Play a trick on a Pamlico Sound trout this fall. Fake out a trout - Artificial baits can be real trout killers in the fall in North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound
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The fall fishing season across North Carolina’s Pamlico Sound offers ideal water conditions for speckled trout, which respond to falling water temperatures by becoming aggressive and feeding heavily. It’s the time of year that anglers often trade in live bait for artificials.

Rennie Clark targets fall redfish around Carolina Beach with a variety of artificial lures, including this topwater plug. Double up on reds - Redfish king and his first lady have Carolina Beach redfish under their spell
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Rennie Clark of Carolina Beach zigged and zagged through the creeks behind Bald Head Island on his way to a pocket he was sure was holding redfish, and he didn’t slow until he was about 100 yards from the spot he intended to fish, switched off his outboard, lowered the trolling motor, plucked a spinning outfit from a rod holder and handed it to his wife, Shannon.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T
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With plenty of space for standing, casting and fly fishing in comfort, the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T kayak offers traditional in-line tandem seating, face-to-face social seating or solo seating. New features include the H-Rail System for customizing accessories, a tracking skeg for covering long distances and a battery platform for an optional trolling motor, crate or small cooler. Hobie’s patented MirageDrive with Glide Technology pedal system and Vantage XT seating are also included.

Admiral, an 18-month-old German shorthair, looks on as his owner, Tommy Jones, lands another nice speckled trout. Trout bite has been great in Swansboro area as waters cool
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If you’re a saltwater fisherman, no month compares to October. Waters get cooler each day and put baitfish on the move, and all kinds of gamefish arrive to follow and eat them. Even better, gamefish that were juveniles during the spring and half-grown in summer are now big-shouldered, pot-bellied adults. A favorite October target is spotted seatrout, aka specks. And the magical water temperature, 71 degrees, has ignited the best trout bite of the year in the waters around Swansboro.

Speckled trout will fall for a MirrOlure in the surf as easily as in the backwaters if you make a few adjustments to the bait. Take that MirrOlure on a trip to the surf for specks
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Hard-bodied baits such as MirrOlures have long been celebrated for their effectiveness in the backwaters of our coastal fisheries, however, they are just as deadly in the surf zone.  While productive right out of the box, a fisherman from Surf City known locally as “the trout pro” has been fine-tuning his MirrOlures for more than a decade to maximize his results on trout in the surf.

Flounder fishing has been excellent around Carolina Beach as fish are taking advantage of a big run of mullet. Flounder keeping Carolina Beach fishermen on their toes
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Wes Barbour of Carolina Beach fishing is pretty much wide open from the creeks to the Continental Shelf, and the timing is right to enjoy a great day of fishing, catch a bunch of fish for the freezer or both.

Big flounder like this 8.26-pound doormat caught by David Derrick, have been the norm in the Southport area recently. Flounder fishing still excellent in Southport area
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Capt. Jimmy Price of Wildlife Bait and Tackle in Southport said as odd as the weather has been, the fall flounder bite is going strong. Despite all kinds of runoff from recent rains that has left waters stirred up and discolored, flounder – and some great big ones – are being caught.

Speckled trout can be caught around the same oyster rocks as redfish; they can also be targeted outside of creek mouths and on points in New River Inlet. Keep an eye out for trout
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Even when he’s targeting a really good bite on big red drum, guide Ricky Kellum always has his finger on the pulsed of the New River’s speckled trout, and October brings with it opportunities to catch them in New River Inlet.

False albacore are a member of the tuna family and closely resemble several of their cousins, but they do not have the same tasty characteristics as the rest of the family, being basically inedible. Fat Albert food value? Forget about it
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Point 1. Raleigh’s premier Japanese restaurant, Waranji, features escolar, aka white tuna, on its menu. Escolar is not a tuna and is a weird kind of fish. Its meat is 80-percent muscle and 20-percent wax that, being indigestible, runs right through digestive system in less than an hour. Eat and run? Waranji’s menu does not offer false albacore, which, presumably, is worse.

False albacore are a great fly-rod fish in the fall, especially in the Cape Lookout area. Fly fishing for Fat Alberts
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Dr. Tom Earnhardt, a former law-school professor who is host of UNC-TV’s Exploring North Carolina pioneered fly-fishing for false albacore more than 20 years ago. Since then, they’ve be written about in fly-fishing journals across the country.

Plenty of big redfish are being caught just off the beaches of lower Brunswick County around schools of menhaden. Big reds and inshore triple have lower Brunswick County fishermen in heaven
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There’s been more than enough rain along the Brunswick County coast this fall to put a damper on inshore fishing, but so far, it hasn’t. Guide Mark Dickson of Shallow-Minded Guide Service said last week’s cold snap appeared to make redfish, flounder and speckled trout even hungrier.

The author got a first-hand look at the kind of redfish you can expect to catch this month around New River Inlet. Finding Red October - Big red drum use New River Inlet as a highway to the baitfish zone in the fal
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Fishermen targeting red drum often scour the skinny waters of far-removed marshes or bays as if in search of hidden treasure.  While one may be found there, one guide has discovered a pot of redfish gold hidden in plain sight. Inside New River Inlet, around Sneads Ferry, locating deep-water oyster beds is the key to tangling with quality reds.