After several lean years, redfish have returned in good numbers to the upper Neuse River near New Bern. Redfish rebound!
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Alongside the Neuse River’s tackle-busting stripers are schools of equally voracious redfish, competing for the same food and or lure.

Casting to structure on windblown banks or points can often result in good catches of striped bass. The wind is your friend
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Freshwater bass anglers have long known the effectiveness of fishing windward points. The same holds true in many saltwater scenarios.

Popping corks are a great rig to fish when targeting trout and redfish. Put some “pop” in your fishing
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Popping corks have been in use for a long time, longer than you would think.

Wes Barbour catches plenty of speckled trout along spoil islands, created by a dredging the Cape Fear River shipping channel. Spoil island specks
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It seems odd to find spotted seatrout 10 miles north of the mouth of the Cape River and approximately 3 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, but that’s possible near Carolina Beach.

A big circle hook and a length of heavy, monofilament leader are standard on shark rigs used by kayak fishermen. Rigging for sharks
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Brad Knight has a pretty standard setup for rigging for sharks when fishing from his kayak. It works, and it’s strong — strong enough that he boated a 140-pound class tarpon three years ago while fishing for sharks.

The New River’s fishery is among the best along all of North Carolina’s coastline for redfish, trout and flounder. New River is a unique coastal estuary
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There are two New Rivers in North Carolina; one wanders through the mountains in the northwestern corner of the state ,and the other begins and ends within the boundaries of Onslow County on the coast.

Red drum aren’t shy about crashing topwater plugs, but the position of their mouth on the bottom of their head often results in misses instead of hookups. Fishing Topwaters
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Nothing in fishing compares to an aggressive strike on a topwater lure. Fish lunge at them, swipe at them and sometimes even knock them completely out of the water. They miss topwater lures with some frequency, too, and many times they appear to get madder and more determined each time they miss.

Fishermen make more than a half-million trips to Falls of Neuse Lake in any given year — many of them for largemouth bass. Economic clout of Falls of the Neuse
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When Falls of the Neuse was completed in 1981, the 28-mile long reservoir not only provided drinking water for surrounding communities, aided with flood control and created wildlife habitat, it also offered outdoor recreational opportunities, including fishing, that had a significant economic impact upon the area.

Guide Joel Munday shows off the kind of quality largemouth bass that Falls of Neuse Lake is capable of producing. Falls Lake supports excellent bass fishery
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Electroshocking samples of Falls of the Neuse conducted in 2009, 2011 and 2013 indicate the lake has a balanced bass fishery with an appropriate mix of age classes, including an ample number of trophy bass.

Rainbow trout are common, both wild and stocked, in many of North Carolina’s 3,000 miles of mountain trout streams. WNC Trout Primer
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• North Carolina has more than 3,000 miles of trout waters, with the majority of those streams and rivers accessible from public highways. They begin roughly just west of Hickory and extend north and west to the Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia borders. Many streams are on public lands, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Pisgah and Nantahala national forests. In addition, Jackson County boasts the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail, which includes 15 different streams.

The tailrace below Tuckertown Dam is a great summer spot to catch largemouth bass, striped baass and white bass. A ‘dam good’ shallow summer bass spot
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Almost all summer fishing for bass is done in deep water, but one of guide Maynard Edwards’ favorite areas at Badin Lake is only 6 feet deep — if that.

A white buzzbait fished in the first hour of daylight can “call up” bass from Badin Lake’s deep water. The Badin bomber: an urban legend?
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Apparently some North Carolina lakes of considerable depth generate as many legendary tales as they do fish tales.