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    Hunters who can locate viable late-season food sources should see plenty of deer, including some nice bucks, this month.

    Want deer? Find the food

    As the holiday season arrives, most hunters are satisfied with a freezer full of enough tasty venison to last until the 2017 opener. But some hunters holding out for a wall-hanger and passing on immature bucks are beginning to lose confidence that a trophy will show up within range of their weapon of choice. 

    6 hours ago
    Brassicas are great in late-season food plots because they don’t become palatable to deer until after the first frost.

    For late season, shift stand sites, begin supplemental feeding

    By December, popular deer stands and other heavily hunted areas have been abused to the point where the deer only use them nocturnally, which doesn’t help hunters fill a late-season tag. For the best opportunity, hunters should consider shifting to an alternative stand site that hasn’t been hunted and that has an abundant food source. 

    6 hours ago
    The NCWRC is reminding hunters to do their part in keeping Chronic Wasting Disease out of North Carolina by following regulations regarding importing harvested deer from other states.

    Do your part to keep CWD out of North Carolina

    As chronic wasting disease (CWD) cases sprout up around the country, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission reminds hunters who travel beyond state lines to follow importing regulations before returning home.

    17 hours ago
    Dani High killed this 10-point buck while on a dog drive in Brunswick County on Nov. 19

    Female hunter kills big 10-point buck in Brunswick County

    When Dani High of Winnabow, N.C. got out of her dad’s truck at Big Bay Hunt Club in Brunswick County Nov. 19 to get ready for a dog drive, she had high hopes of bagging a decent buck, especially since the dogs were running through an area they’ve jumped some big deer this year. But even she was surprised at the 10-point buck she killed with one shot from her Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun.

    November 29 at 9:13pm
    Jim Andrews of White Cross killed this massive buck in Orange County. The 8 pointer has been green-scored at 155 inches.

    White Cross hunter kills massive 8-point trophy in Orange County

    Jim Andrews has kept tabs on a massive 8-point buck on his Orange County, N.C., hunting land for quite a while. Early on the afternoon of Nov. 28, his patience and experience managing his herd and providing premium habitat paid off in a big way when the 155-inch buck stepped out in plain sight, giving him a killing shot.

    November 29 at 3:31pm
    The NCWRC will re-open the South Mountains Game Land at sunrise tomorrow morning, Nov. 30.

    NCWRC to re-open South Mountains Game Land on Nov. 30

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will re-open South Mountains Game Land at sunrise on Nov. 30.

    Officials had closed the game land, which encompasses more than 21,000 acres in Burke, Cleveland, McDowell and Rutherford counties, on Nov. 16 because of wildfires.

    November 29 at 12:12pm
    Sportsmen enjoy showing their love of the outdoors, even when they have to dress up. That makes a Brackish Bowtie the perfect gift for anglers and hunters.

    Brackish Bowties make perfect Christmas gifts for outdoorsmen

    It’s December, and that means we’re all on the lookout for Christmas gifts for our favorite outdoorsmen and women. And while some folks think you can just grab any handful of fishing lures or hunting accessories to wrap up and stash under the tree, most true sportsman already have plenty of those things.

    November 27 at 1:47pm
    With knee surgery looming, Mary Morgan wanted to hunt as much as possible before going under the knife. She scored big with this Chatham County trophy.

    Angier huntress kills big 14-point trophy buck

    With a knee surgery scheduled for early December, Mary Morgan of Angier had been spending as much time as possible trying to bag a trophy buck before her hunting season is cut short. 

    November 23 at 7:52pm
    Jaden Williams killed this big buck in Guilford County. The 7-point, 130-class buck had a 21-inch inside spread and weighed 220-pounds.

    Teen hunter kills 220-pound trophy in Guilford County

    Jaden Williams, a 13-year-old from Belews Creek, has big shoes to fill. His dad killed a 22-point buck last year that was one of the biggest bucks killed in North Carolina during the 2015 season. But the youth hunter took a big step in following those footsteps last week with his own trophy buck, a 7-point, 130-incher he killed in Guilford County.

    November 23 at 7:16pm
    Katie Purgason shot this buck – a 225-pound, 11-point brute – less than two weeks after killing her first bear in Wilkes County.

    Taylorsville huntress smokes 11-point buck

    Katie Purgason of Taylorsville killed her first bear while hunting with a black powder rifle on Nov. 5, and followed it up on Nov. 16 with her biggest deer ever, a 140-inch 11-point monster in Wilkes County.

    November 23 at 6:05pm
    Tori Henderson killed this buck in Person County on Nov. 18 after hunting the deer hard all season.

    Teen huntress kills her biggest buck, kills an even bigger one the next day

    The 2016 N.C. deer season will be one for the record books for 14-year-old Tori Henderson of Rougemont. Henderson shot a 112-inch six pointer on Nov. 17 and then turned around and shot a 137-inch, 13-point whopper the next day from the same Person County tree stand. 

    November 22 at 11:16pm
    As the rut approaches in November, bowhunters will have their best opportunities to run into a wall-hanger.

    In November, hunters should spend more time in the stand

    November means one thing to most bowhunters: time to hunt whitetails. As the most widely distributed, abundant and accessible big-game animal in North America; they are hunted more than any other species. Most bowhunters cut their teeth on whitetails, and there is no time better and more fun to hunt them than during the rut.

    November 22 at 9:00am
    Will Jenkinson of Summerton caught these two bucks sparring with his cell phone, through his scope on the morning of Nov. 20.

    VIDEO – Hunter captures 2 bucks fighting through scope

    Will Jenkinson of Summerton, S.C. took to his deer stand on the morning of Nov. 20, and at 7 a.m. he had two bucks walk into shooting range. He didn't consider either one of them worthy of shooting, so he decided to just watch. Luckily for him, they put on a show that many hunters never get to see.

    November 21 at 6:51pm
    A late start to his hunting day didn't stop Glen Lampley of Cheraw from killing the biggest buck of his life, this 140-class Chesterfield County brute.

    Cheraw hunter kills 140-class buck in Chesterfield County

    Glen Lampley of Cheraw was late getting in the stand on election day. Late enough that he heard another hunter shoot in the near distance. But that didn’t stop him from killing the biggest buck of his life, a 140-class 8-point buck with an 18-inch inside spread.

    November 20 at 11:03pm
    Due to wildfires, the NCWRC has closed certain portions of South Mountains Game Land, and more closures may occur as the fire spreads.

    Parts of South Mountains Game Land closed due to wildfires

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has closed South Mountains Game Land north of N.C. 226 effective immediately due to the wildfires currently burning in western North Carolina. South Mountains Game Land encompasses more than 21,000 acres in Burke, Cleveland, McDowell and Rutherford counties.

    November 20 at 4:33pm
    After this elk was spotted numerous times in an upstate town, the SCDNR moved it to a remote area in the mountains in hopes that it will stay out of harm's way.

    Displaced elk returned to South Carolina mountains

    With the help of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) tranquilized the Upstate’s infamous displaced elk the evening of Nov. 17 and successfully moved it to a remote area in the South Carolina mountains. 

    November 20 at 12:45pm