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Rainbow trout in the Watauga River near the Watauga County town of Foscoe have been discovered to have whirling disease, a potentially devastating disease for trout populations. Commission discovers whirling disease in Watauga River trout
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Whirling disease, a disorder affecting trout, has been confirmed in rainbow trout collected from Watauga River near Foscoe in Watauga County — the first occurrence of the disease in North Carolina – and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has suspended stocking fish raised at its three cold-water hatcheries until it can confirm that those populations are free of the disease.

Deep brush piles are producing plenty of nice crappie for Kerr Lake fishermen, along with white perch. Deep brush piles producing crappie, white perch for Kerr Lake anglers
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With the heat on across North Carolina, many fishermen have taken to after-dark trips, but Chris Bullock, a veteran guide on John H. Kerr Reservoir has been knocking out plenty of black crappie and white perch on daytime trips.

Big expanses of lily pads offer bass a great amount of shad. Amphibian modifications
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Frog baits account for some of the most-exciting strikes you’ll see in the pads. Most work well right out of the package, but a few tweaks can help sell the ruse.

Above: A small topwater plug like this Spook Junior is a perfect tool for drawing strikes for hybrid and spotted bass feeding at the surface on small baitfish. Opportunities on top
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Conventional fishing wisdom says that topwater baits should be retired shortly after sunrise, not to be picked up again until shortly before sunset. †While this is a good rule of thumb, guide Craig Price always has a topwater plug at the ready when he’s fishing Lake Norman.

Power-jigging with an Alabama Rig drew a strike from this Lake Norman hybrid bass for guide Craig Price. Strike out for a reaction
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Whether you call it power-jigging, speed-jigging, or speed-reeling, the technique has been proven effective at catching numerous offshore saltwater species, striped bass and now, hybrid bass. Guide Craig Price, who adapted the idea from striped bass fisherman on large southeastern reservoirs, knew it would be a hit with hybrids.

Downriggers are lethal tools to get baits down to depths where they can be trolled through the strike zones of different fish species. The lowdown on downriggers
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Trolling open, deep water is a lethal tactic for a number of different species of fish, but problems develop in trying to place a bait at a specified depth on line that ultimately ends up in the hands of the angler at the surface.†

A light Texas-rig and a plastic worm is a definite ticket to catching Randlemanís summer bass. Go light for treetop worm fishing
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Using soft-plastic lures such as worms and lizards is an effective technique for hauling bass from submerged wooden structure in reservoirs, but heavy weights don’t work well when fish are suspended in the upper reaches of the water column, where shad often prefer to hang out.

Guide Joel Richardson fishes around one of Randleman Reservoirís many laydown trees that have been cut and cabled to their stumps. Find Randlemanís bass hotels
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Fishermen who once fished flooded trees on either side of the narrow New Hope Creek channel in Jordan Lake will remember how those spots concentrated largemouths.

Fishermen can fish streamers either downstream or upstream, although they might be more effective downstream. Sculpzilla: king streamer
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Streamers are flies that imitate a variety of aquatic life, especially minnows, and when fly fishers fish big waters for big trout, they’ll usually tie on a streamer.

The upper end of Lake Gaston holds the highest concentration of striped bass because of water temperatures. Head up the lake for Gaston's striped bass
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Because of what he calls “a weird year” this spring and early summer, Don Enderle of Tri-Lakes Guide Service said he’s quit trolling baits and is casting artificial lures at striped bass in the upper reaches of Lake Gaston, where the species’ false spawning toward the tailrace below Kerr Dam is six weeks late.

Lily pads can be great bass-holding cover in North Carolina, especially during the summer. Pad particulars - Make the most of lily pads for bass-fishing opportunities
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Summertime thoughts commonly turn to beach getaways, but the sun-driven heat leaves us adding an umbrella to that picture. And while we’re on the comfort kick, how ’bout some food? Sounds like a nice vacation, but shelter from the swelter and something for the belly also defines the attraction of lily pads for largemouth bass.

Guide Craig Price has taken advantage of Lake Normanís burgeoning population of spotted bass. Norman newbies - Lake Normanís hybrids and spots like it hot
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Ask any angler what he or she wants more of and the answer will be simple and emphatic, “to catch more fish!” †Spanning 32,500 acres just north of Charlotte, the inland sea known as Lake Norman gives fisherman the opportunity to do just that.†