, offering generous creel limits and heavily stocked streams. 

    May 12 at 9:00am
    Catfish of all kinds are there for the taking in Contentnea Creek, which winds through eastern North Carolina.

    Catch catfish in the creek - Contentnea Creek is a hidden catfish gem in eastern North Carolina

    Hidden in North Carolina’s coastal plain, Contentnea Creek is unknown to most fishermen, but locals know it well and consider it a treasure. After all, the name Contentnea is derived from a Native American phrase meaning “fish passing by.”

    May 01 at 7:00am
    The redfin pickerel is a popular target for anglers fishing North Carolina’s Lumber River and its backwaters.

    Pick up on pikin’ in North Carolina’s Lumber River

    The Lumber River forms the boundary between Robeson and Columbus counties and cuts across the North Carolina-South Carolina border. While geographically important, the true value of the river is that it is the lifeblood of local anglers because its floodplain creates habitats that support many fish species.

    May 01 at 7:00am
    The mayfly hatch at Lake Waccamaw, which typically takes place during May, can lead to some amazing catches of bream, with a few crappie thrown in.

    May’s mayfly magic - Lake Waccamaw bream get hungry

    Each May, Lake Waccamaw is the site of a special event that’s especially special to fishermen. A mayfly hatch that has been described as “incredible’” acts as an internal alarm that wakes up the 8,936-acre natural lake’s bream population.

    April 28 at 4:21pm
    Fishermen in the Roanoke River can keep two stripers per day from March 1-April 30, only one of which may be longer than 27 inches, with an 18-inch size minimum and a 22- to 27-inch slot limit.

    Striped bass regulations vary across North Carolina

    Striped bass regulations vary according to the body of water across North Carolina, including five distinct areas along the coast. 

    April 15 at 7:00am
    Reports of good concentrations of fish will draw lots of people to an area, meaning great action but some crowded drifts.

    Roanoke River striper fishing without boats

    Fishermen without boats don’t have to miss out on the spring striper run in the Roanoke River. Working with local county and municipal governments, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission was awarded several federal grants to construct fishing piers and riverbank parks for fishermen without boats. 

    April 15 at 7:00am
    Didymo, aka rock snot, is a destructive, invasive algae that has showed up in several trout streams in western North Carolina.

    Beware of rock snot - Unwanted algae shows up in WNC streams

    Something nasty this way comes — to paraphrase novelist Ray Bradbury — an alga called “rock snot” that creates carpet-like mats on stream bottoms, smothering aquatic organisms that trout and other fish depend on for sustenance.

    April 12 at 9:00am
    Lorene Smith of Rockwell caught and released this white crappie on High Rock Lake. The fish weighed several ounces more than the current state record, but Smith's fish was not certified by the NCWRC.

    Rockwell angler catches potential state-record white crappie

    Fishermen can speculate on the whereabouts of the next state-record white crappie, but at least one person knows where one such fish lives. 

    April 11 at 7:54pm
    Donald and Lucille Pope of Clemmons went catfishing in South Carolina, caught personal bests, and won some cash in the Big Fish Big Bucks Fishing Derby.

    Clemmons husband and wife catch trophy catfish, win money

    Donald Pope and his wife Lucille Pope reeled in two nice Catfish weighing 94 and 62 pounds on the Diversion Canal last week. Not only did they both set new personal records for themselves, but they also took home some money in the Big Fish Big Bucks Fishing Derby on Santee Cooper.

    April 10 at 10:26pm
    A leadhead jig and a soft-plastic lure for a trailer is a killer bait for Roanoke River stripers during their spring spawning run.

    Navigate North Carolina’s stream of stripers

    Striped bass are one of the success stories of fishery management, and their spring spawning run up the Roanoke River is the jewel in North Carolina’s crown. 

    April 01 at 7:00am
    Mitchell McConnell caught the new North Carolina state record brown bullhead catfish from Greenfield Lake in Wilmington earlier this month. This fish weighed 4 pounds and broke the previous record by 4 ounces.

    Angler catches new N.C. record brown bullhead catfish

    Mitchell McConnell was fishing in Greenfield Lake in Wilmington, N.C. when earlier this month, and he broke the Tarheel State’s brown bullhead record with a 4-pounder he caught with live bait.

    March 29 at 10:42am