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Plenty of slot-sized reds have been hitting live and artificial baits in the waters around Southport. Bait influx has caused late-summer inshore surge around Southport
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The calendar says it’s August, with fall a month away, but Jimmy Price at Wildlife Bait and Tackle in Southport said fish are already acting like it’s fall.

Working out the details for a multiple-day paddle, including camping arrangements, might be a highlight of the trip. The fun is in the planning
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Once upon a time, when information was still found in encyclopedias and directions were still derived from paper maps, there were still places of mystery. Not far from my home, we would head to Tar River Reservoir to water ski and swim each weekend day through the summer. My world as far as the Tar River was concerned consisted of a body of water located between a dam, Sapony Creek and a low bridge on Old Carriage Road near the Rocky Mount/Wilson airport.

Guide Mitchell Blake has a routine he practices when he targets big drum in the Pamlico Sound or coastal North Carolina rivers. Four steps to catch more big late-summer, spawning reds
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Few fisheries get an angler’s blood pumping like spawning red drum in the Pamlico Sound and its tributaries. While many of these big fish are already being hoisted for glory shots, Capt. Mitchell Blake of Chocowinity’s Fish IBX Charters, said the best is yet to come. Find out what to look for and how to close the deal by following his tips.

The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission had a vote taken out of its hands on southern flounder management by state legislators and the secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources last week. Legislators, DENR chief sidetrack Marine Fisheries Commission
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Donald R. van der Vaart, secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, caved in to the demands of a coalition of 13 legislators and scuttled a scheduled vote on needed reform in North Carolina’s flounder fishery last week when he directed the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission to postpone the vote.

Derrick Snow's 50.3-pound king mackerel was decked the day after he hooked it from the end of Johnnie Mercer's Pier. Two kings make great escapes, but just temporarily
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Plenty of fish stories are about the big one that got away, but there aren’t too many about the big one that got away and was still caught. But a couple of fishermen at opposite ends of North Carolina’s coast got lucky on Aug. 14 when trophy sized king mackerel pulled escape acts and were still landed – even though it took a while.

Big Spanish mackerel and bluefish have been crashing bait around Cape Lookout Shoals. Spanish mackerel, bluefish have been crashing baits on Cape Lookout shoals
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Capt. Noah Lynk of Harkers Island said schools of hungry 3- to 5-pound bluefish and 2- to 4-pound Spanish mackerel are all over the Cape Lookout shoals, ready to pounce on any lure that swims past.

Joe Shute’s interest in fly-fishing and fly-tying were piqued when fishermen began to target false albacore off Cape Lookout with fly-fishing equipment in the fall of 2004. False albacore triggered Shute’s fly-fishing pursuits
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One of the top fly-fishing guides and fly-tiers on the Crystal Coast grew up 379 miles inland in the Union County hamlet of Monroe.

Many great spots to target redfish in marshes around Morehead City are filling with sand or becoming inaccessible on low water. Favorite red drum haunts are filling with sand
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Outstanding places to find red drum in shallow waters along North Carolina’s coast are disappearing, much to the consternation and puzzlement of guide Joe Shute of Atlantic Beach.

Black drum of all sizes are suckers for live shrimp or pieces of fresh-cut shrimp. Black drum bite remains great in waters around Ocean Isle
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Capt. Mark Stacy of Ocean Isle Fishing Charters said much of the fishing in the creeks and marshes of lower Brunswick County has been unpredictable this summer, but the black drum bite has been freakishly consistent. 

Black drum are ganging up around the two Civil War wrecks in Lockwood Folly Inlet. Have a wreck in Lockwood Folly Inlet and catch plenty of black drum
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Black drum are biting in Lockwood Folly Inlet near Holden Beach, and according to  Fayetteville’s Daniel McJunkin, as long as you can find the two wrecks in the inlet, you’ll find the black drum.

A suit brought by two North Carolina commercial fishing groups over sea turtles has been dismissed by a federal judge. Commercials' suit over sea turtles dismissed by federal judge
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Judge James C. Dever has dismissed a lawsuit by the N.C. Fisheries Association (NCFA) and Carteret County Fisherman's Association (CCFA) to challenge how gill-net fishing is regulated in areas where sea turtles are present.

North Carolina's first-ever tarpon landed on a fly rod was taken in the lower Cape Fear River last weekend. North Carolina's first-ever tarpon on fly is landed in lower Cape Fear River
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This past Saturday, Aug. 1, a fisherman caught and released what is being heralded as the first tarpon confirmed to have been caught on fly-fishing tackle in North Carolina waters. Bill Rustin, who splits time between Raleigh and Southport, teamed with Capt. John Huff of Circle H Charters in Wrightsville Beach to subdue a tarpon in the lower Cape Fear River they estimated at 125 pounds.