Speckled trout can be caught around the same oyster rocks as redfish; they can also be targeted outside of creek mouths and on points in New River Inlet. Keep an eye out for trout
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Even when he’s targeting a really good bite on big red drum, guide Ricky Kellum always has his finger on the pulsed of the New River’s speckled trout, and October brings with it opportunities to catch them in New River Inlet.

False albacore are a member of the tuna family and closely resemble several of their cousins, but they do not have the same tasty characteristics as the rest of the family, being basically inedible. Fat Albert food value? Forget about it
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Point 1. Raleigh’s premier Japanese restaurant, Waranji, features escolar, aka white tuna, on its menu. Escolar is not a tuna and is a weird kind of fish. Its meat is 80-percent muscle and 20-percent wax that, being indigestible, runs right through digestive system in less than an hour. Eat and run? Waranji’s menu does not offer false albacore, which, presumably, is worse.

False albacore are a great fly-rod fish in the fall, especially in the Cape Lookout area. Fly fishing for Fat Alberts
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Dr. Tom Earnhardt, a former law-school professor who is host of UNC-TV’s Exploring North Carolina pioneered fly-fishing for false albacore more than 20 years ago. Since then, they’ve be written about in fly-fishing journals across the country.

Plenty of big redfish are being caught just off the beaches of lower Brunswick County around schools of menhaden. Big reds and inshore triple have lower Brunswick County fishermen in heaven
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There’s been more than enough rain along the Brunswick County coast this fall to put a damper on inshore fishing, but so far, it hasn’t. Guide Mark Dickson of Shallow-Minded Guide Service said last week’s cold snap appeared to make redfish, flounder and speckled trout even hungrier.

The author got a first-hand look at the kind of redfish you can expect to catch this month around New River Inlet. Finding Red October - Big red drum use New River Inlet as a highway to the baitfish zone in the fal
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Fishermen targeting red drum often scour the skinny waters of far-removed marshes or bays as if in search of hidden treasure.  While one may be found there, one guide has discovered a pot of redfish gold hidden in plain sight. Inside New River Inlet, around Sneads Ferry, locating deep-water oyster beds is the key to tangling with quality reds. 

False albacore visit North Carolina’s nearshore waters in the fall, offering anglers some great, sporting battles. Feeding Fat Albert - False albacore provide North Carolina fishermen with plenty of action in the fall
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Known as little tunny, false albacore and, informally, Fat Alberts, the fish that goes by the scientific name Euthunnus alletteratus is abundant up and down the Atlantic coast and even south to Brazil and east to Africa. They hunt in packs and often are mixed in schools with small yellowfin, blackfin or skipjack tuna, Atlantic bonito, Spanish mackerel and bluefish.

The speckled trout season has really kicked off, despite dirty, freshwater runoff in the Atlantic Beach area. Despite dirty, fresh water, speck bite has taken off at Atlantic Beach
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Capt. Matt Lamb of Chasin’ Tails Outdoors in Atlantic Beach said that offshore fishing has been great, and despite some dirty water caused by runoff, flounder and sheepshead are biting. But the big surprise is how well speckled trout are dealing with all the runoff.

A flounder gigger slips along the edge of a marsh in a kayak, a near-perfect way to stick flatfish. Kayaks: great for gigging
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It was a few hours after sunset. The tide was coming into the marshes lining the Intracoastal Waterway. Several boats were already floating the various channels with lights beaming.

Flounder fishing has been excellent in the Sneads Ferry area, with most keepers between 2 and 4 pounds. Inshore action cranking up around Sneads Ferry, with flounder taking the lead
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It’s a great time to be fishing in the Sneads Ferry area, according to Capt Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures, because flounder, red drum and speckled trout are all in a fall, feeding mode thanks to some recent cool weather.

David Derrick caught this 12-pound flounder on Sept. 21 in the Lockwood Folly River. Oak Island fishermen decks 12-pound flounder in Lockwood Folly River
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David Derrick of Oak Island targets big flounder in the Lockwood Folly River, and in the fall, he only fishes a few spots – but he fishes them thoroughly. And on Sept. 21, that strategy paid off with a huge flatfish that tugged the scales down to 12 pounds and was 29 ½ inches long and 25 inches in girth.

Guide Mitchell Blake has found that big, lipless crankbaits are killer lures for Pamlico Sound's Lipless crankbaits are latest hot lure for Pamlico Sound's old drum
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While searching for artificial alternatives, Capt. Mitchell Blake of Chocowinity found the versatility of jumbo-sized, lipless crankbaits to be the ticket for enticing full-speed strikes from the jumbo-sized red drum that inhabit the Pamlico Sound and its tributaries during their spawning season. 

Capt. Noah Lynk said Spanish mackerel, bluefish and false albacore have been biting very aggressively just off the beach at Cape Lookout. Nearshore trolling just off Cape Lookout has been excellent
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Capt. Noah Lynk of Harkers Island is pleasantly surprised with the excellent fishing around Cape Lookout; the bluefish and Spanish mackerel are supposed to be there this month, but the false albacore have arrived a little early. The puppy drum and speckled trout are in the surf, tarpon are still a little farther off the beach and king mackerel have moved in. Apparently, the fishing just outside the hook is off the hook.