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Southern flounder remain overfished and overharvested, but an NCDMF report that outlines the problems has been rejected by a peer-review board, thus sidetracking mandated moves to improve the fishery. NCDMF's stock-assessment report for southern flounder is sidetracked
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Southern flounder, according to the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, have been in trouble for more than 10 years, and a potential big step toward ending overfishing and overharvest of the species has turned into a big stumble.

Karley Davidson skipped school on Nov. 19 to kill this big 10-point Randolph County buck. New home, new land, new big buck
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Karley Davidson may be 16, but she approaches hunting like a 40-year veteran.

Kenny Snyderís big 10-point buck from Orange County fell on Nov. 25, 2014. Fatherís fingerprints ďall overĒ big Orange County buck
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Kenny Snyder of Efland and his wife, Rhonda, have enjoyed a run of successful deer hunts for trophy bucks in recent years.

John Del Papa killed this 145-inch Wake County 8-pointer on Nov. 21 with a compound bow. Raleigh teen archer had the right stuff
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Sometimes it’s an easy read when encountering people, even younger ones, who have the right stuff.†

Scott Niemitalo took this 140-inch Randolph County 8-pointer last Nov. 23. Passing on little bucks results in Randolph County trophy
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Scott Niemitalo grew up in eastern Oregon where he hunted mule deer and elk with a bow and arrow. But tagging a large Randolph County whitetail buck provided one of his most satisfying experiences.

Guide Joel Richardson believes that great catches of striped bass this winter prove that the fishery at Buggs Island is recovering well. Great striper bite at Kerr/Buggs isn't slowing down
615 Views - Posted: January 26 at 12:31 pm

Call it Kerr Reservoir or call it Buggs Island Lake, it doesn’t make much of a difference to fishermen who are experiencing great striped bass action on the 49,500-acre impoundment along the North Carolina-Virginia border.

A 14-foot great white shark named Katharine has been tracked across the Pamlico Sound and much of North Carolina's coastline this month. GPS-tagged great white shark spends much of mid-January in North Carolina waters
16192 Views - Posted: January 18 at 8:47 pm

A tracking device indicated that a “famous” 14-foot great white shark, tagged in 2013 off the Massachusetts coast, apparently swam through Oregon Inlet, into and around Pamlico Sound during the second week of January.†

Pour Mountain Dew down the throat of a bass thatís bleeding, and it will often help the fish survive. Dew will do to aid bleeding bass
318 Views - Posted: January 15 at 7:00 am

Bass anglers who use soft-plastic worms or lizards, often see fish suck down hooks that cause deep wounds and blood loss.

The tilapia crankbait is an anglersí favorite to catch Hyco Lakeís winter bass. Tilapia lures effective for Hyco bass
686 Views - Posted: January 15 at 7:00 am

Lure selection sometimes is critical when bass-fishing during the winter.

A great year-class of stripers spawned in 2011 is making for excellent winter fishing in the lower Roanoke River. Stripers in lower Roanoke River are biting up a storm
1624 Views - Posted: January 14 at 8:50 pm

Although the weather outside may be frightful, lower Roanoke River winter striper fishing has hit its stride.

Anglers are landing good-size striped bass in deep water at Lake Hickory by using rainbow trout as live baits. Cold weather hasn't slowed down striper bite at Lake Hickory
821 Views - Posted: January 13 at 6:31 pm

When cold winter weather blankets North Carolina, freshwater fishing prospects usually falter, but fishermen who are braving the conditions at Lake Hickory are being rewarded with striped bass.

More and bigger hybrid bass are showing up in the creels of Lake Norman fishermen; the bite over the past several weeks has been excellent. Lake Norman anglers welcome great cold-weather hybrid bite
875 Views - Posted: January 08 at 7:36 am

Lake Norman’s fishery has changed for the better, according to one guide, and the winter bite is showing exactly how, with a lot of hybrid bass being caught from the 32,510-acre reservoir on the Catawba River.