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D.J. Odom landed and released this 22-inch rainbow trout Aug. 24 from the Oconaluftee River. Wild-trout action in small mountain streams approaching top-drawer
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Trout anglers can experience good-to-great fishing now through November in North Carolina’s high country, according to a Bryson City guide.

Live and cut shad fished behind a planer board has produced plenty of High Rock channel cats in recent weeks for guide Maynard Edwards. Add planer boards to your catfishing repetoire, High Rock guide advises
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Lexington’s Maynard Edwards, a veteran High Rock Lake guide, is always tinkering with new ideas to catch fish. This month, he came up with a doozy. I know a lot of people have started using planer boards to catch striped bass, but I think hardly anyone’s used planer boards for catfish — until now,” he said.

North Carolina continues to produce trophy bucks on a regular basis, despite ups and downs in the herd. Harvest was down in 94 percent of North Carolina counties
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Biologists emphasized that declines in the deer harvest in 2014 were concentrated in five counties north of Raleigh, but they actually dropped in 94 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

A new strain of epizootic hemmorrhagic disease wreaked havoc on the deer herd in a handful of North Carolina counties last fall. New EHD strain put a strain on deer
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The epizootic hemorrhagic disease outbreak that affected deer in several North Carolina counties last fall was compounded by a new strain of the virus.

Joe Shute’s interest in fly-fishing and fly-tying were piqued when fishermen began to target false albacore off Cape Lookout with fly-fishing equipment in the fall of 2004. False albacore triggered Shute’s fly-fishing pursuits
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One of the top fly-fishing guides and fly-tiers on the Crystal Coast grew up 379 miles inland in the Union County hamlet of Monroe.

Many great spots to target redfish in marshes around Morehead City are filling with sand or becoming inaccessible on low water. Favorite red drum haunts are filling with sand
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Outstanding places to find red drum in shallow waters along North Carolina’s coast are disappearing, much to the consternation and puzzlement of guide Joe Shute of Atlantic Beach.

Guide Joel Richardson said the bass fishing at Randleman Reservoir has been as hot as the August weather. Even the heat can't stop Randleman bass from biting
791 Views - Posted: August 14 at 6:45 am

No matter how sweltering the heat is in August, one Piedmont lake features a bass bite that just won’t quit, come morning, afternoon or evening. “There’s really good bass fishing at Randleman now,” said guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville (336-803-2195). “Even with the hot weather, they’re really biting good.”

Using a double-dropper rig, a dry fly in tandem with a nymph, is an effective way to target summer trout in mountain streams. Tandem rigs will double your pleasure when fishing for mountain trout
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Mountain trout don’t act that differently from other freshwater species. They try to hang out in an area protected from the current, and they don’t want to have to work that hard to feed. They will feed on insects along the bottom of a rocky stream or rise to the surface. That’s why anglers using a “dropper rig” can be successful during the summer.

Would netters OK a flounder buyout?
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During the run-up to a June 17 public hearing about southern flounder management, several members of the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission asked that the meeting be held in Raleigh. Their chairman, Sammy Corbett, rejected their requests, and the meeting was held in New Bern.

North Carolina hunters took 18.3 percent fewer deer in 2014 than 2013. Hunters hope 2015 is not a repeat. 2015 North Carolina deer season preview
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North Carolina hunters, especially those in counties hit by last year’s outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, may wonder whether or how it will affect the 2015 season.

Capt. Joe Shute specializes in fly-fishing, and redfish are one of his favorite targets in the waters around his Atlantic Beach base of operations. Fly in the ointment - Take the challenge and catch a redfish on a fly
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Discounting summer tarpon in Pamlico Sound, trying to catch a red drum in the marsh with a fly rod may be the ultimate challenge for saltwater fishermen in North Carolina.

Fly fishing with terrestrials and topwater poppers are producing a lot of smallmouth bass for New River anglers. Cool New River is producing some hot smallmouth bass action
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Anglers who want to escape North Carolina’s summer heat and catch fish might consider a float-fishing trip at the state’s northwestern corner, at least that’s the idea presented by guide Marty Shaffner of Elkin, who said his clients have been catching plenty of smallmouth bass on the New River.