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A bill in the N.C. House of Representatives would address ways to attract youths under 16 to outdoors activities, as well as allow Sunday hunting and change several hunting regulations. Bill in N.C. House would have wide-ranging effects on hunting in state
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Rep. Jimmy Dixon (R-Duplin/Wayne) has introduced a bill that could change and add to responsibilities of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

Thinning or clear-cutting a stand of pines can bring landowners rewards whose size depends a lot on the timing of the harvest. In timber, timing is No. 1 factor in making money
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Beyond the values to wildlife received from cutting timber, landowners can receive monetary returns. But knowing when to sell a tract of timber offers some uncertainty to the unknowledgeable landowner. Thankfully, there are registered consulting foresters to assist landowners. 

The market for timber of all kinds is looking up in the Carolinas, especially for short-rotation pines. Timber market price trends
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Timber prices rise and fall based on the demand for raw material slotted for conversion into finished products. And the demand for forest products has fluctuated with advances in certain sectors of the economy that can be affected by foreign and domestic uses. Today’s market is recovering well, bringing in good returns for landowners. 

Tim Coble’s gobbler, killed in the Uwharrie Mountains of Davidson County last spring, pushed the 20-pound mark and sported a 10-inch beard and inch-long spurs, but it left him in second place in his family to son Tyler, who killed a bigger bird during the 2014 Youth Only season. Tips for Uwharrie turkeys
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• Scout near creekbottoms and river bottoms. Look for places where turkeys have been scratching for bugs and worms. Follow their trail back up the ridges. Most turkeys will hang out just a few hundred yards from a stream.

Counties in southeastern North Carolina are making up a larger and larger percentage of the statewide harvest every season as the flock in those areas continues to grow. Statewide turkey harvest, 2010-2014
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Season       Harvest

Hunters in the eastern third of the state can’t use terrain to hide from a turkey as easily as a hunter in North Carolina’s mountains. Turkeys: From Murphy to Manteo, they’re the same birds
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Turkeys are found in North Carolina from just a few feet above sea level in coastal counties to almost a mile into the sky in North Carolina’s mountains. According to Marshall Collette of Greensboro, a member of the Quaker Boy and Mossy Oak pro staffs, there’s no difference in the birds, just the habitat in which they live: thick swamp to thin air.

The author’s son killed this Watauga County gobbler on opening day last April in a woodlot bordering a Christmas tree farm. He finished his limit two days later on an Ashe County Christmas tree farm. No reason to panic over NWNC turkeys yet
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One area of North Carolina where the turkey harvest has not followed the overall record-setting pace has been the extreme northwestern corner of the state, which still shows up as having the most-dense flocks.

A bill in the state senate would allow gun hunting on Sundays, if it's passed through both houses of the legislature. Bill to allow gun hunting on Sundays is introduced in state senate
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Sen. E.S. "Buck" Newton, a Republican who represents Johnston, Nash and Wilson Counties, has filed a bill in the state senate that would allow gun hunting on Sundays on private property and possibly on public lands.

David Moore of Kinston poses with two of his 13-year-old triplets, Joel (left) and Will (right), who both killed great Lenoir County gobblers on April 4, opening day of North Carolina's youth-only turkey season. Joel's bird had four beards and rare Two Lenoir County triplets double up on huge gobblers as youth season opens
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Two out of three ain’t bad, especially if one of them is really special. That’s got to be the way that David Moore of Kinston is feeling after two of his three 13-year-old triplet sons, Will and Joel, killed monster Lenoir County gobblers on April 4, the opening day of North Carolina’s week-long youth-only turkey season – with Joel’s bird being a rare, “smoke phase” gobbler.

Not only can timber management bring a landowner a nice payday, it can also provide wildlife with an infusion of improved habitat. Two tales of timber
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Throughout the year, hunters and land managers are always looking for ways to boost the quality and quantity of game on their properties. While managing wildlife is important, managing habitat will make the greatest impact, and forest manipulation is the best way to influence habitat without having to make a withdrawal from the bank. 

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission wants to collect the lower legs of 500 wild turkeys this spring to test for a disease that has been discovered in North America in the past few years. Commission asks turkey hunters to donate lower legs of birds killed for research
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is seeking the assistance of turkey hunters for a study of North Carolina’s wild turkey population and a disease that affects turkeys during the April 11-May 9 spring gobbler season.

Waterfowl hunting will be on center stage at the Gold Leaf Waterfowlers Outdoor Expo in Wilson this weekend. Gold Leaf Waterfowl Outdoor Expo will debut this weekend in Wilson
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The inaugural Gold Leaf Waterfowlers Outdoor Expo will debut on Friday, April 10, and run through the weekend at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Wilson.