The hunting clothes that Debbie Hall wore when she killed this Stokes County 8-point buck wouldn’t have been available for women 15 years ago. Dressed to the nines, finally
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Katrina Arpin remembers what it was like to get dressed to go hunting 15 years ago, when she got her start in the wilds of Minnesota.

Rhonda Snyder took this Orange County trophy last fall with a crossbow. Crossbows have led women into hunting
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One factor that many people believe has had a big impact on women joining the ranks of hunters is new, more-liberal regulations regarding crossbows.

Two programs are available that pair bowhunters who need a place to hunt with landowners who want their deer population reduced. Programs will put hunters, landowners together
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Hunters looking for the opportunity to hunt land that’s close to suburban or urban areas have two programs existing that could put them in touch with landowners who would like their shrubbery and/or gardens protected from the onslaught of whitetail deer.

Fifty municipalities in North Carolina will participate in the Urban Archery Season, which runs from mid-January to mid-February, 2015. North Carolina’s urban archery initiative
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The deer population around the suburban areas continues to boom, and the list of complaints from homeowners losing their valuable landscaping is becoming endless — not to mention the number of deer-vehicle collisions is on the rise, with millions of dollars of damages nationwide.

A posted sign in the suburbs might point to a great hunting opportunity if handled correctly. Seek out areas protected by “No Hunting” signs!
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As development progresses, more and more woodlots that once housed plenty of wildlife will be added to the asphalt jungle. Visions of progress seen through the developer’s eyes brings big bucks to property owners along the outskirts of town, yet some landowners refuse to sell land that has been in their family for generations and these areas remain wooded, undisturbed, and often have “No Hunting” signs on every perimeter tree. If played right with the landowners, hunters can get into these areas for some fantastic hunting opportunities.

Speckled trout can be caught around the same oyster rocks as redfish; they can also be targeted outside of creek mouths and on points in New River Inlet. Keep an eye out for trout
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Even when he’s targeting a really good bite on big red drum, guide Ricky Kellum always has his finger on the pulsed of the New River’s speckled trout, and October brings with it opportunities to catch them in New River Inlet.

The break between the Continental shelf and Continental slope lies roughly between 70 and 80 fathoms off the North Carolina coast. Fishing the break
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What exactly do fishermen mean when they say they are “fishing the break?”

Solar Bees may help sting Jordan fish kills Solar Bees may help sting Jordan fish kills
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A program by the N.C. Division of Water Quality to help prevent algae blooms in Jordan Lake may also help prevent fish kills.

New technology available for marine electronics can make trolling for crappie a snap. Eye in the sky makes trolling easier
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One troublesome aspect of fall “tight-line” deep trolling for crappies at Jordan Lake is trying to keep a boat “in the slot.”

False albacore are a member of the tuna family and closely resemble several of their cousins, but they do not have the same tasty characteristics as the rest of the family, being basically inedible. Fat Albert food value? Forget about it
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Point 1. Raleigh’s premier Japanese restaurant, Waranji, features escolar, aka white tuna, on its menu. Escolar is not a tuna and is a weird kind of fish. Its meat is 80-percent muscle and 20-percent wax that, being indigestible, runs right through digestive system in less than an hour. Eat and run? Waranji’s menu does not offer false albacore, which, presumably, is worse.

False albacore are a great fly-rod fish in the fall, especially in the Cape Lookout area. Fly fishing for Fat Alberts
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Dr. Tom Earnhardt, a former law-school professor who is host of UNC-TV’s Exploring North Carolina pioneered fly-fishing for false albacore more than 20 years ago. Since then, they’ve be written about in fly-fishing journals across the country.

Beavers can be very destructive when they flood a lot of timber, but they also provide plenty of waterfowl and aquatic habitat. Leave it to beaver — or not
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Are beavers good or bad for man and the environment? It depends on who you ask. The beaver can create good and evil in the same motion. All they do is chow down on items in their food bank and build dams. What is horrible about that? Again, it depends on who and what is affected.