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Did Bob Wagner of New Jersey catch and release a possible state-record black drum in the surf at Wrightsville Beach last week? Was black drum caught and released at Wrightsville Beach a state record?
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Bob Wagner, a 66-year-old retiree from Pennsauken, N.J., beached a possible state-record black drum from the surf at the north end of Wrightsville Beach last Thursday, but mistaking it for a red drum, he released it.

Trolling motors enable fishermen to operate from the bow in shallow water, unlike having to pole from a platform. Stop poling and start trolling
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Mike Taylor uses a 36-volt Minn Kota trolling motor with a remote-control piloting device when he is fishing for red drum in shallow water. A trolling motor with enough thrust for use on a large boat like his 24-footer can takes three batteries to operate, with boat weight the main consideration in sizing the trolling motor to the boat.

A shallow-water anchoring device makes stopping your boat almost immediately when you contact fish a big weapon in the marshes. Fish on? Power down!
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Minn Kota’s Talon is a shallow-water anchoring system that makes it easy to stop the boat when an angler hooks a fish. This type of anchoring system is a staple on redfish tournament boats because it is so effective.

Scott and Steve Skrydlinski carry climbing stands on their backs and their backpacks in a deer cart. The cart folds for easy stowing and makes hauling a deer out of the woods. ier than dragging it. Deer al a Carte at two new tracts
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Tommy Hughes, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, said adventurous hunters have the opportunity to check out new additions to two existing game lands this year by purchasing over-the-counter muzzleloader season permits.

A “bug” suit and insect repellent made a 2013 muzzleloader hunt on the Suggs Mill Pond Game Land a comfortable and successful one for the author. Insect repellents are imperative
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Mesh “bug” suits and chemical repellents are necessities that turn muzzleloader hunts in southeastern North Carolina into good experiences.

The base of operations for guide Mike Taylor in the fall is the extensive marsh area around Morehead City. March to Morehead’s marsh! Morehead City marsh reds are a great fall target
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Capt. Mike Taylor slowed the engine of his bay boat, making sure he did not bang the prop on an oyster bed. The sun was higher than he preferred, but the timing of the high tide was more important than beating the sunrise.

Using a telescopic sight improves the ability of a hunter to make accurate, long-range shots with a muzzleloader. Muzzleloading double play on two game lands in SE North Carolina
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Since it is so far off the beaten path, a smaller and lesser-known public-hunting area like the Brunswick County Game Land can be difficult for a first-time visitor to find. You have to take a ride down Funston Road, one of the few unpaved stretches of highway that the N.C. Department of Transportation maintains in one of the most-crowded counties on the coast.

Mate L.A. Riddick watches Capt. Larry Horowitz for a sign that he should release the anchor on the Super Voyager III. Anchors aweigh!
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Anchoring is one of the most important tasks for a successful day of bottom-fishing, because a boat that isn’t properly anchored doesn’t allow fishermen to get their baits to the fish.

African pompano are a great bonus catch on offshore bottom-fishing trips where grouper, snapper and black sea bass are more commonly targeted. Out of Africa
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An African pompano is always an outstanding catch on a party boat. They are excellent eating and are extremely strong fighters.

Gray triggerfish are just one of a handful of bottomfish species commonly caught on long-range summer trips out of Little River. Bottoms up! Summer bottom-fishing is best well offshore for anglers around Little River
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Little River Inlet enters the Atlantic Ocean just below the state line between North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Sunset Beach, N.C. Anglers from both states use the inlet to gain access to fabulous fishing, the most notable of which may be summer bottomfish action.

Dennis Barbour has dozens of hooks and leaders ready because so many need to be replaced when flounder fishing around structure. Hook holster
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Capt. Dennis Barbour uses gold Kahle hooks when he fishes for flounder, and he makes up dozens of rigs before a trip. Anglers must keep their hooks handy because break-offs and cut-offs are commonplace when fishing in the “junkyards” at artificial reefs.

Get away from it all, almost Get away from it all, almost
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Capt. Jamie Rushing uses his depth finder to locate isolated piece of concrete well away from the main masses of sunken structure at an artificial reef.