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Craig Hester's huge 10-point buck fell on Nov. 27, just four days after he hung a stand to take advantage of sign he'd discovered while rabbit hunting. Rabbit hunt was stroke of luck that put Person County hunter on huge buck
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A rabbit hunt turned out to be one of the best days ever spent afield for Craig Hester of Person County, because it put him in the right spot to kill a huge 10-point buck on Nov. 25 that may score in the low 160s.

The blueback herring, once a vital species in the Roanoke River, has virtually vanished, but striped bass will still hit an artificial lure that resembles one. Flukes are a must for winter stripers
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It’s not a surprise that nearly every artificial lure guide Richard Andrews uses for winter stripers is a Fluke-style soft plastic.

Most winter stripers caught in the lower Roanoke River are holding along creek-channel ledges or other drop-offs in fairly deep water. Fish the edges of the ledges
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Although a lot of striper fishermen on the lower Roanoke River like to cast to cypress trees along the shoreline, those tactics may work well in mid-day after the sun has had a chance to warm the shallows. But for anglers on the water at dawn, the best idea may be to sit a long cast from the outermost cypress tree, cast toward the shoreline, then bump your lure off the bottom, paying particular attention as it falls over the edge of a creek channel.

Jordan Lake's bass have moved into the backs of feeder creeks as the water level has risen and the water temperature has fallen. Rising water level moves Jordan Lake bass to backs of creeks
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Fluctuating water levels are challenging Jordan Lake anglers, especially after rains in the last 10 days put shad on the move towards the backs of creeks.

Joseph Harris killed this great Orange County buck with one slug from a 20-gauge shotgun. Prep wrestler takes great Orange County buck with shotgun slug
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It’s well known that teens often make decisions by relying on their feelings rather than logical thought progressions. Sometimes, that approach works – just ask 16-year-old Joseph Harris. On Nov. 15, opening day of gun season in North Carolina’s Central deer section, Harris, a junior at Northwood H.S., decided to place a chair on an Orange County hillside 10 minutes from his Chatham County home. Forty-five minutes later, he’d shot the buck of a lifetime, a 146-inch whitetail.

Most stripers in the lower Roanoke River will be 12 to 18 inches long, but larger fish like this one are not uncommon. Doing the Roanoke rock - Lower Roanoke River fills up with hungry stripers when cold weather arrives
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So you filled your 2014 deer tags and don’t know what to do with yourself until spring peepers start chirping and turkey gobblers strut their stuff.

Proposed openings in North Carolina's two national forests will result in the growth of grasses and other understory vegetation that is beneficial to many wildlife species. Commission biologist says proposed USFS plan for Nantahala, Pisgah will benefit wildlife
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Gordon Warburton, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, said criticism of a preliminary U.S. Forest Service proposal to allow limited timber harvests in the state’s two largest national forests is misleading and misses the mark by a wide margin.

NCWRCís deer-farm vote deserves praise
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North Carolina’s sportsmen, especially deer hunters, felt better about the state’s wildlife agency after Oct. 30. And for good reason.

Johnny Lawrence killed this great non-typical buck on the first day of blackpowder season in Rockingham County. Pine Hall hunter knocks off great Rockingham County non-typical buck
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Out of a thousand week-old trail-cam photos, one had Johnny Lawrence of Pine Hall so excited he woke up extra early on Nov. 1, the opening day of blackpowder season in Rockingham County. With a 17-point non-typical buck on the ground by 8:15, the excitement really began.

Tim Oakley's huge drop-tine buck from Caswell County was the result of two years watching him grow and letting him walk. Burlington hunter drops hammer on huge Caswell County buck
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Hunters who don’t think it’s possible for deer to grow trophy racks in a county that gets above-average hunting pressure need to talk to Tim Oakley of Burlington. On Nov. 10, Oakley ended a two-year saga by killing a huge Caswell County buck with a 5x4 main-frame rack and one drop tine that has been green-scored at 157 Boone and Crockett Club points.

Legislators listened to complaints about the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commissionís deer-farming rules on Nov. 18 and allowed no opposing speakers. Deer-farm supporters blast Commission over stringent regulations
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A select committee of the N.C. House listened on Tuesday as four deer-farmers from North Carolina and two out-of-state supporters of deer farming castigated the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s management of state deer farms and their owners without anyone associated with the Commission getting a chance to respond.

A bear-poaching sting in western North Carolina that snared several of one state legislator's constituents apparently provided the impetus for a legislative committee meeting to study the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. Legislature to put N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission under microscope
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Just when you thought the deer-farm issue had been resolved, the topic will reappear Tuesday, Nov. 18, in a special legislative hearing in Raleigh.