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Guide Stu Caulder (right) has had to move from the Cape Fear to the Northeast Cape Fear River to catch stripers because of a lot of cold, dirty water in the bigger river. Cold, muddy water has moved Cape Fear stripers to Northeast Cape Fear
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Stripers moving up the Cape Fear River into the Wilmington area have made a bit of a detour, thanks to cold, dirty runoff, and they’re being caught in the Northeast Cape Fear, according to Stuart Caulder of Gold Leader Fishing.

Mike Martin of Southport caught this nice speckled trout fishing with Capt. Butch Foster. Clean water with little current has been equation for good Southport trout, reds
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Finding clear and fairly still water has been the ticket for redfish, speckled trout and an occasional black drum the past two weeks, according to Capt. Butch Foster of Yeah Right Charters in Southport.

For the best red drum fishing the winter has to offer, seek out creeks with dark bottoms that get a lot of sunlight. Why go to school in the winter?
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Lee Paramore, a biologist for the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries who specializes in red drum, said said they are a schooling fish for a variety of reasons and will school year-round, but they’re not as noticeable as in the winter. 

A bait-keeper spring allows anglers to rig a soft-plastic bait weedless on a standard jighead. Making it weedless
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Guide Allen Jernigan said that many times he gets far-enough up creeks looking for winter drum and speckled trout that he fishes water that features many layover trees, limbs and other potential snags. Fishing these places with an exposed hook point can lead to a multitude of snags, few fish caught and an overall frustrating experience. Jernigan said it isn’t necessary and can be remedied easily and quickly — without removing the jighead from the leader.

Fishermen have been catching plenty of slot-sized red drum around the Cape Lookout rock jetties, along with bluefish, black drum and sea mullet. Forget the bluefins! The drum are biting around the Cape Lookout rock jetty
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Noah Lynk of Noah’s Ark Charters in Harkers Island said it’s hard to ignore the lure of chasing huge bluefin tuna within a few miles of the beach at Cape Lookout, but for fishermen who don’t have the heavy duty equipment or the desire to get pulled around by a 700-pound fish, the inshore fishing around the Cape has been good.

Catching multiple reds without moving your boat is common during the winter, as redfish tend to school in larger groups for protection, comfort and availability of food. School days! Huge gangs of red drum make for some great winter action in the Sneads Ferry area
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“The tide is pretty low, and we may bump the bottom getting across this bar and into this creek, but it will only be a tap or two,” Allen Jernigan said as he left the channel of the New River and headed into a small creek. “Even if I have to get out and wade us across it, this is a place I planned on fishing today. I was in here a few days ago and it was loaded with drum. Let’s hope they haven’t been harassed and moved.”

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Hit the water this month for great bass fishing on Lake Hyco and schooling redfish action near Sneads Ferry.

Guide Rick Patterson said the marshes around Swansboro are full of big schools of redfish. Redfish are really going to school in Swansboro marshes
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According to Rick Patterson of Cape Crusader Charters in Cape Carteret, the winter redfish action is about as good it gets right now in the waters around Swansboro.

A bill that will force the relaxation of beach-driving and beach-access restrictions on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore has passed both houses of Congress by wide margins. Bill that will ease Cape Hatteras beach restrictions passes both houses of Congress
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North Carolina’s surf fishermen, tourists, residents and businesses along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore received some good news earlier this month regarding a potential rollback of onerous beach-access restrictions. On Dec. 4, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that was part of a public-lands package, and then on Dec. 12, the U.S. Senate passed its version, which included a major change to an unpopular Off-Road Vehicle Plan. All that is needed now is President Barack Obama’s signature.

Speckled trout are hitting soft-plastics in the creeks off the New River and the ICW near Sneads Ferry. Creeks off New River producing plenty of specks, reds for Sneads Ferry anglers
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Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures in Sneads Ferry said the speckled trout and red drum have been biting in the creeks off the New River and Intracoastal Waterway, and if you’re in the right spot at the right time, the action can be downright hot.

Plenty of stripers are hitting topwater baits in the Cape Fear River. Carolina Beach area fishing continues to be first class in all areas
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Rennie Clark of Tournament Trail Charters in Carolina Beach said that despite cooler water and air temperatures, fishing around Carolina Beach continues to be pretty hot.

Speckled trout start out eating crustaceans, but once they mature, their diet, like that of a redfish, tilts toward fish. Let ’em eat cake, or whatever they like
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The diet of speckled trout changes as fish grow, get bigger, stronger and faster, and develop superior digestive systems, a process called an ontogenetic change.