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Red drum are one of only two inshore fish species that haven't been shut down around Cape Lookout by the recent cold weather. Drum, red and black, are only Cape Lookout targets thanks to cold snap
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Noah Lynk of Noah’s Ark Charters in Harkers Island said the recent weather has affected fishing around Cape Lookout, and not in a positive way. All he’s finding, Lynk said, are drum, and he’s not alone. The cold displaced plenty of fish, and drum are the only ones most fisherman are finding.

Jetties along Little River Inlet are great spots for late-winter, early spring redfish action. Jerk on a jetty red - As winter gets ready to leave and spring to arrive, redfish action cranks up around Little River jetties
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After a long winter, fishermen can find a strong fishery cranking into high gear as the spring thaw approaches. For light-tackle anglers familiar with the rock jetties that straddle the North Carolina-South Carolina state line can expect a fantastic redfish bite along the rocky fringes of Little River Inlet. 

As the weather warms in March, more and more redfish move back into the ICW and the marshes around Swansboro. Stem the red tide - Learn the tides and you can figure out Swansboro’s late-winter red drum
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Rick Patterson quickly checked the tide level on the bulkhead as he eased his bay boat away from the dock. He decided it would be wise give the tide an hour or two to rise and bring more water to flats where he’d found redfish, leaving him fishing several nearby creeks and deeper channels.

A few cold-stun and kill events were reported over the past 10 days, but they weren't widespread, and NCDMF doesn't plan on closing the speckled trout fishery. Speckled trout escape effects of recent frigid weather
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The second round of cold weather over the past two weeks included a few cold-stuns and kills for coastal fish, but they weren’t as severe as a 2014 fish kill, and the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries said there is no reason to close the fishery.

The Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet is a reintroduction of an old bait that will flat out catch fish. Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet
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Give Theophile Bourgeois a new artificial lure with so much upside to it and he’s as happy as speckled trout and redfish chasing tasty mullet.

Fishermen have been catching plenty of speckled trout, and a mixture of smallish to large fish, in and around the Neuse River. Guide said 2014 trout closure has been a boon for Neuse River specks
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Joe Ward of FlyDaddy Charters in New Bern is looking at the closure of speckled trout fishing last year as a godsend – a key factor in the excellent fishing that anglers have enjoyed along the Neuse River since the season re-opened last Sunday. And in the past couple of weeks, trout have been biting consistently, with a mixture of small and large fish.

Smaller black drum can often be found in pods or schools during the winter, in part because the amount of available habitat is smaller. Chumming can be very effective
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For most inshore fishing, anglers locate and then cast to them. Offshore, anglers  fish areas where the fish should be and will frequently deploy chum to get the fish focused on the angler’s baits or lures.  Inshore, chumming is rarely used to catch anything, but black drum are definitely the exception to the rule.  

Black drum are very tolerant of cold-water conditions, even when the majority of forage has left inshore waters. Look for jumbos closer to ocean
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Fishing for black drum over the winter is a staple activity for anglers living along the coast, but many of the big schools of fish are filled with either sub-adults or young adults that will weigh between 2 to 15 pounds. These younger fish prefer brackish waters where food is plentiful and predators are less common. 

How you handle a fish between the time you catch it and return it to the water will go a long way to helping or hurting its chances for survival. Make your releases work
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Hopefully everyone realizes there is more to properly releasing fish than simply taking them off the hook and throwing them back. However, there are times all you can do is watch and wonder. 

Big schools of redfish have been in bays off the ICW and New River in the Sneads Ferry area, and getting the to bite hasn't been terribly difficult Despite being in huge schools, redfish are biting in Sneads Ferry area
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Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures in Sneads Ferry said there are red drum in the shallow bays off the Intracoastal Waterway and New River around Sneads Ferry, in schools of anywhere from 50 to 200 or 300 fish – and most of them are hungry.

Big, bull black drum are more likely to be caught closer to or in the ocean because of their love for waters with a higher salinity level. Beat the black drum slowly - The waters of lower Brunswick County will be filled with hungry black drum throughout the winter
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February is the coldest month, and most North Carolina fishermen are either dreaming on the couch or gliding stealthily across a narrow lens of saltwater with a school of red drum in their sights. 

Southern flounder remain overfished and overharvested, but an NCDMF report that outlines the problems has been rejected by a peer-review board, thus sidetracking mandated moves to improve the fishery. NCDMF's stock-assessment report for southern flounder is sidetracked
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Southern flounder, according to the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, have been in trouble for more than 10 years, and a potential big step toward ending overfishing and overharvest of the species has turned into a big stumble.