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A segment of the movie “The Fugitive” starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones was filmed at Cheoah Dam, which has now become known as “Fugitive Dam” after the success of the movie. Familiar faces, unfamiliar places
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The Cheoah Dam is a hydroelectric complex located in Graham and Swain counties. The Cheoah Development consists of a dam and powerhouse, the first of several constructed by the Tallassee Power Company, now owned by Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower. The Cheoah project began in 1916 where the Little Tennessee River flowed through a narrow gorge, was completed in 1919 and is the oldest dam on the Little Tennessee River.  

Planer boards serve a variety of uses, whether free-lining spoons, tiny crankbaits or live bait. Getting the most from trolling planer boards
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Free-lining is a natural presentation of either live or live bait. Rigs can be as simple as a line with a hook on the end. The baits are then allowed to swim freely behind the boat, often with enough line out to allow the bait or lure to achieve its chosen depth. 

Brown trout are better targeting by trolling live bait closer to the bottom. Bigger specimens are caught later in the fall as they migrate up the river to spawn. Keep it cool at Cheoah Lake
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In the 1993 Warner Brothers film, “The Fugitive,” actor Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife, who escapes from custody and is declared a fugitive. He sets out to prove his innocence and bring those who were responsible to justice while being pursued relentlessly by a team of U.S. marshals, led by Samuel Gerard, played by actor Tommy Lee Jones.

Fishermen can catch awfully big sharks from kayaks with the right approach and right equipment. Fish for big sharks from a kayak? Why not? This video shows how  Video Included
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All summer, the internet has lit up with tales of shark attacks along the Carolina coast, as well as hapless kayak anglers being overturned by big sharks. In reality, sharks are a common gamefish along the coasts of both Carolinas and make for exciting sport, especially when landed from a kayak.

Downriggers are lethal tools to get baits down to depths where they can be trolled through the strike zones of different fish species. The lowdown on downriggers
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Trolling open, deep water is a lethal tactic for a number of different species of fish, but problems develop in trying to place a bait at a specified depth on line that ultimately ends up in the hands of the angler at the surface. 

Puncturing a fish's swim bladder can help it survive in a livewell when it might otherwise turn up on its side and die. Six tips for keeping fish or bait livelier in livewells or bait tanks
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Whether the fish you’re trying to keep healthy are in the bait tank or in the livewell, there are several tricks that you can use to keep them alive – or at least tasty – during the summer, and they all boil down to one thing: oxygen levels. Once you understand how to control and manipulate oxygen levels or the fish’s intake of oxygen, keeping them alive isn’t that hard. Here are six tips:

Spotted bass are an aggressive cousin of smallmouths and largemouths that have become a big part of Fontala Lake’s black bass fishery. Peeling Fontana - Layer down for great summer fishing at Fontana Lake
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On Fontana Lake, water temperatures in June and July cement the summer fishing season. While a few fish can still be found in and around the shallows — usually only early and late in the day — most have retreated to deeper, cooler water in the 10,230-acre lake west of Bryson City. 

South Carolina's Lake Jocassee produced a 26-inch, 9 1/4-pound brown trout for a Gastonia angler last weekend. Gastonia angler lands 9 1/4-pound brown trout in South Carolina mountain lake
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Each spring, die-hard anglers look forward to brown and rainbow trout returning to the main-lake area of Lake Jocassee. The first few weeks of the return are a great time to catch trophy sized trout, and guide Sam Jones said he realized the return was in progress when one of his clients, Tony Hale, of Gastonia, N.C., reeled in a 9-pound, 4-ounce brown trout on Saturday, April 18.

Docks may have a number of different features that make them attractive to bass, including shade, multiple posts and brush. Docks? Learn to take your pick
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Andy Montgomery is more concerned with what’s under a dock than what is above it, most of the time, but said there are some visual clues that he can identify a structure that might convince him to sling a jig or Texas rigged plastic under it.

Guide and bass pro Andy Montgomery relies on boat docks for a lot of his spring bass. Be a dock doctor - Find the right boat docks this month and you’ll find some great bass underneath
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When pro bass fisherman Andy Montgomery approaches a boat dock with a fishing rod in hand, he’s like a painter looking at a brand-new canvas or a sculptor looking at a big hunk of clay.

By trailing a length of logging chain behind the boat, anglers fishing from the bow can go slow even in strong winds. Dealing with wind
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As a tournament crappie fisherman Charlotte’s Mike Parrott is no stranger to fishing when he has to. He doesn’t get the luxury of choosing when tournaments will be held and most times, unless a dire situation exists, it’s time to hit the water. Like the Boy Scouts of America like to say:  “Be Prepared”.

Side- and down-imaging technology can help crappie anglers find and orient to fish before even wetting a line. Sonar on the side
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One of the ways that crappie pro Kent Driscoll has stayed on top of tournament leader boards has been by mastering the use of the newest sonar technology, and he relies on it as much as anything in his boat.