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Fly fishing with terrestrials and topwater poppers are producing a lot of smallmouth bass for New River anglers. Cool New River is producing some hot smallmouth bass action
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Anglers who want wishing to escape North Carolina’s summer heat and catch fish might consider a float-fishing trip at the state’s northwestern corner, at least that’s the idea presented by guide Marty Shaffner of Elkin, who said his clients have been catching plenty of smallmouth bass on the New River.

Target topwater bass in the early morning hours for great mid-summer fishing opportunities. Don't fry while fishing deep water. Get out early and fish topwaters for bass
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Many bass fishermen consider July and August times when they're forced to spend all day in a bass boat on an open lake with no shade in the blazing sun, slathered by sunscreen, cranking deep-diving crankbaits and hoping to reach 20-foot depths where they believe big fish may be hiding. Fortunately, there's a better way that's much cooler and more fun.

Kim Guglielmo's Northampton County gobbler sported four beards and is the No. 2 all-time turkey taken in North Carolina by a female hunter. Nurse's Northampton County gobbler is No. 2 all-time in North Carolina
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A Maryland native who grew up fishing and crabbing and had never fired a shotgun at a wild turkey bagged North Carolina’s No. 2 all-time gobbler taken by a female this past spring.

Deep brush piles are producing plenty of nice crappie for Kerr Lake fishermen, along with white perch. Deep brush piles producing crappie, white perch for Kerr Lake anglers
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With the heat on across North Carolina, many fishermen have taken to after-dark trips, but Chris Bullock, a veteran guide on John H. Kerr Reservoir has been knocking out plenty of black crappie and white perch on daytime trips.

A community live-bait tank is an unusual feature on Ocean Crest Pier. OCP has survived coastal troubles through the years
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Ocean Crest Pier was one of North Carolina’s last-built ocean fishing platforms, with construction finished in 1968 by Warren Calloway, a World War II veteran. He added a motel in 1972 that his wife operated.

Ocean Crest is one of two piers remaining on Oak Island; Long Beach Pier was closed in 2006. Oak Islandís pier history
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Oak Island was once home to three piers: Yaupon, Ocean Crest and Long Beach.

Each was an outstanding king mackerel platform, in part because of the nutrient-rich water pushing out of the mouth of the Cape Fear River attracts baitfish and predators alike.

A light Texas-rig and a plastic worm is a definite ticket to catching Randlemanís summer bass. Go light for treetop worm fishing
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Using soft-plastic lures such as worms and lizards is an effective technique for hauling bass from submerged wooden structure in reservoirs, but heavy weights don’t work well when fish are suspended in the upper reaches of the water column, where shad often prefer to hang out.

Guide Joel Richardson fishes around one of Randleman Reservoirís many laydown trees that have been cut and cabled to their stumps. Find Randlemanís bass hotels
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Fishermen who once fished flooded trees on either side of the narrow New Hope Creek channel in Jordan Lake will remember how those spots concentrated largemouths.

Tube jigs rigged Texas-style can be great baits to target bass lurking in the shallow, river ends of reservoirs during the summer. Don't forget shallow waters in upper ends of lakes for summer bass
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It’s a given among bass anglers that July and August heat drives largemouth bass into deep waters, but that’s not always true. The shallow-water bite might be the best one.

The upper end of Lake Gaston holds the highest concentration of striped bass because of water temperatures. Head up the lake for Gaston's striped bass
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Because of what he calls “a weird year” this spring and early summer, Don Enderle of Tri-Lakes Guide Service said he’s quit trolling baits and is casting artificial lures at striped bass in the upper reaches of Lake Gaston, where the species’ false spawning toward the tailrace below Kerr Dam is six weeks late.

Big money calling deer-farm bill shots
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When the topic is the management of cervid (deer) farms, big money calls the shots in the state legislature.

Dave Rosemanís 44-pound, 10-ounces king mackerel caught last May is the largest king caught at Ocean Crest Pier since 2002. Kings of the pier
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If experience is the best teacher, then aspiring king mackerel anglers might consider visiting the end of Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island.