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    Hunting exotic animals is a great way for a bowhunter to extend hunting after the end of deer season.

    It’s an exotic thing

    January marks the end of hunting seasons across most of the country, with some ending at the first of the month, some at the end. Bowhunters are often at a loss when they realize they’re face a long offseason, wishing they were in a tree stand. These hunters can take heart however, because there are many great opportunities available to them bowhunting for exotics, but particularly in the Hill Country of Texas.

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    The ability to shoot quickly at close range is one reason some hunters choose to hunt coyotes with shotguns.

    Top 3 reasons to use a shotgun when hunting coyotes

    Like a lot of hunters across the Carolinas, Bryson Hopkins of Charlotte began hunting coyotes in the past few years, first as an attempt to help the deer population, then because he learned he really enjoys expanding his hunting season and honing his hunting skills which are put to the test against coyotes just as much as any other wild animal.

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    This deer was found dead in York County, S.C. with a broken bottle stuck around its tongue.

    Discarded bottle kills South Carolina buck

    – Thanks to Lindsay Thomas Jr. of QDMA for sharing his story of how litter kills.

    I despise a litterbug.

    As a hunter and fisherman who enjoys clean water and clean forests, few things aggravate me more than physical evidence that someone was here before me and treated the land with disrespect. Litter also has a real impact on people and wildlife. When my children and I swim in rivers, I worry about broken glass. 

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    Prescribed burns are beneficial in many ways, and the NCWRC conducts these intentional burns on close to 2 million acres of state game lands.

    Prescribed burns are beneficial to wildlife habitat

    In January, North Carolina residents may start to see smoke in the vicinity of N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission game lands. What they’re witnessing is usually a prescribed burn—one of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of managing habitat for wildlife.

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    It's banquet time, giving organizations like the NWTF a good way to raise funds.

    It's banquet season for wildlife organizations

    Whether you’re a fan of turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, or saltwater fishing, several organizations in both Carolinas are present making sure we have those fish and game species available to pursue for us and future generations. And one way for them to keep doing what they do is by raising money during their banquets.

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    You can turn in poachers in several convenient ways in North or South Carolina, and both states offer rewards for turning in violators.

    Turn in poachers, receive rewards

    Growing up, we learned that nobody likes a snitch. Even some of our elders told us that nobody likes a tattle-tale. But nobody likes a cheater either, and poaching is cheating. Whether it’s killing wild game out of season, trespassing to hunt or fish, or killing more than the law allows, poaching goes against the nature of being a sportsman.

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    Apply lime treatments to your food plots long before planting season to make for much better plant growth.

    Get pH adjustment started before planting spring food plots

    January is the perfect time to start planning for a bumper 2017 food-plot year. While most planting activities are farther down the road, land managers should make strides towards improving soil pH this month. But certain conditions can make a better impact on soil pH than others. 

    January 15 at 7:00am
    A mixture of food-plot seeds will provide forage that matures at different times and extends the planting’s effectiveness.

    Food-plot options for year-round program

    Food is important for whitetail deer year-round, not just during hunting season. They will keep deer close to home, and both warm- and cool-season plots are important to the overall health of the herds and to maximize the attractiveness of a property.

    January 15 at 7:00am
    Property application of lime or other fertilizers is essential to get the most out of your wildlife food plot.

    Give attention to physical, biochemical food-plot needs

    Food plots will help keep wildlife interested and well-fed on a hunting property. While there is tractor time invested, the best plots are a product of a successful biochemistry and physics experiments. For the best food plots, land managers should keep tabs on their plots’ biochemical and physical requirements. 

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    A layout blind offers goose hunters plenty of concealment when hunting fields.

    Blinds for goose hunting aren’t all alike

    Goose hunters have used a lot of different types of blinds through the years, from cutting limbs for a perimeter to manufactured grass that hides entire boats. 

    January 15 at 7:00am
    Being big, heavy birds, Canada geese take slightly bigger shotgun loads to kill them cleanly.

    Change out duck loads for bigger shot

    With the average goose weighting anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds, heavier loads are commonly used for Canadas compared to ducks.

    January 15 at 7:00am
    Heading to the range after deer season ends will add confidence in your mind, as well as accuracy in your rifle.

    5 reasons to head to the range after deer season ends

    Sighting in your rifle before deer season makes sense, but hunters can also benefit from sighting their rifles in once deer season is over. Grayson Summers of Spartanburg, S.C., goes through the same steps of zeroing in after deer season ends as he does before opening day — for five main reasons.

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    Nathan Collier worked hard for this buck, beginning with putting out mineral sites long before deer season started.

    Teen bowhunter kills 136 6/8-inch trophy buck in Florence, S.C.

    The 2016 deer hunting season was a big success for 15-year-old Florence, S.C. hunter Nathan Collier. He killed a 185-pound 8-point buck in full velvet in August. The buck sported an inside spread of 18 1/2 inches, and was the young hunter’s first kill with a bow. He killed another buck, this one a 6-pointer, with his rifle later in the season, and finished the year off in late December with another bow kill of a trophy 10-point buck that has been green-scored at 136 6/8-inches.

    January 08 at 7:57pm
    James Hamby of Thomasville, NC won the December Bag-A-Buck contest.

    Thomasville, N.C. hunter kills 9-point buck, wins December Bag-A-Buck contest

    James Hamby of Thomasville, N.C., has won Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest for December with his entry of a big Randolph County buck he killed on Dec. 21.

    January 05 at 7:50pm
    Frost-seeding doesn’t involve any cultivation, just broadcasting seed on a new plot site or overseeding an existing one.

    Try winter frost-seeding

    Even though natural food sources can provide them with adequate nutrition, most deer fail to receive a full complement of groceries in the wild to produce the characteristics hunters look for in a premium herd. If hunters are fully involved in their wildlife properties, food plots should comprise of around five percent of the total land cover, and food needs to be available year around. 

    January 05 at 9:00am
    NCWRC holding 9 public hearings throughout N.C. this month.

    NCWRC holding 9 hearings concerning proposed changes to fish and game laws

    Have you ever wondered how fish and game regulations come to be laws? Maybe you’ve wondered if there was a way you could voice your input on changes to these regulations? Yes, you can, and you can find out a lot about how regulations are made by attending one of the upcoming public hearing being conducted by the NCWRC this month.

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