When scouting before the season, try to locate things deer like to eat growing in the wild, like these muscadines. Scouting pointers
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Sensible scouting involves doing far more than merely making an effort to determine places deer are “using,” whether there’s a big buck prowling the land you hunt, or the times whitetails are coming to a food plot or any legally spread food. It is, in truth, something of a year-round endeavor, and here are a few pointers to hone your scouting to razor sharpness and maximum effectiveness.

A knife, a compass and map are three things that belong in every deer hunterís day pack. A deer hunterís gear checklist
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That long-awaited and glad moment, opening day, has finally arrived. You rise early, stoke the inner fires with coffee and sausage biscuits, and set out for what you hope will be a glorious first morning.

An hour on the shooting range can make a world of difference in making sure your gun is zeroed and giving you the confidence you need to make shots during deer season. Home, home on the range
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All too often, a sort of “Old-Betsy-is-a-tack-driver-who-has-never-failed-me” attitude leads to disappointment in the field. Anyone who hunts with a firearm owes it to themselves, the animals they hunt and a simple sportsman’s code of ethics to have complete familiarity with their gun. That translates to spending some time at the shooting range prior to the season.

The Pamlico Sound is home to two of North Carolinaís three major flounder species: southern and summer. Two out of three is okay
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Fishermen catch three species of flounder in North Carolina waters, and the larger two are found in Pamlico Sound.

Capt. Mitchell Blake releases a flounder that didnít quite make the stateís 15-inch size minimum back into the waters of Pamlico Sound. Pamlico Sound particulars
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Pamlico Sound is a unique body of water, the largest sound on the east coast. Its water varies from brackish on the western end to full salt on the eastern edge.

Fishermen targeting bottomfish around nearshore wrecks and reefs will often come in contact with bigger targets like this cobia. Safety first
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When fishing off the beach using a jet ski as a platform, remember these safety rules:

Tuckertown Lakeís flatheads will really come out to play ó and eat ó when power is being generated through the dam and a nice current sets up. Channel your efforts ó or not
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Tuckertown Lake has all three major species of catfish most-often targeted by freshwater fishermen: flatheads, blues and channels.

Tuckertown Lake also has a great population of channel catfish; the better ones are caught in the same river-channel spots as flatheads, but theyíre more likely to hit live shad than a crappie. Leave that anchor and move!
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Former guide Stanley Correll has perfected the art of making small moves to fish new areas without having to pull up the two anchors with which he holds his pontoon boat in place.

Cast nets, even in small-mesh sizes, need to be relatively heavy to drop fast enough to envelope baitfish or white perch. Cast-netting for perch
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As of Aug. 1, it is no longer illegal to keep white perch caught in a cast net west of I-95, as they have been considered invasive and often damage the population of other species. That’s a win-win situation for fishermen.

Shearon Harris Lake has a tremendous population of threadfin shad, which has helped jump-start the white perch fishery at the Raleigh-area reservoir. Live shad get preferential treatment
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A fishermen targeting Shearon Harris Lake’s booming white perch population in summer couldn’t be in a better position. When water temperatures escalate, and most species complete the rigors of spawning, they transition to deeper water.

Making sure your weapon is hitting where itís supposed to should be a prerequisite before going afield this fall. Getting olí Betsy in shape
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Over the next three months, deer hunters in the Carolinas will carry an arsenal of weapons into the woods to bring venison back to the dinner table. From traditional wooden contraptions to modern weaponry, hunters need to take a few shots to make sure that critical whack at a trophy buck will hit its mark.

African pompano are a great bonus catch on offshore bottom-fishing trips where grouper, snapper and black sea bass are more commonly targeted. Out of Africa
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An African pompano is always an outstanding catch on a party boat. They are excellent eating and are extremely strong fighters.