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Guide Noah Lynk of Harkers Island celebrated his birthday last Sunday by catching this 9-pound, Cape Lookout speckled trout. Harkers Island guide celebrates birthday with 9-pound, Cape Lookout speck
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Capt. Noah Lynk of Harkers Island spent a special birthday on the water this past Sunday, Nov. 23, taking off to go fun-fishing for a few hours and winding up with the best present of all, a speckled trout that weighed 9 pounds.

Big gray trout are biting around Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks in very good numbers. Gray trout, red drum and bluefish have been a Cape Lookout angler's buffet
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Capt. Noah Lynk of Noah’s Ark Charters in Harkers Island said the cold weather hasn’t slowed the great fishing around Cape Lookout, where gray trout, red drum and bluefish have been feeding. The hot spots have been the area between the point at the hook and the cape, plus down Shackleford Banks toward Beaufort Inlet.

Rennie and Shannon Clark have been successful fishing redfish tournament trails around the Carolinas. Want to fish a tournament? Choose your poison
104 Views - Posted: November 15 at 6:00 am

A handful of redfish tournament trails serve North Carolina fishermen.†

Rennie Clark custom paints and changes out the hooks and split rings on many of his topwater baits. Customizing lures for redfish
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Rennie Clark likes to customize fishing lures for his guide trips and tournaments. He often changes hooks and split rings and if he gets caught up or has a day-off, he’ll change colors, too. His favorite lures to customize are the Skitterwalk series of topwater baits from Rapala.

With a daily creel limit of one fish, catch-and-release is a staple for anglers targeting redfish in North Carolina. Red drum specifics
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Red drum, sciaenops ocellatus, are also called redfish, puppy drum, spot-tail bass, channel bass and spot-tail drum. They are long-lived fish that reach sexual maturity slowly and are one of the few fish that fishery managers allow to be harvested before reaching reproductive size, which is roughly 28 to 32 inches.†

An artificial bait worked in an appealing fashion will often draw more strikes than live bait. Can artificials outfish live bait?
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There are live-bait anglers, artificial purists and blended fisherman. Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to collect a days’ catch, but artificial lures are not just for purists. There are many cases where adopting an artificial-lure strategy will put more fish in the boat than live-bait tactic. The lifelike presentations of artificial lures may just be what the doctored ordered in the fall.†

A soft-plastic imitation shrimp can be deadly on fall speckled trout. Donít overlook shrimp imposters
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During the fall, the Pamlico Sound and its western tributaries fill up with hungry speckled trout. As temperatures drop and food becomes more scarce, the majority of the menu will be baitfish, but specks and other predators maintain a weak spot for shrimp.

Did Bob Wagner of New Jersey catch and release a possible state-record black drum in the surf at Wrightsville Beach last week? Was black drum caught and released at Wrightsville Beach a state record?
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Bob Wagner, a 66-year-old retiree from Pennsauken, N.J., beached a possible state-record black drum from the surf at the north end of Wrightsville Beach last Thursday, but mistaking it for a red drum, he released it.

Guide Richard Andrews of Bath said stripers are really biting in the Tar and Pamlico rivers. Stripers and specks in productive late-fall patterns in Pamlico, Tar rivers
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Richard Andrews of Tar-Pam Guide Service in Bath said fish in the Pamlico River have settled into late fall-early winter patterns, with speckled trout and stripers the primary catches, but some redfish and a few late flounder being caught also.† ††

Roger Brown of Cape Carteret caught this 82-pound black drum on a trout rig last Wednesday off the Bogue Inlet Pier. Cape Carteret man decks 82-pound black drum at Bogue Inlet Pier
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Roger Brown of Cape Carteret is a regular at Bogue Inlet Pier and catches a lot of big fish there. However, even he was surprised when he landed an 82-pound black drum on the morning of Nov. 6.

Gamefish such as black drum are often found along windy banks because the wind creates current that pushes bait into those areas. Learn to ride the wind
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North Carolina’s coast is windy; unless you have been living in a vacuum, you should know that. Some days it is merely a light breeze, and some days it is much more. Along the coast, the sun heats the land and creates sea breezes most afternoons from late spring to late fall. This has always happened and always will.

The Atlantic Beach area is on fire with the season's best speckled trout bite. Best trout bite of year hits Atlantic Beach area waters
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Fishing for speckled trout in inshore waters and the surf around Atlantic Beach, Morehead City and Beaufort is about as it gets, according to Capt. Matt Lamb of Chasin’ Tails Outdoors.