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    Capt. Rob Bennett shows off the type of redfish he's been catching on the small Z-Man Slim SwimZ in the Bohicket area.

    Catch more speckled trout and redfish with this small plastic lure

    While plenty of soft plastic lures are made to specifically target one species of fish, it’s no secret that anglers often successfully use those lures for other types of fish. It’s a little bit of serendipity for lure makers and anglers alike, and can often lead to claims of a “secret lure” catching all the fish.

    Yesterday at 2:03pm
    Sheepshead gang up on Little River’s jetties in December before migrating into the ocean to spawn around nearshore reefs.

    A rocky time for Little River sheepshead

    The Carolinas are in the middle of the eastern seaboard, where unpredictable weather drives the outdoor scene. Even though the first day of winter arrives Dec. 20, 75-degree days are still common. 

    November 30 at 3:40pm
    Throughout the coasts of both Carolinas, the speckled trout bite has been on fire, and local guides see it only getting better as the water cools more.

    Speckled trout bite on fire throughout both Carolinas

    Along the coast of both Carolinas, the speckled trout bite is on fire, and anglers on both sides of the border don’t see any sign of it cooling off anytime soon.

    November 16 at 1:48am
    The short leader and circle hook of a Lupton rig may be the best choice for surf anglers targeting big redfish.

    Wire may help with sharks, but it’s not the leader of choice for surf anglers targeting reds

    A question that is often debated by anglers is whether or not the terminal end of your surf-fishing line should consist of heavy monofilament or wire. 

    November 15 at 6:00am
    The author battles a redfish he hooked on a fly.

    Redfish on the fly

    It stretches the imagination that a feather-adorned fish hook dropped in front of a redfish looks like an irresistible morsel.

    November 09 at 1:47pm
    Bull redfish are biting all along the coast of both Carolinas. Capt. Rod Thomas shows off one he caught recently on the Georgetown (S.C.) jetties near Winyah Bay.

    Top tips for catching bull redfish across both Carolinas

    Throughout the inshore waters of both Carolinas, the bull redfish bite has been red hot for the past few weeks, and it’s expected to stay hot for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to catch the biggest fish of your life, now is as good a time as any to do it.

    November 02 at 12:15pm
    Many fishermen look forward to fall, when the crowds are gone and bull redfish begin showing up.

    Ride the red tide

    Surf-fishing for bull redfish has a long and storied history and tradition along the North Carolina coast. Anglers outfit their trucks with brush guards featuring integrated rod racks and fill the beds with coolers, chairs and tackle to drive out on the beach to where giant redfish roll in the waves.

    November 01 at 7:00am
    Bull reds show up in the surf off Pawleys Island this month, well within casting range of most fishermen armed with surf rods.

    Catch more redfish in the Pawleys Island surf

    By November, many anglers have stored their fishing gear and won’t take it out until the spring, opting for hunting, football or cozying up by the fire drinking hot chocolate, but this is a great month for all types of fishing, including surf-fishing.

    October 31 at 1:01pm
    Laura Cantanio caught this 42-inch red drum in the surf at Oak Island, N.C., last year.

    Big redfish to return?

    For the past several years, a run of bull red drum has been steadily increasing in the ocean in Long Bay, which extends from North Carolinas Cape Fear to South Carolina’s Cape Romain. The big concentration began around Little River Inlet 10 to 15 years ago and has since extended north to Frying Pan Shoals off Cape Fear. 

    October 31 at 11:58am
    Guide Jeff Lattig loves to catch fall redfish on topwater baits.

    Topwater redfish prepared for Georgetown anglers

    Fall brings wonderful gifts to people able to enjoy the outdoors, and for anglers who devote the majority of their efforts to redfish, it’s prime time to connect with their favorite rival close to the surface in the waters around Georgetown, S.C.

    October 31 at 10:36am
    Guide Dale Collins looks for November trout in deeper holes in tributary creeks and rivers in the Swansboro area.

    Top tips for catching Swansboro's trout this time of year

    By November, most menhaden and finger mullet have left North Carolina’s sounds and headed through inlets to the warmer waters of the nearshore ocean.

    October 31 at 9:27am
    Look for state-line speckled trout on hard ledges along creek channels or ditches.

    Catch more state-line speckled trout

    For much of the year, the coast along the border between North Carolina and South Carolina provides a wide variety of species to target, and November is a great time to be on the water, especially if speckled trout are among your favorites. It’s a sure bet for steady action on every phase of the tide.

    October 31 at 8:56am
    Properly reviving a bull redfish saves more than just one fish. These fish are here this time of year to spawn, so saving one goes far beyond a single fish.

    VIDEO – How to properly revive a belly-up fish

    Catching bull redfish is a fun way to spend the day, and the last thing anglers want to do is inadvertently kill one of them. These are the breeding stock, and they are inshore this time of year to spawn, and they range anywhere from 15 to 50 years old, so losing one of these fish is a huge blow to the fishery.

    October 24 at 2:12pm
    This is a great time of year to catch trout on topwater, and these 3 lures will help you hook your share.

    Catch more trout with these 3 topwater lures for fall

    It’s tough to beat the speckled trout bite in the fall along the coast of the Carolinas. And for most anglers, nothing tops catching them on topwater lures. It’s the perfect combination of sight, sound, and feel that you can only get from using surface lures, and trout are very cooperative at this game, especially in low-light conditions like early morning.

    October 23 at 9:43pm
    False albacore aren't a mainstay at the Georgetown jetties, but they've shown up lately and are biting topwater plugs and soft plastics under popping corks.

    False albacore surprising anglers at Georgetown jetties

    Anglers up and down the coast of both Carolinas are having a field day with bull redfish, but other fish are contributing to the fun as well, and sometimes they are doing it with a surprise. Such was the case yesterday for Capt. Rod Thomas at the Georgetown jetties.

    October 20 at 9:36pm
    Capt. Jack Brown’s Electric Chicken fly can be fished in the same places as jigheads with soft-plastic baits of the same color.

    An Electric Chicken with fur, feathers

    Because of the popularity of soft-plastic baits in the chartreuse-pink Electric Chicken color, fly anglers and guides created several flies to mimic the jig’s silhouette and motion.  

    October 15 at 7:00am