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A public fishing access area near Westfield in Stokes County will give fishermen a great place to get into the Dan River. Commission opens public fishing area on Dan River in Stokes County
716 Views - Posted: June 25 at 12:55 pm

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, along with Jessup Mill, has opened a new public fishing access area on the Dan River in the Westfield community of Stokes County. 

Although bass and bream are normally the top-drawer residents of most small bodies of water, crappie are often encountered. Small ponds are big deals
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It is safe to say that nearly everyone has fished a body of water with limited access such as a farm pond or private pond. A small, properly stocked body of water can be a great place to get lots of bites and catch fish well above normal sizes. The majority of these ponds and lakes are usually fished from the shoreline. The downfall is that where there is good offshore structure, it’s difficult to get close enough to cast to those good spots.

Sabiki rigs are great tools to catch all kinds of fish, like this Lake Norman hybrid bass. Sabiki rigs can be versatile tools to catch all kinds of fish
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With white perch populations expanding in many of North Carolina’s large impoundments, it was only a matter of time before someone figured a way to catch perch and other species at the same time – on a Sabiki rig.

Striper fishermen often use planer boards with live baits to help spread them out, away from the boat, and cover a wider swath of water. Planer boards make trolling work
73 Views - Posted: June 15 at 7:00 am

It wouldn’t be possible or effective to run a trolling setup without planer boards on the outer lines. The rectangular boards attach to the fishing line and pull them away from the boat at an angle as the water pushes past. 

Lake Hickory has three main species of baitfish that fishermen use when targeting striped bass: (from top to bottom), gizzard shad, threadfin shad, blueback herring. Live bait equals better bites
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Nothing beats the real thing when it comes to bait. Lure manufacturers have spent millions of dollars researching and trying to replicate the movements of baitfish, but a cast net can provide the real thing over and over again.

Public campgrounds can put you within walking distance of some of North Carolina’s best trout waters. Home away from home
562 Views - Posted: June 11 at 9:00 am

Throughout the mountains, public campgrounds are found in national parks, national forests and state parks, many of them located on trout streams or lakes. With very few exceptions, they’re well-maintained, clean, convenient and accessible. Standard amenities include flush toilets, freshwater outlets, pads for tents, picnic tables, fire rings — some with grills — and posts to hang lanterns. Some of the larger campgrounds even have hot-water showers. You can camp in a tent, a camper or an RV. Larger campgrounds have hook-ups for water and electricity.

Trout in delayed-harvest waters better watch out; anglers can start keeping them on Saturday, June 6. Keeper season begins Saturday on delayed-harvest trout waters
474 Views - Posted: June 04 at 7:18 am

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will open 31 trout streams and two lakes classified as delayed-harvest trout waters under hatchery-supported regulations on Saturday, June 6. 

Colt Bass prepares to release a striped bass back into Lake Hickory. Stalk Hickory’s stripers - Head for the upper end of Lake Hickory for some great late-spring striper action
144 Views - Posted: June 01 at 7:00 am

Being 100 miles inland at the foot of the Appalachian mountains, mere yards from the Hickory Regional Airport, Lake Hickory might seem is an unlikely spot for trophy striped bass, but many anglers are finding this sliver of a lake to be a good bet for landing quality fish.

Rigging a soft-plastic bait weedless on a tiny jighead will allow anglers to fish flooded shoreline cover around Kerr Lake. A weedless jig for flooded shorelines
168 Views - Posted: May 15 at 7:00 am

While the impoundment of Kerr Lake may have solved many problems in the flood-prone area downstream, fishing the high water resulting from early spring rains requires another solution.  

BYOB — Bring your own brush BYOB — Bring your own brush
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Thanks to enhanced sonar capabilities like side-imaging and down-imaging, finding brush piles on Kerr Lake is easier than ever. However, there’s one sure fire way to have the coordinates of a crappie hot spot before anybody else — put it there yourself. 

A backcountry fishing trip requires a good bit more safety gear than a half-day stroll alongside a stream that’s closer to civilization. Be prepared for anything in backcountry
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The mountains contain mile after mile of trout streams tumbling from the steep slopes of the Appalachians, with thriving populations of  wild trout, beckoning anglers to try the backcountry. However, the elements can fight back and change the lives of outdoor enthusiasts when least expected. 

Diamond-shaped signs designate how mountain trout streams are managed in North Carolina. Stay legal: know your diamonds
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Trout-fishing regulations in North Carolina can change from stream to stream and even from one part of a stream to another. Most backcountry creeks are designated as “Wild Trout Waters” and that quickly narrows down what anglers can use and what he can possess in terms of fish.