An in-console Minn Kota trolling motor is featured on the award-winning Old Town Predator XL kayak. ICAST — Another kayak victory
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Something historic happened in July at the ICAST show — the show that brings manufacturers of fishing tackle and accessories together with retailers and the media. A kayak, specifically the Old Town Predator XL, won Best of Show, solidifying the use of kayaks as a viable platform for angling.

Crappie fishermen have dozens of styles and hundreds of colors from which to choose. A jig is a jig is a jig, right? Wrong!
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A fishermen could get overwhelmed or confused looking at the selection of crappie jigs in a tackle shop — or in Danny Sisson’s tackle box.

Game Lands Depot Contact Info Game Lands Depot Contact Info
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A. Marion Depot: Green River, Pisgah NF, 828-652-9974

A “bug” suit and insect repellent made a 2013 muzzleloader hunt on the Suggs Mill Pond Game Land a comfortable and successful one for the author. Insect repellents are imperative
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Mesh “bug” suits and chemical repellents are necessities that turn muzzleloader hunts in southeastern North Carolina into good experiences.

Scott and Steve Skrydlinski carry climbing stands on their backs and their backpacks in a deer cart. The cart folds for easy stowing and makes hauling a deer out of the woods. ier than dragging it. Deer al a Carte at two new tracts
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Tommy Hughes, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, said adventurous hunters have the opportunity to check out new additions to two existing game lands this year by purchasing over-the-counter muzzleloader season permits.

Counties that lead in the annual archery harvest statistics are rarely among the leaders in overall harvest. Big-harvest areas aren’t bow leaders
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The top counties in terms of deer taken with archery equipment are rarely among the top counties in overall harvest.

The expansion of deer herds into surburban and urban areas has provided incentive for more municipalities to join the state’s Urban Archery Season. Deer expansion means urban archery rocks
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When the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission started its Urban Archery deer season program in 2007, a handful of towns signed up — Elkin was first — while many others and major cities in North Carolina turned up their noses.

Black sea bass regulations differ between waters north and south of Cape Hatteras, just one example of bottomfish regulations that are somewhat complex and often confusing. A plethora of piscatorial regulations
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Regulations for offshore bottomfish species are complex and include several closed seasons and several seasons that close when the annual allocation is caught.

Location, location, location Location, location, location
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Much like for a successful business, the key to productive offshore bottom-fishing is being in the right location. Once the preferred, rock, wreck or reef is found, the captain must anchor so the boat is positioned just right to get the baits down to the fish. Bottomfish are very specific to their chosen structure, and missing it by even a few feet will result in a lot of waiting rather than catching. When anchored correctly, bites should be felt almost immediately.

A shallow-water anchoring device makes stopping your boat almost immediately when you contact fish a big weapon in the marshes. Fish on? Power down!
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Minn Kota’s Talon is a shallow-water anchoring system that makes it easy to stop the boat when an angler hooks a fish. This type of anchoring system is a staple on redfish tournament boats because it is so effective.

Trolling motors enable fishermen to operate from the bow in shallow water, unlike having to pole from a platform. Stop poling and start trolling
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Mike Taylor uses a 36-volt Minn Kota trolling motor with a remote-control piloting device when he is fishing for red drum in shallow water. A trolling motor with enough thrust for use on a large boat like his 24-footer can takes three batteries to operate, with boat weight the main consideration in sizing the trolling motor to the boat.

Fishermen can ride the tide upstream or downstream to fish areas at the proper stage for the best fishing. Fishing the tide
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Check any tide table and you will see the tide is not in the same stage everywhere at the same time. Substantial differences exist between locations, and a wise fisherman will use these differences to fish a preferred stage of the tide at several locations during a tide change.