North Carolina continues to produce trophy bucks on a regular basis, despite ups and downs in the herd. Harvest was down in 94 percent of North Carolina counties
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Biologists emphasized that declines in the deer harvest in 2014 were concentrated in five counties north of Raleigh, but they actually dropped in 94 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

A new strain of epizootic hemmorrhagic disease wreaked havoc on the deer herd in a handful of North Carolina counties last fall. New EHD strain put a strain on deer
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The epizootic hemorrhagic disease outbreak that affected deer in several North Carolina counties last fall was compounded by a new strain of the virus.

Previous page: Look for white marlin in offshore areas full of bait but lacking in appreciable current. Below: Smaller baits are the ticket to hooking up with an acrobatic white marlin during the late-summer run off North Carolina’s Outer Banks. How to rig a circle hook for white marlin
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Small ballyhoo or “dink baits” fished with a circle hook through the nose are extremely effective at drawing strikes from white marlin off North Carolina’s coast. Here are some tips on fishing them:

Joe Shute’s interest in fly-fishing and fly-tying were piqued when fishermen began to target false albacore off Cape Lookout with fly-fishing equipment in the fall of 2004. False albacore triggered Shute’s fly-fishing pursuits
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One of the top fly-fishing guides and fly-tiers on the Crystal Coast grew up 379 miles inland in the Union County hamlet of Monroe.

Many great spots to target redfish in marshes around Morehead City are filling with sand or becoming inaccessible on low water. Favorite red drum haunts are filling with sand
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Outstanding places to find red drum in shallow waters along North Carolina’s coast are disappearing, much to the consternation and puzzlement of guide Joe Shute of Atlantic Beach.

A segment of the movie “The Fugitive” starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones was filmed at Cheoah Dam, which has now become known as “Fugitive Dam” after the success of the movie. Familiar faces, unfamiliar places
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The Cheoah Dam is a hydroelectric complex located in Graham and Swain counties. The Cheoah Development consists of a dam and powerhouse, the first of several constructed by the Tallassee Power Company, now owned by Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower. The Cheoah project began in 1916 where the Little Tennessee River flowed through a narrow gorge, was completed in 1919 and is the oldest dam on the Little Tennessee River.  

Planer boards serve a variety of uses, whether free-lining spoons, tiny crankbaits or live bait. Getting the most from trolling planer boards
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Free-lining is a natural presentation of either live or live bait. Rigs can be as simple as a line with a hook on the end. The baits are then allowed to swim freely behind the boat, often with enough line out to allow the bait or lure to achieve its chosen depth. 

A big jigging spoon is a great bait to rip off the bottom when bass are holding on deep structure. The ripping technique
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The technique of “ripping” a spoon requires energy and stamina and has been used by several legendary fishermen to generate reaction bites from bass.

Add Suspendots and SuspenStrips to deep-diving crankbaits to get a little more depth on your casts and retrieves. Weighting crankbaits
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When fishing offshore structure, bass pro Tim Grein often needs his deep-diving crankbaits to break the 20-foot barrier. While many manufacturers proclaim their deep-divers reach such depths right out of the box, Grein gives his baits, if need be, a little assistance by adding weight.

Expanded methods available for North Carolina goose hunters
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For hunters looking to heat up their shotgun barrels, fill up the freezer and contribute to conservation and eradication efforts, the resident Canada goose season arrives on Sept. 1. 

North Carolina and South Carolina hunters have the entire month of September to thin out populations of resident Canada geese. Discourage geese from setting up in food plots, impoundments
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With the deer season just around the corner, this year’s batch of cool-season food plots should be in the planning stage. For landowners with a field full of maturing grain intended for this year’s migratory flock of ducks, it is time to safeguard crops from resident Canada geese. 

Summer condition pushes bass shallow Summer condition pushes bass shallow
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Bass are attracted to aquatic plants that grow in shallow water, including water willow, because of the food and cover they provide. But during the hottest summer days, an environmental condition makes them even more inviting.