• The mayfly hatch keeps bream actively feeding this month, and anglers can catch plenty whether they have a boat or not.


    The Matrix Mini

    Chas Champagne wishes it would have been as simple as pointing a futuristic-looking device at one of the most-popular speckled trout soft plastics on the market and reducing the size significantly, like in the 1989 movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”

    May 22 at 9:00am

    NCWRC offering 14 outdoors programs throughout June

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is offering 14 outdoors public programs in June at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education in Transylvania County.

    May 19 at 9:14am

    Delayed-harvest trout waters open under hatchery-supported regulations June 4

    On June 4 the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will open 34 trout streams and two lakes classified as delayed-harvest trout waters under hatchery-supported regulations.

    May 17 at 3:27pm

    Hoopee Hookers know how to hook a bream

    The Johnson Beetlespin, Mepps Aglia, and Betts Spin are some of the lures many of us used when we were kids, and many of us still use those same lures today. They are inexpensive and simply get the job done.

    May 16 at 6:51pm

    Western N.C. boar hunt produces two 300-plus pounders

    Cody Durham and Mitch Mincey recently went on a hog hunt in Jackson County, and had a very interesting trip. While most people think of the eastern part of the state when talking about hog hunting, their western North Carolina trip produced some good hogs, but there was more to this hunt than just waiting for hogs to show up. It could have passed as a scouting trip for bears.

    May 16 at 2:25pm

    NCWRC offering free fishing workshops in June

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is offering two free fishing workshops in June at the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center, in Fayetteville. 

    May 16 at 9:14am

    Angler catches huge cobia out of Hatteras

    Blake Michael of Poquoson, Va., knew he was headed to Hatteras earlier this week for the catch of a lifetime, but he didn't know it would be a doubleheader. Fishing with his buddy, Bryan Nester, this past Thursday, a few days before marrying his “catch-of-a-lifetime” girlfriend, Hailey Hill, Michael landed a 116.2-pound cobia, missing the state record by slightly more than four ounces.

    May 15 at 12:46pm

    May: Time to cover lots of water for bass fishing

    Many bass fisherman do not like the month of May. Many fish are in a post-spawn funk, and fish tend to be scattered. 

    May is actually one of my favorite months, as the challenge of figuring them out becomes more difficult, thus creating a bigger reward. It is often the month of singles — not like singles night, but catching just one fish in an area. They can start schooling later in the month, but often, scattered is the name of the game.

    May 15 at 9:00am

    Big 2015 cobia catch hurts 2016 season

    Because 2015 was such a fruitful year for North Carolina cobia fishermen, they’ll have a big payback to make in 2016.

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Don’t count on finding cobia in the same spots every day this month

    Guide Jot Owens begins seeing cobia off Wrightsville Beach in May, and on a typical day, he will head to the Masonboro Inlet jetties first thing early in the morning and then start running the beach looking for pods of bait and free-swimming cobia. But he can never count on them being in the same place day after day.

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Quick thinking leads to more cobia hookups

    May and June offer great opportunities for fishermen who dream of hooking up with a powerhouse, 50-pound cobia just off the beach. But anglers must act fast if they want to get a hookup, because no matter how lazy these fish appear when cruising along the surface, they become less and less catchable every minute a boat is on the scene. 

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Rigging a Dink Ballyhoo

    1) Using a thawed, small/medium, high-quality ballyhoo, remove the bait’s eyes with an arrow shaft.

    2) Use cutting pliers to remove the bait’s pectoral fins.

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Dolphin grow fast, die young and taste good

    Few organisms in the ocean can match the fast life cycle of the dolphin fish, coryphaena hippurus. Dolphin reach sexual maturity at four to five months, where it takes a king mackerel three years to spawn. The world-record dolphin, 87 pounds was believed to be slightly less than five years old. By comparison, the world-record king mackerel, a 93-pound fish, was thought to be closer to 25 years old.  

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Catch-and-release dolphin? Really?

    Catching a dolphin and releasing it may sound like sheer lunacy to some bluewater anglers, but there is a sound reason to let a few go each year. 

    May 15 at 7:00am

    Try “boil-and-oil” cleaning tip for smoother casting

    Keeping reels working smoothly helps increase casting distance and helps bass fishermen catch more fish.

    May 15 at 7:00am

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