Kayaks are great fishing platforms for anglers floating small- to medium-sized rivers like the Dan. Kayak fishing perfect fit for Dan River smallies
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Guide Kyle Hoover often takes fishermen on smallmouth bass float trips down the Dan River in a canoe, but he believes kayaks are the wave of the future for stream fishing. 

Knowing how to paddle properly is a necessity to traverse potential trouble spots when floating down a smallmouth river like the Dan. Different strokes for different folks
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One aspect of floating a stream such as the Dan River in a canoe or kayak is guiding the watercraft to avoid pitfalls.

Jerkbaits are great lures to use to imitate the river herring that move into Albemarle Sound and its tributaries in the spring. Match the hatch when herring arrive
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Bass fishing picks up in the Albemarle Sound and its tributaries at the same time that a different breed of baitfish plows in from the ocean, and for fishermen wanting to catch a trophy largemouth, the best lures will mimic these ocean intruders.

Wind direction has more effect than lunar tides on where the water rises and falls in Albemarle Sound and its tributaries. Savvy anglers will move to areas where the wind has pushed water out. Play the wind
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Even though the Albemarle Sound is an estuary with direct connections to the ocean, the lunar tide cycle has little effect, especially on the western side of the sound. The wind has a greater effect on water levels and currents. Anglers should pay close attention to the prevailing winds to choose which creeks to fish.

Docks may have a number of different features that make them attractive to bass, including shade, multiple posts and brush. Docks? Learn to take your pick
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Andy Montgomery is more concerned with what’s under a dock than what is above it, most of the time, but said there are some visual clues that he can identify a structure that might convince him to sling a jig or Texas rigged plastic under it.

The Neuse River and its tributaries downstream from New Bern provide excellent habitat for both speckled trout and the saltwater buffet they eat: crabs, shrimp and baitfish. The Neuse and its creeks have spec-tacular habitat
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The Neuse River flows from Falls of the Neuse Dam near Raleigh to the Pamlico Sound. From around New Bern downstream, it becomes speck -tacular. Some trout are occasionally caught upriver of New Bern in the Neuse and Trent rivers, but there is magic in the downriver areas. Speckled trout somehow know there is just the right combination of freshwater, saltwater and food and are drawn to it. Fishing is good most of the year, but the fishing can be excellent in spring when specks get active.   

Areas along the Neuse and Trent rivers where water classifications change are marked with signs on bridges and other  structures. Coastal, joint and inland waters
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North Carolina has three designations of fishing waters: Coastal Waters that are generally saltwater, Joint Waters that are generally brackish, and Inland Waters are generally considered freshwater. But in extended periods of excessive rainfall or drought, these waters change, and fish don’t pay attention to the signs posted at the boundaries.

King Mackerel Kings vs. Spanish: What’s the difference? Why you should care?
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Every year, a few fishermen get into trouble because they can’t tell the difference between Spanish mackerel and small, spring kings.

Matt Nelson of Charlotte admires a 9-pound Spanish mackerel he caught on live bait last spring. Spanish mackerel can be delicious
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Some people don’t like the taste of mackerel, probably because they’ve only eaten king mackerel.

Thinning or clear-cutting a stand of pines can bring landowners rewards whose size depends a lot on the timing of the harvest. In timber, timing is No. 1 factor in making money
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Beyond the values to wildlife received from cutting timber, landowners can receive monetary returns. But knowing when to sell a tract of timber offers some uncertainty to the unknowledgeable landowner. Thankfully, there are registered consulting foresters to assist landowners. 

The market for timber of all kinds is looking up in the Carolinas, especially for short-rotation pines. Timber market price trends
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Timber prices rise and fall based on the demand for raw material slotted for conversion into finished products. And the demand for forest products has fluctuated with advances in certain sectors of the economy that can be affected by foreign and domestic uses. Today’s market is recovering well, bringing in good returns for landowners. 

Tim Coble’s gobbler, killed in the Uwharrie Mountains of Davidson County last spring, pushed the 20-pound mark and sported a 10-inch beard and inch-long spurs, but it left him in second place in his family to son Tyler, who killed a bigger bird during the 2014 Youth Only season. Tips for Uwharrie turkeys
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• Scout near creekbottoms and river bottoms. Look for places where turkeys have been scratching for bugs and worms. Follow their trail back up the ridges. Most turkeys will hang out just a few hundred yards from a stream.