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If you hunt, the odds are your first shot was taken with a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. The Daisy BB gun
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I have no idea what happened to it, but the first honest-to-gosh gun I ever handled was a Daisy BB gun given to me by my dad on my sixth birthday.

When scouting before the season, try to locate things deer like to eat growing in the wild, like these muscadines. Scouting pointers
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Sensible scouting involves doing far more than merely making an effort to determine places deer are “using,” whether there’s a big buck prowling the land you hunt, or the times whitetails are coming to a food plot or any legally spread food. It is, in truth, something of a year-round endeavor, and here are a few pointers to hone your scouting to razor sharpness and maximum effectiveness.

A knife, a compass and map are three things that belong in every deer hunterís day pack. A deer hunterís gear checklist
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That long-awaited and glad moment, opening day, has finally arrived. You rise early, stoke the inner fires with coffee and sausage biscuits, and set out for what you hope will be a glorious first morning.

An hour on the shooting range can make a world of difference in making sure your gun is zeroed and giving you the confidence you need to make shots during deer season. Home, home on the range
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All too often, a sort of “Old-Betsy-is-a-tack-driver-who-has-never-failed-me” attitude leads to disappointment in the field. Anyone who hunts with a firearm owes it to themselves, the animals they hunt and a simple sportsman’s code of ethics to have complete familiarity with their gun. That translates to spending some time at the shooting range prior to the season.

Making sure your weapon is hitting where itís supposed to should be a prerequisite before going afield this fall. Getting olí Betsy in shape
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Over the next three months, deer hunters in the Carolinas will carry an arsenal of weapons into the woods to bring venison back to the dinner table. From traditional wooden contraptions to modern weaponry, hunters need to take a few shots to make sure that critical whack at a trophy buck will hit its mark.

August is prime time to start thinking about planting cool-season food plots. Start thinking about fall
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Even though August is often regarded as the hottest month, it is okay to begin thinking about deer season. For lucky hunters in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the velvet hunts begin at the halfway point of the month, but for the rest of the Carolinas, there is still some time to prepare.†

Cover Cover
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Deer season is a month away, so find out what's in store for Tarheel hunters. Targeting bottomfish is a great idea in August, whether you do it offshore on a big boat or around nearshore structure on a jet ski.

Scouting is just one of the preseason ďchoresĒ a deer hunter must complete; finding a previous yearís rubbed tree might put you a leg up on finding this seasonís trophy buck. The buck starts here - Preseason scouting will lead to better results once opening day of deer season arrives across North Carolina
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My Grandpa Joe, a hickory-tough old fellow who cherished all aspects of the hunting experience, was fond of reminding me, “The hunting’s only part of it.”†

North Carolinaís deer herd is increasing slightly, and hunters are taking advantage of opportunities like never before. 2014-15 North Carolina Deer Season Preview
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After last season’s record harvest, hunters might expect to tag fewer North Carolina deer this fall. But the take of 188,130 deer in 2013 isn’t necessarily going to cause a decline this year because of the dynamics of deer reproduction, weather, mast production, Sunday archery hunting and expansive either-sex seasons.

Wildgame Innovations Quick-Set 50 feeder Wildgame Innovations Quick-Set 50 feeder
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Attract deer and keep them coming back for more with the Quick-Set 50 feeder. This extremely durable, 50-pound Realtree Xtra camo hanging pail allows you to choose up to six different times to dump bait, along with the amount of time the feeder releases it. You can pattern deer to your spot day and night with its dawn and dusk feeding times and drop bait without worrying about scaring deer away with human scent.

The MeoStar R2 1-6x24RD Meopta Optics
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The MeoStar R2 1-6x24RD is Meopta’s first scope with a 6x zoom ratio and the perfect optic for hunting fast moving wild hogs. Twist the magnification ring to 6X and see distant game with unrivaled resolution and brightness, or use the true 1x magnification for close quarter work and the exceptionally wide 113 foot field of view. The R2 series also features an all-new illumination system that has eight levels of reticle intensity to accommodate the ever-changing conditions on the hunt.

Federal duck stamps will be available on-line this year through the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Federal duck stamp will be available on-line starting Aug. 1
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Starting Aug. 1, North Carolina waterfowl hunters will be able to order the federal duck stamp on-line by visiting the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission's website (, going to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website (, calling the Commission at 888-248-6834 or visiting a wildlife service agent.†