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    Daniel Gibson of Ararat killed this big 10-pointer with a shot to the head.

    Crossbow hunter kills 150-inch Surry County buck

    On September 20th, Daniel Gibson of Ararat rushed to his ladder stand on the family farm to catch the last couple hours of daylight. After laying eyes on a trophy 10-point that he’d been watching on his trail camera for the last 3 years, Gibson shouldered his crossbow and managed an incredible shot that dropped the 150-inch Surry County monster in his tracks.

    Yesterday at 8:18am
    Holden Barley poses with his big buck.

    Guilford County trophy buck goes down to bowhunter

    Last hunting season, Holden Barley acquired a 20-acre plot of hunting land in Guilford County, and like many hunters do, he immediately hung a trail camera. Deer, including a number of bucks, began showing up right away, and he saw two in particular that caught his eye, including the biggest buck he’s ever killed with a bow last week, a 178-pound deer that was gross green-scored at 140 7/8.

    September 29 at 8:37am
    Matt Mays started seeing this piebald buck on his trail-cameras this past summer, and killed it on Sept. 9.

    Piebald buck taken by Clarendon County hunter

    After capturing on camera the first white deer in over 17 years of hunting on his 600-acre Clarendon County property, Matt Mays figured his chances of encountering this deer with rifle in hand would be dismal. But, on September 9th just a few days into the S.C. 2016 deer season, the piebald eight point buck showed up in an unlikely place and at the perfect time for this Clarendon County hunter.

    September 27 at 9:43am
    Tommy Thompson of Greensboro killed this trophy in Guilford County last Wednesday.

    Greensboro crossbow hunter sticks big buck in Guilford County

    A retired Greensboro police officer used a crossbow to bag one of 2016’s biggest bucks last Wednesday in Guilford County.

    September 26 at 9:58pm
    Brandon Bowman killed this trophy on a small parcel of Rockingham County land on Sept. 12.

    Tiny Rockingham County hideaway produces huge buck for North Carolina archer

    Brandon Bowman proved on Sept. 12 that it doesn’t take a big piece of land to produce a big buck. That’s when Bowman, from Madison, N.C., connected with a 10-point, 162-inch monster on a 10-acre tract in Rockingham County. 

    September 26 at 9:32am
    Mike Kossover of Spartanburg killed this trophy buck after hunting it for 3 years with the help of his trail cameras.

    Spartanburg hunter takes huge buck with crossbow

    One look at the massive rack and huge-bodied deer in the 2014 deer season prompted Spartanburg County bowhunter Mike Kossover to commit to hunting that specific buck. Kossover knew his patience would be an asset, but he didn’t realize it would be a three-year quest.

    September 22 at 9:40pm
    Take plenty of time on the range to get your bow shooting accurately before the season arrives.

    Make sure you’re ready - Give your archery equipment a good preseason test

    Opening day of bow season is already here for a few hunters, and it will be here fairly soon for most of the rest of the Carolinas. It’s time to get your bow setup ready.

    September 22 at 9:00am
    Chad Gaines watched this big on trail-cameras for quite some time, and finally killed it on Sept. 15 in Chatham County.

    Huge Chatham County 10-pointer taken by sheriff’s deputy

    Chad Gaines of Goldston, N.C., patrols the roads of Chatham County as a sheriff’s deputy, and he patrols for deer on his family farm. Late on the afternoon of Sept. 15, he put permanent handcuffs on a 156 5/8-inch whitetail buck he’d been investigating since the end of the 2015 season.

    September 21 at 12:44pm
    Mike Venable killed this 10-point buck almost a year after he missed it.

    150-inch Orange County 10-point buck goes down to bowhunter

    Mike Venable picked up a lease late last hunting season on some land in Orange County, N. C., and he wasted no time putting up a couple of stands on an oak ridge. The deer wasted no time either, showing up as soon he and his wife hunted the first time. But a bad mixture between his hunting stand and his arrow caused him to miss the biggest deer of his life. Luckily, that same deer showed up again on the 15th of this month, and this time, Venable arrowed the deer.

    September 20 at 3:57pm
    Jonathan Linens killed this huge Caswell County buck, but it was a stressful hunt for the Virginia sportsman.

    Huge Caswell County velveteen buck goes down to bowhunter

    Jonathan Linens of Ringgold, Virginia lives within a stone’s throw of the North Carolina/Virginia State line. Before his Virginia season commences on October 3rd, he torments the North Carolina herd on every chance he gets as the archery season begins. And opening morning on his lease in Caswell County, the stars were aligned just right to bring a huge 140-class buck right into his kill zone. But, a bachelor group of juvenile bucks on his stand almost spoiled the party. 

    September 19 at 2:23pm
    Carla Inman arrowed this trophy deer on Sept. 14 in Person County, and is one of the biggest deer killed in the Carolinas so far this year.

    Huntress arrows 175-inch non-typical 14 pointer in Person County

    A visit to Person County on Sept. 14 turned into a once-in-a-lifetime road trip for Carla Inman of Canton, who killed a whopping 175-inch non-typical buck from a ground blind, then arrowed an 8-pointer in full velvet 20 minutes later.

    September 19 at 7:49am
    Just after his 21st birthday, Lawrence Green of Wake Forest killed this trophy buck that he'd been observing on trail cameras for some time.

    Wake Forest hunter bags massive 8-point buck

    A potential Pope and Young on opening day is about the best birthday surprise that any diehard hunter could yearn for. And during the first hour of daylight on the opening morning of the North Carolina 2016 Archery Season, Lawrence Green of Wake Forest was in the right place at the right time when a massive 141-inch eight pointer stepped out of the woods and right into Green’s lethal territory just two weeks after his 21st birthday. 

    September 15 at 8:52pm
    Big bucks can thrive on small tracts of land that many hunters overlook, especially those closer to developed areas that traditionally are not hunted.

    It’s not too late to look for land

    Every now and then, hunters get stuck in a predicament close to the opening of deers season when their opportunity to hunt a property vanishes. It’s tough to shoot a wallhanger without having a tract of land to hunt. While there are several million acres of public-hunting opportunities across the Carolinas, access to a private tract of land gives hunters more control over their hunting missions. But what types of properties make for a good hunting lease this late in the game? 

    September 15 at 7:00am
    Kelly Sutton missed much of the 2015 season due to an unexpected cancer diagnosis, but he's already making up for it, starting with this 10-pointer.

    Morrisville hunter kills 10-point trophy

    Aren’t hunters forced to lease massive tracts of land to get access to mature bucks? Not necessarily. While some hunters believe it is critical to secure large 1,000-acre tracts, Kelly Sutton of Morrisville takes a mature buck every year from one of his small 15-acre leases with barely enough real estate available to erect a single stand. And on the opening day of North Carolina’s 2016 archery season, Sutton followed through by bagging and tagging a huge 10 pointer minutes before dark on his Wake County lease. 

    September 14 at 10:21pm
    Patrick Walker almost settled for shooting a doe on his first hunt, but he waited. His patience was rewarded with this trophy Guilford County buck.

    1st-time hunter arrows 149-inch Guilford County trophy buck

    Patrick Walker, a 20-year-old student at UNC-Greensboro, wasn’t about to set an easy goal for his first archery deer this fall, not after a huge buck showed up in trail-camera photos this summer on his family’s Guilford County land. And aiming for the rafters proved to be right on target when he arrowed a 149-inch trophy this past Saturday afternoon on opening day of North Carolina’s statewide archery season.

    September 13 at 8:48am
    Dale Wolfe watched this buck on his trail camera for months before killing it this past weekend with his crossbow.

    Cary bowhunter downs 150-class buck

    Most hunters don’t like to hear the bark of a dog while they are hunting from a tree stand, but it saved the day for Dale Wolfe of Cary, N.C. when he was hunting a plot of land he hunts in Wake County this past weekend. The bark caused him to look behind his stand, where the 9-point buck he’d been observing on trail camera over the past few months was standing. Wolfe passed on the buck several times last year, but this time, he put an arrow into the deer’s vitals from about 50 yards away.

    September 12 at 9:30pm