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Waterfowl hunting will be on center stage at the Gold Leaf Waterfowlers Outdoor Expo in Wilson this weekend. Gold Leaf Waterfowl Outdoor Expo will debut this weekend in Wilson
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The inaugural Gold Leaf Waterfowlers Outdoor Expo will debut on Friday, April 10, and run through the weekend at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Wilson.

Coozy’s Custom Calls Coozy’s Custom Calls
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Coozy’s Custom Calls are handmade from start to finish for the avid waterfowler that demands the true tones that bring ducks in. Made from high grade hard woods that will last for years to come, Coozy’s Custom Calls are easy to blow, work in all types of weather, from 10 degrees freezing in the far north up to 65 degrees in the southern coastal marshes, and have been tested by some of the best guides from all over the country to insure that the right sounds and notes are there.

Groups in North Carolina and South Carolina are offering seminars on coyote control in the coming months. Get schooled on coyote control
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From pestering livestock and domestic animals to preying on juvenile deer and small mammals, coyotes are becoming a major nuisance to both native wildlife and domestic animals. 

Spinning-wing decoys are an effective use of motion to help convince ducks to make decision to drop into a spread of decoys. Add motion to your decoy spread for more ducks
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Hunters using clever decoy spreads can increase their odds of taking home more feathered fowl by incorporating Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion to make their hunting spot more attractive. 

A scissor rig might be quickest and easiest way to turn a boat into a floating duck blind. Secret of the scissor-rig
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A scissor rig’s two-piece design is a marvel in form and function, and it must be custom-built to your vessel’s specs. However, one cannot begin construction with just any old planks. Sure, most any wood floats, but even treated lumber will become waterlogged and sink relatively quickly and rot in the briny sound water. Juniper wood is the secret, sought-after for its buoyancy and resistance to decay. 

Mitchell Blake’s homemade Alabama rigs fool plenty of winter stripers in the Albemarle Sound. Sweet, home Alabama rig
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The Alabama rig, aka A-rig, debuted in 2012 after a pro bass fishermen used it to win a big tournament on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville. Now, it’s used on almost every lake where it’s legal, mostly by fishermen targeting largemouth bass. However, striped bass love to bust a bait ball, too, according to guide Mitchell Blake, who has been breaking ground with it ever since.

Keep an eye out for flocks of ducks heading into your area on the shoulders of cold-weather systems. Look for big duck moves
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While it may be the first month of the year, it is the last opportunity to sit in a blind and take down a limit of ducks. Hunters should take advantage of the last three weeks of the season, when ducks have flooded the Carolinas and are anxious to fill up on rich food resources. But by January, the waterfowl migration is practically over — or is it?

Guide MItchell Blake takes care of the striped bass for sportsmen who want to a cast-and-blast experience on the water around the Albemarle Sound and Roanoke River. January cast and blast - The Albemarle and Pamlico sounds are two great spots for a cast-and-blast double-play in January
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While winter bears down on North Carolina, the Albemarle and Pamlico sounds play host to a combination of fins and feathers that’s sure to light a fire under any sportsman. Taking advantage of the coincidence are two guides looking to sample the best duck hunting and striper fishing available during frostbitten January.

Paddleboards like the Flatstalker are excellent vessels for getting into hard-to-reach places during waterfowl seasons. Paddle up waterfowl
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Years ago, in the back of a lake near home, my father took me on my first duck hunt. The water was cold, the world was dark, and paddling the wooden johnboat deep into the swamp was tiring. It was nearly enough to turn a young future hunter away from the sport.

Spots remain available for a Jan. 31 youth-only permit duck hunt in Currituck County. Permits remain available for youth-only waterfowl hunt in Currituck County
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has a limited number of permits remaining for a special youth-only waterfowl hunt on Jan. 31 on Currituck Sound.

Trappers across the Carolinas are gearing up for the core of their season. Don’t get trapped: Know trapping rules
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Beginning with Native Americans during pre-settlement through the modern day, trapping has been one of the nation’s unique past-times. To some, trapping has lost its luster, but, there is still a sold trapping community beating the bushes all over the Carolinas. In fact, North Carolina issues nearly 4,000 permits each year. 

Thermacell is making heated insoles that should warm your toes in the duck blind. Keep those toes warm
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With the largest part of duck season and the final days of deer season arriving this month in the Carolinas, so will winter weather. The long hours in a tree stand or in a flooded marsh have a totally different meaning to our own two feet, practically numb from prolonged exposure to extreme cold.