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    False albacore aren't a mainstay at the Georgetown jetties, but they've shown up lately and are biting topwater plugs and soft plastics under popping corks.

    False albacore surprising anglers at Georgetown jetties

    Anglers up and down the coast of both Carolinas are having a field day with bull redfish, but other fish are contributing to the fun as well, and sometimes they are doing it with a surprise. Such was the case yesterday for Capt. Rod Thomas at the Georgetown jetties.

    October 20 at 9:36pm
    Capt. Jack Brown’s Electric Chicken fly can be fished in the same places as jigheads with soft-plastic baits of the same color.

    An Electric Chicken with fur, feathers

    Because of the popularity of soft-plastic baits in the chartreuse-pink Electric Chicken color, fly anglers and guides created several flies to mimic the jig’s silhouette and motion.  

    October 15 at 7:00am
    A live shrimp fished under a popping cork is guide Ricky Kellum’s No. 1 after-dark trout tactic.

    Night moves are right moves

    Guide Ricky Kellum always has a stock of trout candy, aka live shrimp, when available, but the pinfish that have taken root on AR 398 make it nearly impossible to float one long enough for a trout to see  — at least during daylight hours. But according to Kellum, the reef is also a hot spot on a cool, fall night, and a supply of shrimp is the go-to trout killer.

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Guide Ricky Kellum likes to fish a topwater bait along crab-pot lines for New River speckled trout.

    Topwater is nothing New in NC

    Guide Ricky Kellum points to his home waters, the New River in Onslow County, N.C., as his go-to spot for targeting topwater trout in October. His favorite bait is a Super Spook Jr. with a chartreuse head and white body, a bait that fooled an 8-pound trout in the New last year.

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Guide Justin Carter, who caught this 10-pound trout in South Carolina’s Wando River earlier this year, said the river’s clean, clear nature is great for specks.

    Work specks on the Wando

    South Carolina’s Wando River has long been known as a trout hot spot. Unlike most coastal rivers in either state, the Wando doesn’t really go anywhere. This prevents a lot of run-off from entering the river, particularly during tropical-storm season, so the river stays clearer than surrounding areas. 

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Speckled trout can be a great target for kayak-bound anglers during the fall.

    Paddle your way to more speckled trout with these tips

    Since January, we’ve covered strategies, rigging and tactics for targeting different species from a paddle craft. Along the way, we’ve covered saltwater, freshwater and even delved into some hunting. Noticeably absent on this list was a favorite saltwater species along the entire Carolina coast: speckled trout.

    October 14 at 9:00am
    Drifting live baits behind your boat while casting lures can prove too much for some gamefish to stand.

    Catch more fish with this live bait/artificial lure strategy

    Plenty of inshore anglers rely heavily on natural baits like live shrimp or mullet, and no one can argue their effectiveness or ability to attract gamefish. After all, it’s what the gamefish are actually feeding on and what keeps them alive. Other anglers, however, swear by artificial lures, saying they often catch twice, three times, even five times the number of fish that other anglers catch on live bait.

    October 12 at 9:00am
    Catch a fish, win a Chevy truck! It's that easy in the Nov. 5 CCA NC Open Inshore Fishing Tournament.

    Catch a fish, win a Chevy truck

    What’s better than hooking into a slot-sized redfish during a nice fall fishing excursion? How about winning a truck for catching that fish? 

    October 12 at 8:52am
    Hurricane Matthew didn't stop the trout bite, which is good news, especially for anglers wanting in on the 14th Annual Jacksonville Trout Tournament Oct. 22.

    Trout bite is hot in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

    Hurricane Matthew did plenty of damage across the Carolinas, and it will take some time to recover from it, but if you think the fishing is suffering, then you can put those fears to rest. Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures has been catching speckled trout in the Sneads Ferry area.

    October 12 at 7:39am
    Nathan Zrubek caught this 12-foot, 1-inch tiger shark from the surf at Topsail Beach.

    Topsail Beach surf angler lands 12-foot tiger shark

    A little over 2 weeks after landing a huge hammerhead, the crew of the Get Bent Land Based Shark Fishing Team subdued another enormous shark on the sands of Topsail Beach on October 1st. This time, a 12-foot, 1-inch tiger shark gave angler Nathan Zrubec of Holly Ridge the ride of his life and was his first land based shark after 6 weeks of fishing with the team.

    October 10 at 9:23am
    Many a big speckled trout has been fooled by a soft-plastic bait in the chartreuse-pink “electric chicken” color since it was invented 20 years ago.

    Electric Chicken will cause quite a squawk among South Carolina’s Lowcountry trout and reds

    Leadhead jigs with soft-plastic trailers probably fool more redfish and speckled trout in the waters of South Carolina’s Lowcountry than all other artificial lures combined. Throw one out and reel it back; what could be more simple? Of course, there is more to catching fish, but if you can find them and get a jig-and-trailer into their midst, you will catch fish.

    October 01 at 7:00am
    New River’s artificial reef is trout central in the fall for North Carolina anglers.

    Rocks, river, reef, trout? No big boat needed to fish this North Carolina reef

    Ever wanted to fish an artificial reef but didn’t feel like you had enough boat to go offshore? Maybe you didn’t want to chance a risky inlet or challenge questionable weather conditions on the ocean? Well, you’re in luck. AR 398 lies in the middle of the New River, halfway between Jacksonville and Sneads Ferry, and one of Jacksonville’s top guides is catching some of his biggest trout there.

    October 01 at 7:00am
    Big speckled trout become more active in the fall, and with baitfish on the move, October can provide some of the best action of the year.

    Take trout on top - October is time to target speckled trout on topwater in the Carolinas

    It’s a fact: everyone likes catching fish on topwater baits. What makes fishing baits at the surface even better is that at certain times of the year, like October, you can frequently catch bigger fish on topwater lures than anything else. 

    October 01 at 7:00am
    The flounder closure for gill nets and recreational fishing is set to close Oct. 16, but a lawsuit has earned a temporary restraining order on the controversial regulation.

    Judge issues temporary restraining order in flounder closure lawsuit

    A Carteret County judge on Wednesday imposed a temporary restraining order on the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission’s decision to end flounder fishing on Oct. 16 for the remainder of 2016, in response to a lawsuit filed Sept. 23 by the N.C. Fisheries Association, Carteret County Fisherman’s association, and Carteret, Dare and Hyde counties.

    September 29 at 1:42pm
    The peak of fall fishing for Cape Lookout Spanish mackerel and false albacore is around October’s full moon, according to guide Noah Lynk of Harkers Island.

    Spanish, albacore invade Cape Lookout waters this month

    Inshore anglers should circle Oct. 16 on their calendars because that’s when the full moon occurs and the best Spanish mackerel and false albacore bite sizzles in the waters off North Carolina’s Cape Lookout.

    September 27 at 10:55am
    Fall spots show up around Murrells Inlet in early October and provide anglers with plenty of fun and food.

    Murrells Inlet's is spot-on mid-October

    The coast of the Carolinas is known for all types of great saltwater fishing, and around Murrells Inlet, S.C., it’s the geographic center for the well-known spot fishery and the peak of the spot run in October, when anglers can find a school of the tasty panfish on their own or locate the local flotilla and find enough room to park your boat. 

    September 27 at 10:34am