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After dark is a great time to fish for summer largemouth bass -- if you know which lures are the most productive. Try these top "after-dark" lures for North Carolina bass
773 Views - Posted: July 17 at 3:21 pm

If the blistering sun has you running for cover, then bass fishing after dark is for you. William Small, who organizes night tournaments at Falls of the Neuse Lake, targets bass as they transition to the more shallow water from the points and ledges where they spend the daylight hours. When he’s fishing at night, he has three lures he won’t leave the dock without.

After several lean years, redfish have returned in good numbers to the upper Neuse River near New Bern. Redfish rebound!
74 Views - Posted: July 15 at 7:00 am

Alongside the Neuse River’s tackle-busting stripers are schools of equally voracious redfish, competing for the same food and or lure.

Casting to structure on windblown banks or points can often result in good catches of striped bass. The wind is your friend
64 Views - Posted: July 15 at 7:00 am

Freshwater bass anglers have long known the effectiveness of fishing windward points. The same holds true in many saltwater scenarios.

Ashley King makes a habit of targeting striped bass in the Neuse River near New Bern with topwater plugs. Hot on top - Neuse River stripers are suckers for topwater plugs in the yearís hottest months
230 Views - Posted: July 01 at 7:00 am

New Bern is home to some of North Carolina’s richest history, and hungriest stripers. Although commonly cast as a passive player on the summer fishing scene, the striped bass of the Neuse River are jumping at the chance to change their reputation by crushing topwater plugs and other lures when the sun is high and the heat is on. †

Guide Ricky Kellum caught this huge speckled trout, which exceeded the 8-pound mark, on May 23 in the New River near Sneads Ferry. Guide lands speck in New River that exceeds 8-pound mark
1421 Views - Posted: May 28 at 7:56 am

†Accounts of large alligators are becoming more common in many of our coastal areas.†Not to be outdone, Capt. Ricky Kellum of Speckled Specialist Inshore Fishing Charters landed a “gator” speckled trout in the New River near Sneads Ferry on May 23 that stretched 29 inches and topped the 8-pound mark.

Chris Kinyoun of Greensboro caught this 62-pound blue catfish at Badin Lake fishing with guide Chris Hammill. Badin Lake spits out 62-pound blue catfish
6627 Views - Posted: April 23 at 8:03 am

Guide Chris Hammill of Hammill Outdoor Adventure routinely boats fat blue catfish on Badin Lake, but April 20 was a special day, when a client won an epic tug of war with a 62-pound blue. Chris Kinyoun of Greensboro subdued the beast on one of his own bass outfits.

Guide Allen Cain has been catching plenty of big American shad in the Cape Fear River below Lock and Dam No. 1 near Rieglewood. Shad run in Cape Fear River is in full gear
1072 Views - Posted: April 11 at 5:54 am

The shad run is in high gear on the Cape Fear River, and Capt. Allen Cain of Sightfish NC is boating big numbers of American shad on fly and ultralight tackle at Lock and Dam No.1 near Rieglewood.

Micah Berry caught this 3-pound, 6-ounce smallmouth on Lake Gaston two weeks ago. A Lake Gaston smallmouth bass? How'd it get there?
1109 Views - Posted: April 07 at 8:55 am

Don Enderle of Tri-Lakes Guide Service has led boatloads of clients to great catches of striped bass in his 25 years on Lake Gaston, but even he was surprised when a scoop with his landing net produced a citation smallmouth bass on March 26.†

Striped bass fishing is picking up on Lake Gaston if you can find slightly warmer water. Find warmer water in creeks for best Lake Gaston striper action
725 Views - Posted: April 02 at 6:01 am

The pace of striped bass fishing on Lake Gaston is picking up, and Don Enderle of Tri-Lakes Guide Service is trolling to find feeding fish in creeks with slightly warmer water.

Shearon Harris slab crappie are in a consistent, deep-water winter pattern that has guide Greg Griffin filling coolers regularly. Shearon Harris crappie have gone deep, but they're sure biting
1887 Views - Posted: January 01 at 6:00 am

With water temperatures dipping into the 40s, the crappie in Shearon Harris Lake are going deep, seeking stable conditions and a steady supply of threadfin shad, according to Greg Griffin of Greggofish Guide Service.† † ††

Guide Pete Crabtree said there are plenty of eating-sized blue catfish coming out of Lake Gaston, despite the heat, and anglers have a chance at some trophy fish. Lake Gaston's blue catfish are beating the heat
2403 Views - Posted: July 25, 2013 at 7:00 am

With summer finally kicking in and other fish becoming lethargic and hard to find, the blue catfish at Lake Gaston are strapping on the feed bag, according to guide Pete Crabtree of Trophy Hunter Guide Service.

Guide Joel Richardson has been catching plenty of bass on their beds lately -- most of them males guarding fry -- but he's catching an occasional late-spawning female. Harris bass spawn mostly done, but keep fishing those beds
1544 Views - Posted: May 07, 2013 at 8:51 am
Female largemouth bass at Shearon Harris Lake have mostly spawned out and left male bass guarding the fry thatís hatched out, and while many fishermen dread this time, guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville isnít one of them. He's catching them.