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Bobby Davidson's enormous Moore County buck has a 4x4 main-frame rack with twin split G-2s. Moore County produces huge buck for archery pro
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Bobby Davidson of Sanford has travelled all over the country to kill big bucks as a pro staffer for Mathews Archery – Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, Missouri – so who would have thought that his biggest buck of his life would come from family farm in Moore County? But it did: a 169 1/8-inch buck taken on Sunday, Sept. 14.

Brad Duke of Butner killed this huge 9-point Granville County buck in full velvet on Sept. 13, almost 11 months after he suffered serious injuries in a tree-stand fall. Butner man arrows huge Granville County buck
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A Butner man who suffered serious injuries in a fall from a tree stand last year got a measure of revenge on the buck he was hunting that day. And what revenge it was! The 9-point buck, taken this past Saturday on opening day of North Carolina’s statewide archery season, has been rough-scored at 161 inches in full velvet.

Game Lands Depot Contact Info Game Lands Depot Contact Info
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A. Marion Depot: Green River, Pisgah NF, 828-652-9974

A “bug” suit and insect repellent made a 2013 muzzleloader hunt on the Suggs Mill Pond Game Land a comfortable and successful one for the author. Insect repellents are imperative
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Mesh “bug” suits and chemical repellents are necessities that turn muzzleloader hunts in southeastern North Carolina into good experiences.

Scott and Steve Skrydlinski carry climbing stands on their backs and their backpacks in a deer cart. The cart folds for easy stowing and makes hauling a deer out of the woods. ier than dragging it. Deer al a Carte at two new tracts
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Tommy Hughes, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, said adventurous hunters have the opportunity to check out new additions to two existing game lands this year by purchasing over-the-counter muzzleloader season permits.

Counties that lead in the annual archery harvest statistics are rarely among the leaders in overall harvest. Big-harvest areas aren’t bow leaders
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The top counties in terms of deer taken with archery equipment are rarely among the top counties in overall harvest.

The expansion of deer herds into surburban and urban areas has provided incentive for more municipalities to join the state’s Urban Archery Season. Deer expansion means urban archery rocks
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When the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission started its Urban Archery deer season program in 2007, a handful of towns signed up — Elkin was first — while many others and major cities in North Carolina turned up their noses.

Colorful fox squirrels can be found on a number of game lands across North Carolina’s Sandhills area and in mountain counties. Game Lands hunting is wide open in North Carolina
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North Carolina contains 85 separate areas where public hunting is allowed, tracts that cover more than 2 million acres — more than a million alone in the Pisgah and Nantahala national forests in the western third of the state.

Using a telescopic sight improves the ability of a hunter to make accurate, long-range shots with a muzzleloader. Muzzleloading double play on two game lands in SE North Carolina
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Since it is so far off the beaten path, a smaller and lesser-known public-hunting area like the Brunswick County Game Land can be difficult for a first-time visitor to find. You have to take a ride down Funston Road, one of the few unpaved stretches of highway that the N.C. Department of Transportation maintains in one of the most-crowded counties on the coast.

Randy Williams of Oxford took this great buck, which netted almost 150 inches, in Granville County last year with a compound bow. Go with a bow! North Carolina’s archery season offers hunters plenty of opportunities to take whitetails
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The moment of truth came for Oxford’s Randy Williams at 6:30 p.m. last Sept. 14.

Hot Shot Turnip Greens Mist Hot Shot Turnip Greens Mist
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Hot Shots® exclusive Bag-in-Can Technology separates the lure from propellant for a 100% pure lure. Just spray Tink’s Turnip Greens Mist from your hunting location to attract deer and create a forage hot spot. The silent spray is just like having a food plot in a bottle. Use it regularly to develop feeding patterns and have deer coming back for more. 

When scouting before the season, try to locate things deer like to eat growing in the wild, like these muscadines. Scouting pointers
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Sensible scouting involves doing far more than merely making an effort to determine places deer are “using,” whether there’s a big buck prowling the land you hunt, or the times whitetails are coming to a food plot or any legally spread food. It is, in truth, something of a year-round endeavor, and here are a few pointers to hone your scouting to razor sharpness and maximum effectiveness.