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Craig Hester's huge 10-point buck fell on Nov. 27, just four days after he hung a stand to take advantage of sign he'd discovered while rabbit hunting. Rabbit hunt was stroke of luck that put Person County hunter on huge buck
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A rabbit hunt turned out to be one of the best days ever spent afield for Craig Hester of Person County, because it put him in the right spot to kill a huge 10-point buck on Nov. 25 that may score in the low 160s.

Aerial imagery can help hunters see areas where deer may trade back and forth between water courses and food sources. Technology has its advantages
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When Native American hunters first scoured the landscape to feed their tribes, the water courses traversing the land were prime places to encounter game animals. Today, rivers, swamps and streams remain hot spots for locating deer and other animals, but hunters with instant access to aerial imagery have an upper hand on the early hunters. 

High and dry spots in the middle of swamps will often be the first places that deer go to hide late in the season when hunting pressure is too great elsewhere. Swamp islands hold big bucks
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In order for deer to survive the season, they must learn how to hide from the focus of North Carolina’s deer-hunting battalion. In areas where ponds, lakes, swamps and beaver ponds exist, the deer population increases with the level of hunting pressure. And associated with almost every water course are dry-land hills or islands that begin to collect pressured bucks towards the end of the season. 

Hunters can now take advantage of all the cool features of a new iPhone app from Mississippi State University's Deer Lab. Free iPhone ‘Deer Hunt’ app fun, informative
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Mundane hunting camp rituals could become a lot easier if a new iPhone app from Mississippi State University’s Deer Lab delivers what its designers hope it can.

When deer season has been open for a few weeks and your luck isn't good, do you stick with what you've been doing or change tactics? Five steps to changing your deer-hunting luck as the season wanes
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It was opening day, I’d barely set foot in the woods before the season, and in a matter of minutes, I had an 8-pointer on the ground. Only when dragging him out did I realize he was on a beeline for an active scrape behind my stand, and all I had done was show up in the right place at the best possible time.

If only it was always that easy.

Watch the world's fastest deer skinner Watch the world's fastest deer skinner  Video Included
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I pride myself on being able to disassemble a deer pretty quickly. But judging from this video, I have a long way to go in terms of stripping down an animal.

This fella, who apparently works at Peach Orchard Deer Processing outside of Sumter, S.C., takes the hide off a deer and dumps its guts - and trims off fat - in less than two minutes. It's a video you just have to see to believe.

Joseph Harris killed this great Orange County buck with one slug from a 20-gauge shotgun. Prep wrestler takes great Orange County buck with shotgun slug
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It’s well known that teens often make decisions by relying on their feelings rather than logical thought progressions. Sometimes, that approach works – just ask 16-year-old Joseph Harris. On Nov. 15, opening day of gun season in North Carolina’s Central deer section, Harris, a junior at Northwood H.S., decided to place a chair on an Orange County hillside 10 minutes from his Chatham County home. Forty-five minutes later, he’d shot the buck of a lifetime, a 146-inch whitetail.

When hunting pressure pushes bucks of the grid in December, go find a wet spot and wait. Bet on wet - Swamps, ponds, streams and rivers are late-season hidey holes for heavily pressured North Carolina bucks
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As the last month of the season arrives, hunters can still fill their last buck tag and make one last visit to the taxidermist, even though most of the immature and dim-witted bucks have learned about deer season the hard way. The surviving animals are well educated and unlikely to make the same mistakes their late relatives did. 

Johnny Lawrence killed this great non-typical buck on the first day of blackpowder season in Rockingham County. Pine Hall hunter knocks off great Rockingham County non-typical buck
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Out of a thousand week-old trail-cam photos, one had Johnny Lawrence of Pine Hall so excited he woke up extra early on Nov. 1, the opening day of blackpowder season in Rockingham County. With a 17-point non-typical buck on the ground by 8:15, the excitement really began.

Tim Oakley's huge drop-tine buck from Caswell County was the result of two years watching him grow and letting him walk. Burlington hunter drops hammer on huge Caswell County buck
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Hunters who don’t think it’s possible for deer to grow trophy racks in a county that gets above-average hunting pressure need to talk to Tim Oakley of Burlington. On Nov. 10, Oakley ended a two-year saga by killing a huge Caswell County buck with a 5x4 main-frame rack and one drop tine that has been green-scored at 157 Boone and Crockett Club points.

Pistols like the Glock 17 and 26 in 9mm can legally now be used for hunting in North Carolina. Regulation changes allow hunters to take more handguns into the woods
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A change in the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s 2014-2015 regulations is allowing allows hunters to carry a wider variety of handguns into the deer woods.

Sgt. John Valles killed this nice buck on a Combat Warriors-sponsored hunt in Warren County and later won the October Bag-A-Buck contest. Army veteran wins October Bag-A-Buck contest
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Staff Sgt. John Valles of the U.S. Army had a chance to go on his first deer hunt with Combat Warriors Inc. in late October as a guest of the Embro Hunting Club in Warren County. He took the chance, and it turned out to be a great decision. Valles, a 34-year-old native of Houston, Tex., living in Fayetteville, killed a 7-point buck late on the afternoon of Oct. 25. A few days later, he entered the buck in North Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck Contest, and he was drawn on Nov. 1 as the winner of the monthly contest for October.