Rigging a soft-plastic bait weedless on a tiny jighead will allow anglers to fish flooded shoreline cover around Kerr Lake. A weedless jig for flooded shorelines
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While the impoundment of Kerr Lake may have solved many problems in the flood-prone area downstream, fishing the high water resulting from early spring rains requires another solution.  

BYOB — Bring your own brush BYOB — Bring your own brush
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Thanks to enhanced sonar capabilities like side-imaging and down-imaging, finding brush piles on Kerr Lake is easier than ever. However, there’s one sure fire way to have the coordinates of a crappie hot spot before anybody else — put it there yourself. 

A backcountry fishing trip requires a good bit more safety gear than a half-day stroll alongside a stream that’s closer to civilization. Be prepared for anything in backcountry
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The mountains contain mile after mile of trout streams tumbling from the steep slopes of the Appalachians, with thriving populations of  wild trout, beckoning anglers to try the backcountry. However, the elements can fight back and change the lives of outdoor enthusiasts when least expected. 

Diamond-shaped signs designate how mountain trout streams are managed in North Carolina. Stay legal: know your diamonds
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Trout-fishing regulations in North Carolina can change from stream to stream and even from one part of a stream to another. Most backcountry creeks are designated as “Wild Trout Waters” and that quickly narrows down what anglers can use and what he can possess in terms of fish. 

Mike Kesselring fishes Rough Creek in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. A fly in the ointment
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Mike Kesselring of Bryson City has, by his count, 7,500 trout flies, a collection that includes dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, streamers and terrestrials that he has accumulated over 25 years, and, he said, “The only flies I’ve ever tied were at the end of a tippet.”

Finding this big flathead catfish floating lazily next to his family's Lake Norman boat dock, 10-year-old Nick Holjak netted the fish and pulled it in. After taking a few pictures, he released the fish, which calmly swam away. Lake Norman boy, 10, nets 4-foot flathead sunning near family dock
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Nick Holjak often fishes from his family’s dock at Lake Norman, or in a nearby cove from a makeshift boat, but the 10-year-old wasn’t even holding a rod when he landed the kind of fish many anglers spend their lives pursuing: a flathead catfish that weighed close to 40 pounds.

Wild trout in backcountry streams are not always pint-sized. Without much regular fishing pressure, fish like this rainbow can grow to trophy sizes. Go off the beaten path for North Carolina’s mountain trout
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Western North Carolina contains some of the most remote places east of the Mississippi River, with absolutely breathtaking views from every angle. The mountains are full of steep ridges, deep canyons and are covered in century-old forests, a true wilderness. 

Even if they’ve already spawned, there’s plenty of reason to refer to Kerr Lake crappie like this one as slabs. Find undercover crappie this month on Kerr Lake
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May is largely a transition month for crappie across North Carolina, and Kerr Lake, aka Buggs Island, is no different.  Nearly all crappie have completed the spawn on the 49,500-acre reservoir that straddles the North Carolina-Virginia border are in some stage of moving from their shallow spawning grounds back to deeper water. 

Cover Cover
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Dolphin take over the spotlight this month in the bluewater off the Outer Banks village of Hatteras, while to the west crappie are moving to deeper water and can be targeted along their travel routes.

Topwater baits and stripers just seem to go together for a lot of fishermen, and for good reason Don't put your topwater baits away when stripers are around
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Striped bass are a hot target in the waters of Neuse River, and there’s no better way to experience the thrill than with an explosive topwater strike. Guide D. Ashley King of New Bern chases stripers on top as often as possible, and while it may sound simple to chunk a surface lure and start ripping lips, following these tips will make you a better topwater angler.

Striper fishing in the Roanoke River downstream from Weldon is just getting into full-swing as the keeper season, extended for three days, prepares to end. Roanoke River striper run just getting ready to peak
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Striped bass fishing is beginning to hit its stride in the upper reaches of the Roanoke River, according to guide Richard Andrews of Bath.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will allow the harvest of striped bass in the Roanoke River Management Area for three extra days. Commission adds three days to Roanoke River striper harvest season
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will extend the striped bass harvest season in the Roanoke River Management Area until midnight on Sunday, May 3. The season had been set to expire by rule on April 30. 


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