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Fishing with large-mesh gill nets in the Currituck and Albemarle sounds will face further restrictions because of problems protecting endangered sea turtles. Netters face new, tighter restrictions in Currituck, Albemarle sounds
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Commercial fishermen in the Albemarle and Currituck sounds who fish large-mesh gill nets have had regulations tightened because of problems the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries has had complying with federal regulations regarding protection of sea turtles.

Spanish mackerel like these two have been a regular catch around Cape Lookout, along with flounder and redfish. Fishing still hot around Cape Lookout for Spanish, flounder, reds
274 Views - Posted: July 24 at 9:42 pm

While fishing typically slows during July and August, Capt. Noah Lynk of Harkers Island said that hasn’t been the case this year in the waters around Cape Lookout. Lynk, who runs Noah’s Ark Charters, there is good variety in the waters around the cape and the shoals that run offshore from it, †plus the inshore waters back towards Harkers Island, Beaufort and Morehead City.††

Guide Mark Stacy said live bait has been producing some nice red drum, trout and flounder in Brunswick County's inside waters. Mixed-bag fishing awaits Brunswick County anglers
479 Views - Posted: July 17 at 7:30 am

The heat of summer has arrived and along with it has come steady, if not spectacular, fishing along the Brunswick County coast. According to Capt. Mike Stacy of Ocean Isle Fishing Charters, fishermen willing to move around and fish for several species can expect a good, mixed-bag catch.

The New Riverís fishery is among the best along all of North Carolinaís coastline for redfish, trout and flounder. New River is a unique coastal estuary
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There are two New Rivers in North Carolina; one wanders through the mountains in the northwestern corner of the state ,and the other begins and ends within the boundaries of Onslow County on the coast.

Red drum arenít shy about crashing topwater plugs, but the position of their mouth on the bottom of their head often results in misses instead of hookups. Fishing Topwaters
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Nothing in fishing compares to an aggressive strike on a topwater lure. Fish lunge at them, swipe at them and sometimes even knock them completely out of the water. They miss topwater lures with some frequency, too, and many times they appear to get madder and more determined each time they miss.

Guide Rick Patterson has been putting plenty of flounder into his livewell in the waters around Swansboro. Inshore bite great around Swansboro for flounder, redfish
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According to Capt. Rick Patterson of Cape Crusader Charters in Cape Carteret, summer has been good for fishing along the Crystal Coast. A variety of fish are being caught in nearshore and inshore waters, and flounder and red drum lead the catches.

Clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and hydration are all ways to combat effects of the summer sun. Take care of your hide
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Most fishermen have experience with sunburn and sweat, a couple of things that result from fishing during the summer. One is good, and the other is bad, but I’m going to mention both this month. Hopefully, you take it as advice from a friend. Let me assure you, this is something I practice as well as preach.

Weedless spoons should be a major part of any inshore fishermann's tackle box; they catch most popular species. Weedless spoons? Don't leave home without them
959 Views - Posted: July 09 at 6:59 am

Most saltwater fishermen have an array of soft plastics, jigheads, topwater plugs and floating- or popping-cork rigs in their tackle boxes, but often, one of the most-important and productive lures is missing: weedless spoons.

Nice upper-slot drum aren't in big schools, but they're plenty aggressive in the waters around Sneads Ferry. Red drum, trout action is topping out around Sneads Ferry
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Capt. Allen Jernigan of Breadman Ventures in Sneads Ferry said the inshore fishing is as hot as the weather, and that the summer heat has fired up flounder, red drum and speckled trout in the area.††

Capt. Allen Jernigan has found that red drum and trout are apt to hit topwater baits in the middle of the day on the New River. Top drum beat - Mid-day topwater bite is great summer feature for New River anglers
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The morning was so calm the fishermen could hear the clacking of the rattles in the topwater lures they were working across the shallow bay off the Intracoastal Waterway a few miles south of Sneads Ferry. Capt. Allen Jernigan was coaching the fishermen on correct speed and the “walking-the-dog” motion when he noticed a small wave appear behind one of the lures. Jernigan had difficulty containing his excitement at the red drum stalking the lure, but he managed to stay calm and continued coaching the fisherman.

Capt. Rick Bennett said flounder fishing is getting better and better around Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. Flounder fishing on the up-tick around Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach
1182 Views - Posted: June 26 at 7:28 am

Flounder fishing is beginning to pick up around Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, according to Capt. Rick Bennett of Rod-Man Charters, who said calm, summer weather is making it easy to get out and fish.

The black spot on the dorsal fin of the Spanish mackerel is the single factor that most distinguishes it from king mackerel of similar sizes. Make sure you're "spot on" with mackerel identification
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Is that a king mackerel of a Spanish mackerel you’re about to slide into your cooler? It might not quite be the $64,000 question, but it is one that could be expensive for fishermen if they make the wrong guess. The cost of court for having an undersize king mackerel is significant, and there is always the possibility of a hefty fine.