Pour Mountain Dew down the throat of a bass thatís bleeding, and it will often help the fish survive. Dew will do to aid bleeding bass
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Bass anglers who use soft-plastic worms or lizards, often see fish suck down hooks that cause deep wounds and blood loss.

The tilapia crankbait is an anglersí favorite to catch Hyco Lakeís winter bass. Tilapia lures effective for Hyco bass
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Lure selection sometimes is critical when bass-fishing during the winter.

North Carolinaís delayed-harvest trout streams provide fishermen with unique angling opportunities. Why delayed harvest?
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Jacob Rash, a fisheries biologist for the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission in Marion, explained the rationale for delayed harvest.†

For the best red drum fishing the winter has to offer, seek out creeks with dark bottoms that get a lot of sunlight. Why go to school in the winter?
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Lee Paramore, a biologist for the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries who specializes in red drum, said said they are a schooling fish for a variety of reasons and will school year-round, but they’re not as noticeable as in the winter.†

A bait-keeper spring allows anglers to rig a soft-plastic bait weedless on a standard jighead. Making it weedless
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Guide Allen Jernigan said that many times he gets far-enough up creeks looking for winter drum and speckled trout that he fishes water that features many layover trees, limbs and other potential snags. Fishing these places with an exposed hook point can lead to a multitude of snags, few fish caught and an overall frustrating experience. Jernigan said it isn’t necessary and can be remedied easily and quickly — without removing the jighead from the leader.

South of Cape Hatteras, fishermen like Rube McMullan are allowed five black sea bass per day, with a 13-inch size minimum. Black sea bass rules and regulations
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Brunswick County anglers are fishing the South Atlantic stock of black sea bass, regardless of where that fish came from or is going. Black sea bass have been divided into three different stocks, the Mid-Atlantic, the South Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico.†

Dress warmly and donít forget a toboggan on your head while fishing for black sea bass during the winter. Safety comes first, especially during the winter
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Winter can be a great time to fish. In Brunswick County, the temperature usually climbs into at least the 50s during the day, so it doesn’t feel oppressively cold, and you often have the ocean to yourself.

GPS tracking units allow hunters to keep track of the location and direction their hounds are running, a huge help in staying ahead of the pack, gathering dogs up after a race and keeping them off roads. Here, kitty, kitty
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While running coyotes and foxes with dogs is a year-round sport in Eastern North Carolina, bobcats are only in season from Oct. 13 through Feb. 28. There are no daily bag or season limits.

Prescribed burning of stands of pines is a  primary tool for managing wildlife habitat, including quail. Recipe for quail-habitat management is complicated
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John Henry Harrelson, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, helps coordinate the Columbus County Quail Co-Op’s habitat-management efforts. He said that managing quail habitat is like making alphabet soup — a lot of different things go in.

This prime quail habitat was created by the excavation of an irrigation pond because the area could not easily be farmed and became overgrown by all kinds of vegetation. Wastelands are not wasted on quail
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The excavation of an irrigation pond created some prime quail habitat. The spoil from the pond excavation became a mound at the water’s edge, creating an area that farming equipment cannot easily enter.†

Groups in North Carolina and South Carolina are offering seminars on coyote control in the coming months. Get schooled on coyote control
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From pestering livestock and domestic animals to preying on juvenile deer and small mammals, coyotes are becoming a major nuisance to both native wildlife and domestic animals.†

Spinning-wing decoys are an effective use of motion to help convince ducks to make decision to drop into a spread of decoys. Add motion to your decoy spread for more ducks
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Hunters using clever decoy spreads can increase their odds of taking home more feathered fowl by incorporating Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion to make their hunting spot more attractive.†