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Lake Norman anglers can't do without a Sabiki rig when it comes to catching every species of gamefish imaginable. Sabiki rigs working over various Lake Norman species
877 Views - Posted: October 15 at 11:41 am

Lake Norman, like many other reservoirs in North Carolina, has seen major changes in its fish species. Once filled with largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and bream, striped bass were added in the 1960s, followed by blueback herring, alewives and spotted bass – it’s assumed that fishermen brought in these non-natives –and finally, white perch. Fortunately, there’s one rig that will catch nearly every fish that Norman has to offer: the Sabiki rig.

Solar Bees may help sting Jordan fish kills Solar Bees may help sting Jordan fish kills
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A program by the N.C. Division of Water Quality to help prevent algae blooms in Jordan Lake may also help prevent fish kills.

New technology available for marine electronics can make trolling for crappie a snap. Eye in the sky makes trolling easier
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One troublesome aspect of fall “tight-line” deep trolling for crappies at Jordan Lake is trying to keep a boat “in the slot.”

Big trout like this brown will often hit a spinner when nothing else works. Put a new spin on trout
127 Views - Posted: October 13 at 9:00 am

Spinner fishing is an effective alternative to fly fishing when trout aren’t rising to a dry-fly pattern or hitting nymphs. A spinner often will elicit a strike even when trout aren’t hitting live bait.

Guide James McManus trolls for walleye and several other species during the fall. Trolling is key fall tactic on Fontana Lake for a variety of species  Video Included
623 Views - Posted: October 03 at 10:04 am

In a few weeks, the mountains of western North Carolina will be crawling with leaf watchers who will look up at the beauty and most likely miss the action going on down below at Lake Fontana. Guide James McManus of 153 Charters Fishing spends most of the fall trolling the depths of Fontana and tempting a number of species.

Guide Maynard Edwards said that flatheads and other catfish have really been biting on High Rock Lake as the water level drops. As water level drops, High Rock catfish are going on a feeding spree
731 Views - Posted: October 02 at 8:27 am

It’s one of the interesting things about High Rock Lake that when the lake level falls, fishing success rises. Maynard Edwards of Yadkin Lakes Guide Service said his clients have been having some tremendous catfish trips as the lake is drawn down for an NCDOT construction project.

A limit of 20 slab crappie like this one Freddie Sinclair is holding can make for the beginnings of a great fish fry. Autumn slab fest? Jordan Lake crappie fishermen expect a great fall
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Happily for crappie fishermen, Jordan Lake has recovered from a massive 2011 fish kill. The rare combination of a cold-weather threadfin shad die-off that February, then a week of 100-degree temperatures that July wiped out a lot of fish.

Crappie fishermen have dozens of styles and hundreds of colors from which to choose. A jig is a jig is a jig, right? Wrong!
202 Views - Posted: September 15 at 7:00 am

A fishermen could get overwhelmed or confused looking at the selection of crappie jigs in a tackle shop — or in Danny Sisson’s tackle box.

It doesn’t take a nice brown trout for a fisherman to call a fishing trip a success. A matter of perspective
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We follow the stream where we can, fishing deep pools and smooth runs in water so clear we can see every detail of the streambed. Brightly colored leaves swirl in the eddies and gather in thick carpet like clumps in the deepest sections of water. On almost every cast, the lure snags a leaf or two, and when the current grabs the leaf and tugs, it feels, for a brief moment, like a hooked trout.

Carl Thomason caught this 20-inch New River smallmouth over Labor Day weekend on a float trip with guide Marty Shaffner. Smallmouth action on New River is back on track as water reaches 70-degree mark
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Smallmouth bass fishing in the New River has been tough this year for a variety of reasons, but now it’s apparently back on track.

Black mat algae, lynbya, aka Black mat algae has taken over Tuckertown Lake. Is Shearon Harris next?
1315 Views - Posted: September 05 at 1:37 pm

A threatening black menace continues to encroach upon the fisheries at Tuckertown and Shearon Harris lakes. The moss-like growth cloaks shoreline cover, leaves floating deposits of itself, and stinks up the place.

It doesn’t take Danny Sisson of Rural Hall long to fill a cooler in the fall when he finds crappie around docks or  brush piles. Shooters, spiders and slabs - Shooting docks and spider-rigging should be part of every North Carolina fisherman’s fall crappie arsenal
566 Views - Posted: September 01 at 7:00 am

When the dogwoods bloom in the spring, it’s traditional for fishermen to crank up their crappie-fishing efforts. How ‘bout when the leaves start to turn in the fall?