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Head to Lake Norman for some great spotted bass fishing, or run to the coast and catch doormat flounder.

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Head to Lake Norman for some great spotted bass fishing, or run to the coast and catch doormat flounder.

A Texas-rigged plastic worm is a very productive bait fisheda round Randleman Reservoirís numerous tree laps. Randlemanís tree bass
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July is a tough months to catch bass in shallow water on most lakes in North Carolina, unless you’re there at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the last few minutes of the night bite.

Spotted bass are an aggressive cousin of smallmouths and largemouths that have become a big part of Fontala Lakeís black bass fishery. Peeling Fontana - Layer down for great summer fishing at Fontana Lake
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On Fontana Lake, water temperatures in June and July cement the summer fishing season. While a few fish can still be found in and around the shallows — usually only early and late in the day — most have retreated to deeper, cooler water in the 10,230-acre lake west of Bryson City.†

Guide Craig Price has taken advantage of Lake Normanís burgeoning population of spotted bass. Norman newbies - Lake Normanís hybrids and spots like it hot
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Ask any angler what he or she wants more of and the answer will be simple and emphatic, “to catch more fish!” †Spanning 32,500 acres just north of Charlotte, the inland sea known as Lake Norman gives fisherman the opportunity to do just that.†

Lily pads can be great bass-holding cover in North Carolina, especially during the summer. Pad particulars - Make the most of lily pads for bass-fishing opportunities
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Summertime thoughts commonly turn to beach getaways, but the sun-driven heat leaves us adding an umbrella to that picture. And while we’re on the comfort kick, how ’bout some food? Sounds like a nice vacation, but shelter from the swelter and something for the belly also defines the attraction of lily pads for largemouth bass.

Dave Rosemanís 44-pound, 10-ounces king mackerel caught last May is the largest king caught at Ocean Crest Pier since 2002. Kings of the pier
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If experience is the best teacher, then aspiring king mackerel anglers might consider visiting the end of Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island.

The author caught this nice flounder from his home waters of lower Brunswick County. Flat relocation - Think flounder, think lower Brunswick County in the summer
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Dating back more than a half-century, the waters of southern Brunswick County have had a reputation for producing big flounder. Old-timers smile as they tell tales of the doormats that used to be wrestled from around the pilings beneath the shrimp houses at Shallotte Point in the Shallotte River.

You donít have to soak cut bait to catch old drum; popping corks are now No. 1 among Pamlico Sound anglers. Drum dance - Summer is a great time to float up an old drum in North Carolinaís Pamlico Sound
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Most roads leading east across North Carolina will eventually end along the banks of the Pamlico Sound, an inland sea that separates the mainland from the Outer Banks. It’s in the waters of this pristine sound, 80 miles long and 30 miles wide, that the biggest specimens of red drum spend much of their time inshore.

When spotted cruising at or near the surface, cobia can be a great target for fishermen sight-casting bucktails. Cobia particulars
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Cobia are a large and relatively unknown fish, close relatives of remora. Each spring, usually within a week or so of Mother’s Day, they mysteriously appear in the nearshore ocean and inshore waters along North Carolina’s coast. When they arrive, phone lines begin buzzing.

Casey Ashley fishes a popping bait from mid-morning, working it around any kind of shady cover and around bream beds he locates. Tune up that popping bait
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Pro fisherman Casey Ashley, the reigning Bassmaster Classic champion, loves his popper fishing. He’s particularly fond of the XCalibur Zell Pop, but even though the bait comes ready for action, Ashley makes a few adjustments to ensure he gets the performance he needs.

Fishing the piers in an area thoroughly will allow fishermen to finds and hone in on areas that are holding a lot of bass. Fish upriver: the alternative to piers
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With the deep-water bite vanishing at High Rock, pounding piers is shallow water has become the norm at the lake. On any given day, a parade of fishermen marches along, flipping piers and docks along the shoreline.