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Spots remain available for a Jan. 31 youth-only permit duck hunt in Currituck County. Permits remain available for youth-only waterfowl hunt in Currituck County
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has a limited number of permits remaining for a special youth-only waterfowl hunt on Jan. 31 on Currituck Sound.

Trappers across the Carolinas are gearing up for the core of their season. Donít get trapped: Know trapping rules
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Beginning with Native Americans during pre-settlement through the modern day, trapping has been one of the nation’s unique past-times. To some, trapping has lost its luster, but, there is still a sold trapping community beating the bushes all over the Carolinas. In fact, North Carolina issues nearly 4,000 permits each year.†

Thermacell is making heated insoles that should warm your toes in the duck blind. Keep those toes warm
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With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.†

Guide Carlton Thornton will call loudly and aggressively at distant ducks, but when they show interest in his decoys, heíll tone things down a bit. Local and long-distance calling
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Diving ducks do not decoy as readily or gracefully as puddle ducks, but they will respond to calling.

A pintail can be a tremendous bonus to a bag of mixed diving ducks and sea ducks. How to tackle big-water decoy spreads
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For many hunters trying to lure ducks into range on ponds, in swamps or around other small bodies of water, “less is more” when it comes to decoys.

Plenty of ducks have moved on to South Carolina, and according to biologists and Ducks Unlimited, birds from the mid-Atlantic states haven't filled in North Carolina's holes yet. North Carolina stuck in dead zone as duck migrations start and stall
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Temperatures are high and expectations are low as the third segment of North Carolina’s three-part waterfowl season gets underway. Hunters and biologists are expecting low numbers of birds as the migration continues to stall in regions far to the north.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and Delta Waterfowl Foundation will hold waterfowl-hunting seminars on Dec. 9 and 11 in Raleigh. Two waterfowl-hunting seminars scheduled for Raleigh next week
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has scheduled two free seminars next week for waterfowl hunters at the Centennial Campus Center for Wildlife Education in Raleigh.

Borrow pits dredged during highway construction are often great stopping-off spots for migrating waterfowl. Borrow pits: duck havens
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Over the past 20 years, federal dollars have upgraded transportation facilities in every county in both North Carolina and South Carolina to handle the booming human population settling in the South. Literally thousands of miles of new blacktop have relieved traffic congestion and allowed travelers to get to their destinations in a more-efficient manner, and few will complain about the lack of slowdowns on the highway. But these transportation projects all over the eastern seaboard have taken their toll on wildlife.†

Hunting ducks on the big water of the Pamlico Sound requires different tactics than trying to attract puddle ducks to an inland Big ideas for big-water ducks - Pamlico Sound is not just a big pond filled with ducks. Learn how to hunt it
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A knot of ducks appeared low on the horizon, coming right out of the sun, headed for the spread of decoys, when Carlton Thornton, aka Captain Froggy, warned the hunters in his well-camouflaged boat to get ready.

The sudden appearance of tremendous numbers of teal made the short, early segment of duck season a winner for many North Carolina hunters. Surprising arrival of teal makes early duck season a good one on Yadkin River
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If often seems that North Carolina’s waterfowl seasons are too early or too late to match up with migrating waterfowl. The birds stall up north due to warm weather or push south in between the staggered seasons, so hunters can’t get to them. But the short opening segment of the season opener broke the mold and put hunters on the Yadkin River right in the middle of the early season migration.

Flex Neck Field Goose Flex Neck Field Goose
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The Flex Neck Field Goose from Fowl Foolers features a unique and innovative pose-able neck which can be set to any position desired or changed throughout the day. The Flex Neck Field Goose decoy’s alterable position gives hunters unprecedented control over the look and realism of their spread. Each decoy is also made with a superior quality foam body wrapped in burlap and will last generations.

Youth waterfowl days in North Carolina will be Jan. 31 and Feb. 7. State announces complete waterfowl seasons for 2014-15
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has set season dates, bag limits and other regulations for the upcoming waterfowl and falconry seasons.