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    Redfish in the Cape Romain region will feed heavily after dead-low tide, when cooler, clearer water pours in from the ocean.

    The tide turns for Romain reds

    While many inshore fisheries slow down when August’s heat peaks, Cape Romain’s redfish are far from taking a break in the action. With tons of baitfish inside the estuaries, redfish never have to look very far to satisfy their hunger, especially near the inlets on rising water. 

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    The edges of weed lines are great places to find nice summer bass that aren’t in deep water.

    Brush are holding crappie at Santee

    August delivers “crappie consistency” to the Santee Cooper lakes. With water temperatures near or at the zenith for the year, slabs are ganged up around identifiable underwater targets in both Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie.

    Yesterday at 9:19pm
    Shane Flannigan takes the guesswork out of which lures to use for inshore fishing.

    Top plastic lures for inshore fishing

    Soft plastic lures come in many different sizes, colors, and styles. With all of the different soft plastics on the market today it can be overwhelming or confusing for some anglers. I want to cover a few of my favorite go-to soft-plastic/jighead combos I use when targeting reds, trout, and flounder.

    August 15 at 2:45pm
    Trout like this one are easy pickings for anglers who don't mind getting their feet wet in mountain streams.

    This 1 tip will help you catch more mountain trout

    I lived in western North Carolina for two years some time ago. While living in the little town of Bakersville, which sits on the other side of the Roan Mountain from Unicoi, Tennessee, I mastered the art of fishing the small blue ribbon trout streams that ran through the area. The problem was, I only mastered it a few days before moving away from there.

    August 15 at 8:38am
    Zakk Royce landed this 90-pound blue catfish on Aug. 10.

    Murfreesboro angler catches 90-pound catfish

    In an attempt to locate cooler, more oxygenated water, Zakk Royce of Murfreesboro headed up lake from his hot spots on the lower end of Lake Gaston to the upper, riverine stretches. There, he found temperatures 5 degrees cooler in the old river channel and a solid bite that led to a 90-pound blue catfish on Aug. 10.

    August 14 at 11:24pm
    Mike McSwain shows off the type of bass that is typical along the Devils Elbow stretch of the Lumber River.

    Catch more Lumber River bass with these tips

    Just below Fair Bluff, N.C., and above Nichols, S.C., a place known as Devils Elbow sits on the Lumber River. This series of sharp turns on the river has the Lumber running parallel to itself, and the flow of the water here offers fish an abundance of what they’re looking for in a place to make their home. And when fish congregate, anglers will find success if they’re willing to put in the time.

    August 14 at 9:50pm
    Brett Meager poses with her personal best, 88-pound catfish, that she recently caught on Kerr Lake.

    Creedmoor female angler catches 88-pound Kerr Lake catfish

    As the owner of NC Marine Fabrication, Austin Sartin of Burlington has placed ample thought into the kind of rod holding systems that help people catch fish – including his own. While enjoying some down time at Kerr Lake on August 7th, Sartin tested his outfit while putting Brett Meager of Creedmoor on her personal best blue catfish, a beast that stretched their scales to 88 pounds.

    August 10 at 10:42am
    Many anglers overlook the virtues of using corks when flounder fishing, but that's a mistake, said Capt. Addison Rupert of Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures.

    Don't overlook corks when flounder fishing

    Flounder are a unique species of fish, having both eyes on the same side of the body and lying on the ocean floor on its other side. With its mouth shaped in a way that doesn’t seem conducive to the way it lives, it’s an odd fish, but no less tasty, and no less of a desirable target for many reasons.

    August 10 at 10:20am
    These two outdoorsmen had a big night of gigging with Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures, gigging a 7-pound flounder, and one with a genetic anomaly.

    7-pound flounder gigged near Sneads Ferry

    Plenty of fish are biting along the inshore waters from Swansboro to Wrightsville, and the only downer for anglers is the heat. But that’s easy to beat if you take an inshore adventure that’s a little different than the typical fishing trip. Flounder gigging at night will keep you out of the sun, and it’s an adventurous change of pace from catching fish on rod and reel.

    August 10 at 9:37am
    Flounder will bite a number of lures that bass anglers use in freshwater.

    Top 3 bass lures for flounder fishing success

    Flounder will bite many different baits and lures, and that’s a good thing for anglers like Jordan Kennerly of Swansea who spends a lot of time bass fishing in the midlands, but still likes to wet a hook when he’s on the coast. Luckily for him, he can catch his share of flounder with the gear he already has.

    August 08 at 3:31pm
    Catch-and-release anglers help ensure the future of fishing, but only if they handle fish properly before releasing them. This is especially true in the hot summer months.

    Top tips to keep fish alive for catch and release anglers

    Humans and pets aren't the only ones who need to be wary of heat exposure in the summer months—higher temperatures also put higher stress on wildlife such as fish.

    August 08 at 3:18pm
    Colonel Dean Nelson is the new leader of Marine Patrol.

    N.C. Marine Patrol has a new leader

    Dean Nelson is the new colonel of the North Carolina Marine Patrol, and it is not a job he takes lightly.

    With 21 years of experience with Marine Patrol, he knows the responsibilities that come with it.

    August 08 at 2:33pm
    Teddy Wingfield, his dad and brothers pose with the new N.C. state record scamp.

    Youth angler claims N.C. scamp record

    A youngster from Tennessee has set a North Carolina state record with a 32-pound scamp grouper caught of Morehead City on June 2, a fish that is a potential all-tackle and junior world record.

    August 08 at 2:09pm
    The Oak Hollow Fishing Trail teaches anglers the seasonal patterns of largemouth bass, and how to catch them in each season.

    Oak Hollow Fishing Trail teaches anglers how to pattern bass during different seasons

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, along with N.C. B.A.S.S. and the City of High Point, recently opened an educational fishing trail on Oak Hollow Reservoir to teach anglers how to catch largemouth bass and other sport fish during different times of the year.

    August 02 at 4:46pm
    Guide Tim Biesecker said the summer bass bite on Roanoke Rapids Lake is directly related to how much current is running through the lake.

    Current = catches

    Guide Tim Biesecker said that Roanoke Rapids Lake fishes more like a river system than a lake, and fishermen who understand the difference are a good bit of the way toward successful trips, especially in August.

    July 29 at 4:19pm
    Hungry blue catfish recovering from their spawning activities are a good bet for fishermen dragging cut bait around mussel beds on the lower end of Kerr Lake.

    Shell out for Kerr catfish

    Midsummer marks the end of the blue catfish spawn at Kerr Lake on the North Carolina/Virginia border. While going unnoticed by many anglers, Wes Jordan of Creedmoor patterns the tail-end of their reproductive cycle, heading to the lower side of the lake where mussel beds abound to drop in on blues recuperating after their duties.

    July 29 at 4:16pm