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Boats out of Hatteras have been running into bluefin tuna north of Diamond Shoals. Tuna of all kinds showing up on nice days off Hatteras
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Capt. Steve "Creature" Coulter of Sea Creature Sportfishing in Hatteras said offshore fishing is showing signs of promise and appears to be shaping up for a good spring, with good catches on days when the wind and weather allows trips, including a decent showing of bluefin tuna.

The crew of the Fish Bucket landed this 1,005-pound bluefin tuna last Tuesday about 3 1/2 miles out of Beaufort Inlet. Largest North Carolina bluefin ever, by 200 pounds, caught out of Beaufort Inlet
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Bluefin tuna fishing around Morehead City is shaping up to be one of the best in years, and last Tuesday, it may have hit its peak. After a grueling battle that lasted 3 ˝ hours over nearly 10 miles of ocean, two fishermen trolling near Beaufort inlet hauled in what is unofficially the largest bluefin tuna ever brought to North Carolina scales, weighing 1,005 pounds and measuring 115 inches long.

South of Cape Hatteras, fishermen like Rube McMullan are allowed five black sea bass per day, with a 13-inch size minimum. Black sea bass rules and regulations
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Brunswick County anglers are fishing the South Atlantic stock of black sea bass, regardless of where that fish came from or is going. Black sea bass have been divided into three different stocks, the Mid-Atlantic, the South Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Dress warmly and don’t forget a toboggan on your head while fishing for black sea bass during the winter. Safety comes first, especially during the winter
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Winter can be a great time to fish. In Brunswick County, the temperature usually climbs into at least the 50s during the day, so it doesn’t feel oppressively cold, and you often have the ocean to yourself.

There’s no time better than January to run  into nice black sea bass relatively close to the beaches of Brunswick County. Bust Brunswick bass - Cool weather makes for great action on black sea bass off Brunswick County’s beaches
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When the temperature plummets and the tourists head back inland for a long, cold winter, fish are still around to be caught in the waters off Brunswick County. It may take braving some chilly mornings or late afternoons, but the south-facing beaches are perfectly situated for sneaking out on a nice day to catch black sea bass.  

The first bluefin tuna of the season showed up out of Beaufort Inlet off Atlantic beach this past weekend, and fish appear to have arrived in good numbers. First bluefin tuna of season have arrived off Cape Lookout
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They’re baaaaaack. That’s the call bouncing down the Morehead City Waterfront and along the Atlantic Beach Causeway, and it’s about bluefin tuna. The largest members of the tuna family arrived off North Carolina’s Crystal Coast this past weekend after a very conspicuous absence for a handful of years. 

Dates for the recreational season for black sea bass will change on Dec. 8 to be closer to the vermilion snapper season. Regulations changed on AJs, black sea bass in South Atlantic
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Anglers who target several popular species of bottomfish will see a few changes that become effective on Dec. 8 after a federal fisheries management board changed when the annual season begins and several other harvest details. The changes were published in the Federal Register on Nov. 7. 

The break between the Continental shelf and Continental slope lies roughly between 70 and 80 fathoms off the North Carolina coast. Fishing the break
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What exactly do fishermen mean when they say they are “fishing the break?”

Brian Hudson, Ricky Moore and Ryan Hardee boated this 95-pound wahoo while fishing for king mackerel out of Beaufort Inlet on Oct. 3. Huge wahoo was big surprise for king mackerel fishermen
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Three fishermen made the right call when they left the nearshore waters of Beaufort Inlet after trolling for king mackerel on Oct. 3 to head offshore to a piece of livebottom, a spot that produced the fish of a lifetime: a 6-foot wahoo that destroyed a trolled menhaden and strained the scales at 95 pounds.

Wahoo are caught in both good numbers and good sizes during the fall run off Cape Lookout. Fall is the time to whack a wahoo between Cape Lookout and the break
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Fall mornings start early along the Atlantic Beach canals and Morehead City waterfront. In the lingering darkness, captains and mates prepare charter boats for the day’s work. The fishermen arrive before the sun cracks the horizon, sleepy but excited, with expectations of great fishing.

As of Sept. 17, offshore bottom-fishermen will have to release several members of the porgy family like this knobbed porgy, as the recreational season closes. Feds will close recreational season on several porgy species on Sept. 17
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Federal fisheries managers announced last Friday that the recreational season for a number of species in the popular porgy family will close on Sept. 17 and not reopen until Jan. 1, 2015.

Location, location, location Location, location, location
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Much like for a successful business, the key to productive offshore bottom-fishing is being in the right location. Once the preferred, rock, wreck or reef is found, the captain must anchor so the boat is positioned just right to get the baits down to the fish. Bottomfish are very specific to their chosen structure, and missing it by even a few feet will result in a lot of waiting rather than catching. When anchored correctly, bites should be felt almost immediately.