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David Honeycutt Jr. killed this 784-pound black bear -- the second-heaviest ever killed in North Carolina -- on a Thursday morning hunt in Hyde County. Wilmington teen kills 784-pound bear, second-largest ever in North Carolina
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A 16-year-old Wilmington hunter took the second-largest bear in North Carolina history on Thursday in Hyde County on his first bear hunt.

The author learned the point of aim on a running deer is the nose, whether crossing perpendicular to you or quartering away from you. The running shot
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The small herd of does burst out of the woods and cut across the soybean field, the howling of the hounds behind them in the swamp.

Spots remain available for a Jan. 31 youth-only permit duck hunt in Currituck County. Permits remain available for youth-only waterfowl hunt in Currituck County
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has a limited number of permits remaining for a special youth-only waterfowl hunt on Jan. 31 on Currituck Sound.

Aerial imagery can help hunters see areas where deer may trade back and forth between water courses and food sources. Technology has its advantages
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When Native American hunters first scoured the landscape to feed their tribes, the water courses traversing the land were prime places to encounter game animals. Today, rivers, swamps and streams remain hot spots for locating deer and other animals, but hunters with instant access to aerial imagery have an upper hand on the early hunters.†

High and dry spots in the middle of swamps will often be the first places that deer go to hide late in the season when hunting pressure is too great elsewhere. Swamp islands hold big bucks
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In order for deer to survive the season, they must learn how to hide from the focus of North Carolina’s deer-hunting battalion. In areas where ponds, lakes, swamps and beaver ponds exist, the deer population increases with the level of hunting pressure. And associated with almost every water course are dry-land hills or islands that begin to collect pressured bucks towards the end of the season.†

Veteran bear hunters usually have a plan on when and which dogs to release during an active strike and chase, leading to the treeing or baying of a bruin. The dynamics of the pack
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Hunting with hounds is a time-honored tradition where hunters rely on man’s best friend to flush, chase and/or locate game. From rabbits and deer to quail and grouse, there are few species were there is no opportunity for dogs to participate in one shape or fashion. Hunters can improve their chances for success and safety by following a few very important guidelines.†

Big bear tracks with huge toes typically belong to large males, which are generally the favorite targets of bear hunters. Tracks tell a story
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For bear hunters with hounds, a bear’s paw prints found along field edges or roadsides are their calling cards. For the experienced hunter, the size and characteristics of the track can tell plenty about the size and sex of the bear.†

Bear seasons in the eastern third of North Carolina often change from county to county, so hunters need to have a firm grip on where theyíre hunting and when the season opens and closes. Bear seasons dates can be confusing
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Dates for bear seasons across North Carolina, especially in the eastern third of the state, can be so different as to confuse hunters, often changing from one county to the next.

Many groups of bear hunters from the mountains migrate to eastern North Carolina for the December bear season. Letís go bear hunting!
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Bear hunting in eastern North Carolina is one of the most-exhilarating experiences a hunter can have. Unlike most other types of hunting, bear hunting is a group effort that requires good hunters and good land, but people that want to start bear hunting cannot just go out and buy some hounds and begin hunting. It takes substantial training for the dogs and the hunters.†

Angie Jackson and her 5-year-old son, Tucker, take in several raccoons killed on the Lumber River Outdoors/True Vince Coon Club youth hunt, which Tucker won with a 7-pound, 7-ounce raccoon. Turning kids into coon hunters
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Rev. Wade Hall Jr., pastor of the Elizabethtown Church of God, hunts raccoons at least three nights a week to keep his dogs in top form for competition, and he often takes young people along.†

Trappers across the Carolinas are gearing up for the core of their season. Donít get trapped: Know trapping rules
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Beginning with Native Americans during pre-settlement through the modern day, trapping has been one of the nation’s unique past-times. To some, trapping has lost its luster, but, there is still a sold trapping community beating the bushes all over the Carolinas. In fact, North Carolina issues nearly 4,000 permits each year.†

Thermacell is making heated insoles that should warm your toes in the duck blind. Keep those toes warm
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With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.†