Hollow-body frogs normally have either a pointed or a cupped face, which produce different sounds upon retrieve. Faces, legs give frogs different personalities
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Like most lures, artificial frogs come in a variety of sizes and colors, but they also come in a variety of styles.  

Rigging a soft-plastic bait weedless on a tiny jighead will allow anglers to fish flooded shoreline cover around Kerr Lake. A weedless jig for flooded shorelines
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While the impoundment of Kerr Lake may have solved many problems in the flood-prone area downstream, fishing the high water resulting from early spring rains requires another solution.  

BYOB — Bring your own brush BYOB — Bring your own brush
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Thanks to enhanced sonar capabilities like side-imaging and down-imaging, finding brush piles on Kerr Lake is easier than ever. However, there’s one sure fire way to have the coordinates of a crappie hot spot before anybody else — put it there yourself. 

A backcountry fishing trip requires a good bit more safety gear than a half-day stroll alongside a stream that’s closer to civilization. Be prepared for anything in backcountry
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The mountains contain mile after mile of trout streams tumbling from the steep slopes of the Appalachians, with thriving populations of  wild trout, beckoning anglers to try the backcountry. However, the elements can fight back and change the lives of outdoor enthusiasts when least expected. 

Diamond-shaped signs designate how mountain trout streams are managed in North Carolina. Stay legal: know your diamonds
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Trout-fishing regulations in North Carolina can change from stream to stream and even from one part of a stream to another. Most backcountry creeks are designated as “Wild Trout Waters” and that quickly narrows down what anglers can use and what he can possess in terms of fish. 

Don’t be afraid of using big artificial baits; this cobia regurgitated 11 small stingrays after it was boated. Fish roll-ups
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Anglers should not shy away from using big lures such as heavy jigheads with foot-long artificial eels for cobia because they have huge appetites and cavernous mouths. 

The spring cobia run off Cape Lookout will often put fishermen in range of some of the big black drum that are moving into the area. Other targets of opportunity
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Anglers often get shots at other species while targeting cobia on a sight-fishing trip. 

Dolphin are among the most-popular offshore fish taken out of Hatteras and other North Carolina ports. Dolphin: Clown prince of the open ocean
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With their bright colors and wild, entertaining acrobatics, dolphin are considered by many to be the clown prince of the open ocean. They have neon upper body colors of blue and green that taper to bright yellow sides and shiny white bellies. 

Funds to dredge the ferry channel from Hatteras to Hatteras Inlet  are currently unavailable, which makes for a hardship for local boaters and ferry passengers. Hatteras Inlet
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Hatteras Inlet has a stormy history, but the changes in the past decade have created storms that have little to do with the weather. The original inlet was south of the current inlet and closed in 1764. The current inlet was opened in 1846 by the same storm that opened Oregon Inlet about 50 miles to the north.

Trapping coyotes before they can prey on the latest crop of newborn fawns should be the No. 1 task for landowners this month. Turn up the heat on coyotes now
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Historically, coyotes were not part of the ecosystem in the Carolinas. Before 1985, only five of North Carolina’s 100 counties had coyotes. Today, every county in both counties has a thriving population of coyotes, with declines in deer populations reported. According to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, the state’s deer population has declined by 30 percent since 2002, and much of it is attributed to the coyote invasion.

Boss gobblers won’t allow interlopers in their territory and often come at a fast pace to the decoy setup. To decoy or not to decoy
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Marshall Collette never uses decoys in the morning but employs them almost exclusively at fields in the afternoon and evening.

No matter what kind of shotgun you use during turkey season, test it with several different shotshell loads so you’ll know how it performs with a gobbler 40 yards from the end of the barrel. The right stuff
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Turkey hunters can be successfully using many varieties and gauges of shotguns, even archery equipment, but most hunters stick to scatterguns because they offer a better chance of success and can be fitted to different hunting approaches.