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    Ryan Manore caught a break with Hurricane Matthew, which pushed this buck out of the swamp and into Manore's crosshairs.

    Clarendon County hunter kills 200-pound, 8-point buck

    Recent Francis Marion graduate, Ryan Manore killed a huge eight pointer on his family farm in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Even though the storm brought epic destruction and tremendous turmoil to various communities in the southeast, the floodwaters brought just enough pressure in Clarendon County to flush out a huge buck Manore has had in his sights for over a year. But a mishap between his truck tailgate and his brand new .270 caliber rifle almost foiled his big score.

    8 hours ago
    Chase Williams, 12, of Easley killed this massive 7 pointer at Russell Creek Hunt Club in McCormick on October 15.

    Easley youth hunter kills massive buck in McCormick County

    Teaching a child the ways of the outdoors is not always an easy task. When it comes to deer hunting, most tutors opt for the “brown and down” philosophy before trying to instill a sense of trophy management. This is not the case for Chase Williams of Easley, who on October 15 killed a massive 205-pound, 7-point McCormick County buck that any seasoned hunter would be proud to display.

    17 hours ago
    The temporary deer hunting closures in the Waccamaw River area is expiring tonight at midnight. All other closures will expire by Friday.

    SCDNR deer hunting closures expiring sooner than expected

    The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) continues to monitor the lingering effects of Hurricane Matthew and the ongoing flooding occurring in the drainages of the Waccamaw and Pee Dee Rivers.  The high floodwaters in these areas created adverse effects on wildlife, displacing the animals from their typical ranges and habitats.

    October 24 at 10:24pm
    Just weeks after starting to hunt a new lease, Kevin Dietzman killed this big 11-point trophy that weighed 200-pounds.

    Transplanted New Yorker tags great Horry County buck

    When Kevin Dietzman retired after a long career working for the New York prison system and moved to Myrtle Beach, S.C., three years ago, he brought one deer-hunting truism with him: you can’t kill a deer if you’re not in your stand.

    October 24 at 8:52pm
    Jeff Barnhill killed this big 10-point buck along the Pee Dee River in Richmond County, N.C.

    Cheraw hunter kills trophy 10-point buck along Pee Dee River

    Jeff Barnhill of Cheraw, S.C., spends most of his life looking at trees as a forester for Edwards Wood Products. Even though he tramples through the woods every day, he always makes time to sit in the deer stand when North Carolina’s gun season arrives. And on the morning of Oct. 20, he made a good decision to head to the woods with his rifle rather than the tape he uses to measure timber. Shortly after daylight, Barnhill shot a massive, 141-inch 10-point buck at 122 yards from his ground blind. 

    October 24 at 8:37am
    Different broadheads produce different flight patterns because of the sizes and angles of their blades.

    Hunting tips must fly true

    Each year, as bowhunters switch over from shooting practice tips to broadheads, I see many of them come into our archery shop in a total state of panic. Even though they have been practicing all summer and their bow was sighted in, their hunting arrows are shooting to a totally different point of impact, or worse yet, won’t group at all.

    October 22 at 9:00am
    Josh Lawler killed this 10-point buck in Granville County on Sept. 24.

    College bowhunter takes big Granville County buck

    Josh Lawler and his dad, Aaron, are bowhunters who spent the latter part of August and the first half of September keeping tabs on a handsome 10-point buck near their home in southern Granville County.

    Josh, a 20-year-old junior at East Carolina University, finally brought the surveillance to an end on Sept. 24 when he dropped the big buck, estimated to score in the 140-inch range.

    October 20 at 10:37pm
    Will Hadley of Eli Whitney, N.C. made his first bow kill a good one with this albino doe that he'd watched for several years.

    Alamance County bowhunter kills solid white doe

    Numerous hunters encounter calico or piebald deer if they hunt often enough, but seeing a true albino deer is a rare sight that most hunters never see. Will Hadley of Eli Whitney, N.C. spent a couple of years watching two solid white, pink-eyed does. On Oct. 15, he killed one of them, but not before struggling with whether or not to shoot it.

    October 19 at 5:24pm
    The goal of using bleat or grunt calls in October should be attracting deer's attention instead of bringing in bucks ready to fight.

    Until the rut kicks in, keep calling, rattling low key

    Few people in the hunting industry would ever describe Marshall Collette as “understated.”

    The big, garrulous hunter, a long-time pro staff member for companies like Mossy Oak and Quaker Boy, is rarely at a loss for words or opinions.

    October 19 at 3:38pm
    White oak acorns are No. 1 on a deer's list of favorite fall foods. Find the tree that's dropping the most nuts and hunt it.

    Scout by ear when acorns fall

    Most deer hunters scout with their eyes — either watching through binoculars, looking over trail-camera photos or actually in the woods, searching for deer sign.

    But veteran hunter and wildlife photographer Brian Carroll said October is really the time to scout with your ears.

    October 19 at 3:22pm
    Joshua Sparks killed this 8-point brute in Marion just before dark.

    Marion hunter kills 140-class buck

    It took perseverance, a few changes to deer stands and locations, and a little bit of luck, but it all came together in time of Joshua Sparks of Marion to kill the deer of his dreams last month, and it all started with a trail camera photo he obtained after hunting season had already started.

    October 19 at 2:59pm
    Because of flooded areas, the SCDNR has expanded the deer hunting closures in Georgetown, Horry, and Marion Counties through Oct. 29.

    More deer hunting closures start today due to flooding

    Last week, the SCDNR closed certain portions of flooded areas to deer hunting for a 10-day period. With more areas now flooding due to runoff from rivers, other areas have now been closed. These temporary closures are intended to last 10 days also, and the SCDNR will monitor these areas and adjust that schedule accordingly.

    October 19 at 6:34am
    A portable stand that can be moved and easily strapped on a tree allows hunters to immediately set up on a newly discovered rub line.

    Get a move on with portable tree stands

    Using portable stands such as climbers or Loc-On style stands when hunting rub lines allows hunters to be mobile and move to where the bucks are.

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Lee Lakosky erects a “fake” rubbed tree to attract the attention of wandering bucks.

    Plant a rub tree to draw in big bucks

    Lee Lakosky, co-host with his wife, Tiffany, of The Crush television show, has developed a way to hunt rubs that is unique and very beneficial, particularly for bow hunters. 

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Being accurate at relatively long ranges will bring hunters the confidence to make shots across fields.

    Stretch out your comfortable shooting range

    Matt Willis said hunters don’t have to take long-range shots at deer to successfully rifle hunt agricultural fields, but it sure can help. 

    October 15 at 7:00am
    Orchards filled with fruit-bearing trees like apples can attract plenty of deer during the early part of deer season.

    Fruit orchards can be deer magnets

    Robert Johnson said often-overlooked food sources that will draw deer are fruit orchards, with apples and pears being excellent. These crops are not always easy to hunt, but they can provide excellent hunting. Small clusters of fruit trees can be heavily hit by deer.

    October 15 at 7:00am