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Guide Chris Bullock has been catching plenty of slab crappie out of Kerr Lake on jigging spoons and mini-jigs. Spoon-feeding crappie proving productive on Kerr Lake
293 Views - Posted: August 29 at 5:25 am

Kerr Lake is a big reservoir that boasts some big crappie, and guide Chris Bullock of Fountain reports that citation-sized slabs are being plucked from brush piles using two of his favorite techniques: casting jigs and jigging small spoons.

Jordan Lake is once again producing some bragging-sized crappie after a 2011 fish kill. Stick to New Hope Creek channel for Jordan Lake crappie
506 Views - Posted: August 22 at 12:42 pm

One angler who doesn’t need any convincing that Jordan Lake’s crappie fishery has returned to prominence is Freddie Sinclair, a guide from Clayton. He said slabs have recovered nicely from the 2011 fish kill and are biting along the main New Hope Creek channel in deeper water. 

Fishermen targeting bottomfish around nearshore wrecks and reefs will often come in contact with bigger targets like this cobia. Safety first
87 Views - Posted: August 15 at 7:00 am

When fishing off the beach using a jet ski as a platform, remember these safety rules:

Tuckertown Lake’s flatheads will really come out to play — and eat — when power is being generated through the dam and a nice current sets up. Channel your efforts — or not
88 Views - Posted: August 15 at 7:00 am

Tuckertown Lake has all three major species of catfish most-often targeted by freshwater fishermen: flatheads, blues and channels.

Tuckertown Lake also has a great population of channel catfish; the better ones are caught in the same river-channel spots as flatheads, but they’re more likely to hit live shad than a crappie. Leave that anchor and move!
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Former guide Stanley Correll has perfected the art of making small moves to fish new areas without having to pull up the two anchors with which he holds his pontoon boat in place.

Cast nets, even in small-mesh sizes, need to be relatively heavy to drop fast enough to envelope baitfish or white perch. Cast-netting for perch
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As of Aug. 1, it is no longer illegal to keep white perch caught in a cast net west of I-95, as they have been considered invasive and often damage the population of other species. That’s a win-win situation for fishermen.

Shearon Harris Lake has a tremendous population of threadfin shad, which has helped jump-start the white perch fishery at the Raleigh-area reservoir. Live shad get preferential treatment
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A fishermen targeting Shearon Harris Lake’s booming white perch population in summer couldn’t be in a better position. When water temperatures escalate, and most species complete the rigors of spawning, they transition to deeper water.

Wildlife officer Michael Paxinos spends plenty of his off-duty time targeting flathead catfish in the Neuse River. This is his biggest, at 57 1/2-pounder. Try the Neuse River for huge flathead catfish
1311 Views - Posted: August 12 at 12:53 pm

Want to beat the heat this summer and have a chance to catch a potential record fish? First, load a skiff with plenty of lighting equipment for after-dark fishing, a couple of cinder-block anchors, eight or nine heavy baitcasting outfits spooled with 50-pound monofilmament, some Carolina and Santee rigs and about 30 eating-sized bluegills in the livewell, plus insect repellant. Then trailer it to the Neuse River in Wayne, Lenoir or Craven counties where the giant flathead catfish live.

Night crawlers and other large worms are great live baits for mountain trout in streams where live bait is legal. Live-bait options abound
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I grew up fishing with live bait, catching trout in the upper reaches of  Paddy Creek in western Burke County and bream in the large pools in the lower sections, using fat red worms collected from cow patties in the pastures near my home.

Fishermen at Roanoke Rapids Lake have been catching plenty of nice stripers like this one in the tailrace below Gaston Dam. Tailrace fishing great for stripers on Roanoke Rapids Lake
655 Views - Posted: August 06 at 12:34 pm

A problem for striper fishermen during the summer is that on large reservoirs, you often spend lots of time finding bait, then finding fish. But guide Tim Biesecker hasn’t had that problem on Roanoke Rapids Lake, where he has found the bait and fish concentrated.

Brian Lockwood puts some muscle into fighting a nice bottomfish from the seat of his jet ski. The jet set
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Something seemed out of place. While it’s not uncommon to see a personal watercraft, aka jet ski, putting in at the Newport River boat ramp near Radio Island, this one was different.

Former guide Stanley Correll gets excited about Tuckertown Lake flathead catfish, even when they’re only 25-pounders like this one. His biggest from the Yadkin River reservoir weighed 58. Just cattin’ around - Best flathead catfish action of year is just around the bend at Tuckertown Lake
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For years, a trip to Tuckertown Lake was a busman’s holiday for Stanley Correll. Now it’s just pure pleasure.