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The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission has voted to close a loophole that allowed commercial netters to sell more than their daily allotment of State closes loophole that allowed netters to sell over their limit of drum
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The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries took a major step Thursday toward curtailing the sale of over-limit red drum by commercial netters when Executive Director Louis Daniel issued a proclamation that takes effect Sept. 1 when the 2014-15 netting season opens. The proclamation said the daily amount of “by-catch” red drum that can be sold will drop from 10 to seven fish, and †netters must sell their reds at the same time and place as they sell targeted species such as bluefish, flounder, mullet and spotted seatrout.

The lure of the Roanoke The lure of the Roanoke
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Seventeen rivers flow through North Carolina, and while each has its unique characteristics and attractions, for a paddler, the Roanoke has to be near the top of the list.

Topwater fishing for reds has been excellent in the Cape Fear River between Carolina Beach and Bald Head Island Topwater redfish bite has been great in lower Cape Fear River
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Capt. Rennie Clark of Carolina Beach said that topwater action on redfish and speckled trout has been good in the Cape Fear River between Carolina Beach and Bald Head Island, surprisingly so considering what the river looks like – dirty with runoff after a wet summer.

A soft-plastic imitation shrimp needs to be rigged with the eye of the hook protruding from the shrimp's tail to present a natural action when worked in front of a trout. Turn that hook around and fish that plastic shrimp more naturally
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Guide Noak Lynk of Harkers Islands has noticed for a while that rigs that use soft-plastic, artificial shrimp, don’t exactly match what nature presents.

The Pamlico Sound is home to two of North Carolinaís three major flounder species: southern and summer. Two out of three is okay
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Fishermen catch three species of flounder in North Carolina waters, and the larger two are found in Pamlico Sound.

Capt. Mitchell Blake releases a flounder that didnít quite make the stateís 15-inch size minimum back into the waters of Pamlico Sound. Pamlico Sound particulars
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Pamlico Sound is a unique body of water, the largest sound on the east coast. Its water varies from brackish on the western end to full salt on the eastern edge.

T.J. Farrington, 13, of High Point, decked this 42-pound, 10-ounce king mackerel on Oak Island Pier last week. High Point teen decks trophy king mackerel at Oak Island Pier
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There’s little doubt that 13-year-old T.J. Farrington of High Point will remember the first king mackerel of his pier-fishing career – because it was a real smoker. Farrington decked a 42-pound, 10-ounce king on the Oak Island Pier last week, the biggest from the pier this year and the biggest in several years.

Big flounder have been regular visitors to fishermen's creels in the Wrightsville Beach area. Big flounder making plenty of waves in Wrightsville Beach area
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Tex Grissom of Tex’s Tackle in Wilmington said the fishing is pretty good around Wrightsville Beach from the backwaters to the Gulf Stream, but flounder fishing has been especially good, especially for big fish.

Red drum are affected by high water temperatures during the summer; they will try to conserve energy whenever possible. Go slow, go small
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Sort of like the Christmas song, but in a totally different way, “The weather outside is frightful.” Yes, it is, but unlike the snow and freezing temperatures in the song’s lyrics, the current weather is hot and humid. Welcome to the dog days of summer, when we typically have the year’s hottest temperatures. To add to out discomfort, the air is so moist and thick you feel like you can cut it, and anything left outside is covered with dew. The humid part affects humans and any other animals that have to breathe the hot, heavy air, but the hot part affects everything, including the fish.

Jim Knight (center) was accompanied by his grandson and daughter when he was honored in late July by having an artificial reef named for him. Newest artificial reef will carry name of Knight, reef promoter
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AR 430, the newest artificial reefs constructed by the Long Bay Artificial Reef Association in conjunction with the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, was dedicated two weeks ago as the Jim Knight Reef.

Ray Fowler of Wilmington caught this 11-pound, 30-ounce flounder, in the Cape Fear River on Wednesday, June 30. Wilmington angler decks huge flounder in Cape Fear River
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Ray Fowler of Wilmington readily admits he always has his sights set on big flounder. On the morning of July 30, when he squeezed in a little fishing time before heading to work, his sights were on target. A favorite spot on the Cape Fear River near Carolina Beach produced his largest flatfish to date, an 11-pound, 30-inch doormat on a live finger mullet fished on a Carolina rig.

A little closer to home, the waters of the western side of Pamlico Sound hold some great late-summer and fall flounder fishing. Western flats
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Guide Mitchell Blake pointed out riprap scattered up and down the bank and how the tide was concentrating the water as it flowed around the edge of one particularly large rock. After a few casts at the rock and nearby spots, something picked up the Gulp! shrimp one of Blake’s fishermen had tied on.†