Veteran bear hunters usually have a plan on when and which dogs to release during an active strike and chase, leading to the treeing or baying of a bruin. The dynamics of the pack
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Hunting with hounds is a time-honored tradition where hunters rely on man’s best friend to flush, chase and/or locate game. From rabbits and deer to quail and grouse, there are few species were there is no opportunity for dogs to participate in one shape or fashion. Hunters can improve their chances for success and safety by following a few very important guidelines.†

Big bear tracks with huge toes typically belong to large males, which are generally the favorite targets of bear hunters. Tracks tell a story
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For bear hunters with hounds, a bear’s paw prints found along field edges or roadsides are their calling cards. For the experienced hunter, the size and characteristics of the track can tell plenty about the size and sex of the bear.†

Bear seasons in the eastern third of North Carolina often change from county to county, so hunters need to have a firm grip on where theyíre hunting and when the season opens and closes. Bear seasons dates can be confusing
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Dates for bear seasons across North Carolina, especially in the eastern third of the state, can be so different as to confuse hunters, often changing from one county to the next.

Many groups of bear hunters from the mountains migrate to eastern North Carolina for the December bear season. Letís go bear hunting!
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Bear hunting in eastern North Carolina is one of the most-exhilarating experiences a hunter can have. Unlike most other types of hunting, bear hunting is a group effort that requires good hunters and good land, but people that want to start bear hunting cannot just go out and buy some hounds and begin hunting. It takes substantial training for the dogs and the hunters.†

Angie Jackson and her 5-year-old son, Tucker, take in several raccoons killed on the Lumber River Outdoors/True Vince Coon Club youth hunt, which Tucker won with a 7-pound, 7-ounce raccoon. Turning kids into coon hunters
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Rev. Wade Hall Jr., pastor of the Elizabethtown Church of God, hunts raccoons at least three nights a week to keep his dogs in top form for competition, and he often takes young people along.†

Eastern North Carolina produces some of the biggest black bear of anywhere in the nation Mine ENCís black gold - For the best December bear hunting in North Carolina, go east young man!
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Even though black bears are built to survive in just about any environment, they are no match for North Carolina’s bear-hunting battalion, and in December, hunters looking for a real trophy bear should definitely not head for the hills; they should head for eastern North Carolina.

Rev. Wade Hall and 10-year-old Gage Zokal admire a raccoon taken in Columbus County, where extensive swamps and agricultural land make for great habitat. Kids and coons - Raccoon hunting is a Columbus County staple, and hunters are willing to share their love for the sport with youngsters
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Out in the yard, beneath a canopy of pecan trees, the aroma of wild boar barbecue set stomachs to growling. Inside the house, Rev. Wade Hall Jr. sat at the kitchen table, registering participants in the inaugural Lumber River Outdoors/True Vine Coon Club Youth Hunt.

The unique method for skinning squirrels shown in the accompanying video can make the end of the hunt as fun as the beginning. Hey Mr. Squirrel, we want to pump, you, up!  Video Included
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What hunter doesn’t enjoy bagging a limit of bushy-tailed tree rodents? But as for the task of cleaning those tough little buggers - well, not so much. Jean Poirrier III, however, has no issues after the hunt with a unique air pumping system for cleaning older, tougher squirrels.

The federal protection of red wolves in five eastern North Carolina counties apparently trumps the state's right to manage coyotes, according to a federal judge's decision. Judge puts halt to coyote hunting in five NE NC counties
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A U.S. District Court judge issued a temporary injunction earlier this month that banned coyote hunting in five counties in eastern North Carolina because endangered red wolves may have been mistakenly killed in the same areas, but the decision will be up for review in September.

Staying hidden is much more important on late-season hunts, so building a blind from natural sources is often a good idea. Late-season dove tips
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Andy Pope and Lowrie Beacham have developed habits in their pursuit of late-season doves that are worth sharing:

Hunters Jefferson Boaz, Folger Boaz, Chase Harris, Jeremy Johnson and Frank Harris took these tundra swans hunting with guides Charles Haywood and Karl Helmkamp of Albemarle Outfitters. Swan Hunting Permits
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Tundra swans do a tremendous amount of damage to winter field crops, in northeast North Carolina, so the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission issues 5,000 permits to hunt tundra swans each year.

Grouse will often fly uphill when pointed by dogs or flushed wild. Grouse hunting particulars
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Follow these tips to improve your chances of having a productive grouse hunt: