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Don’t be afraid of using big artificial baits; this cobia regurgitated 11 small stingrays after it was boated. Fish roll-ups
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Anglers should not shy away from using big lures such as heavy jigheads with foot-long artificial eels for cobia because they have huge appetites and cavernous mouths. 

The spring cobia run off Cape Lookout will often put fishermen in range of some of the big black drum that are moving into the area. Other targets of opportunity
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Anglers often get shots at other species while targeting cobia on a sight-fishing trip. 

Guide Mike Taylor boated this 72-pound cobia several years ago in the waters off Cape Lookout in early June. Seeing is believing when it comes to sight-fishing for Cape Lookout cobia
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A clear sky and a calm wind beckoned as Mike Taylor loaded his boat at a private dock in Morehead City for a day on the water. He was especially happy because there had been no pre-dawn alarm, and even the sun appeared to be smiling. Because of the fish he had chosen to target, being on the water before daylight wasn’t essential.

This 18-inch brown trout is eligible for a citation from the N.C. Angler Recognition Program and is common sight on the upper Catawba River. Trophies galore
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The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission defines a trophy brown trout as any fish weighing 2 1/2 pounds or more or measuring 18 inches or longer — according to the N.C. Angler Recognition Program.

Fishing the Catawba Bugger Fishing the Catawba Bugger
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“Let it sink, twitch the line twice, followed by a long trip to take in the slack,” guide Scott Cunningham said. “You don’t want to have enough line out to make a lot of false casts. You want to make short, quick casts for slow, methodical fishing.”

Guide Scott Cunningham lifts a net full of brown trout from the special-regulations section of the  upper Catawba River. Brown is beautiful - Upper Catawba River below Lake James is a trophy brown trout stream
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A pickup towing a trailer carrying two inflatable boats pulled into the parking lot of the Bridgewater Public Fishing Access Area downstream from one of the two dams that impounds Lake James. A cold, rainy morning is not most what most fly-fishermen call ideal, but Scott Cunningham of Marion was excited about being on the water.

Remington execs used gelatin blocks to examine the penetration of their new Hog Hammer ammunition. Hit hogs with the right punch
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Many ammunition manufacturers are developing special ammo designed for taking hogs because of their expansion and a growing interest in hunting them. Remington’s Hog Hammer ammo — available in .223, .30-30, .308 and .30-06 among seven calibers — is just such a development.

Milton Turnage invented an LED device that clips on a rifle’s scope that helps with long-distance shooting of hogs at night. Turn darkness into daytime
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Milton Turnage invented The Assassinator AS-900, an LED lighting device that illuminates the landscape within 300 yards or more for precision night shooting. 

This LED light attached to the bottom of a spin feeder will come on when animals approach the feeder after dark. We’ll leave the light on....
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An LED feeder light such as The Kill Light is an excellent way to illuminate the ground under an electric spin-feeder at night when attached to the bottom of a feeder motor.

Barbecued rabbit is a specialty of Willow Oaks Plantation’s chef, Danny Martin. Barbecue that bunny!
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Danny Martin, Willow Oaks Plantation’s chef, served barbecued rabbits as an appetizer after the hunt using this scrumptious family recipe:

A semi-automatic shotgun like Remington’s Versa Max is a good fit for rabbit hunters, who often need to get off several shots in quick succession. Rabbit hunting requires a quick shotgun
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A semi-automatic shotgun like Remington’s Versa Max Sportsman is the best type of shotgun for hunting rabbits. It offers fast follow-up shots and handles quickly in the dense thickets where rabbits live. The synthetic stock and metal finish are practically indestructible, which is handy when a hunter is bushwhacking his way through the brier thickets. 

Look up a hog after dark and turn its lights out. Light up a hog
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When North Carolina started allowing hunters to target wild hogs after dark, Milton Turnage was one of the first hunters to do so effectively. He began offering guided night hunts as soon as he was set up, in January 2012, after honing his techniques by hunting them during daylight hours for years.