As part of the annual deer hunter survey, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources asks deer hunters to provide information on their wild-hog harvesting activities because so many animals are taken incidental to deer hunting.

“Years ago, wild hogs were not found in every county, but recent surveys demonstrate they are now found in all 46 counties in South Carolina,” Ruth said. “Their range seems to be expanding, and one great way to help control their numbers is to harvest them.”

Ruth said that during 2014, an estimated 29,283 wild hogs were harvested by South Carolina deer hunters. 

“Hog numbers and (the) harvest, can vary substantially from year to year due to bottomland flooding during the winter farrowing season,” Ruth said. “Statewide, approximately 1.3 hogs per square mile were harvested; however, this figure is deceiving because hogs only inhabit a relatively small portion of the state as a whole. 

The top five counties for wild hog harvest per unit area were Abbeville County with 4.4 hogs per square mile, Hampton County with 3.3, Allendale County with 2.6, Anderson County with 2.6 and Clarendon County with 2.6.

“It’s important to remember that this data is only what we received from deer hunters,” Ruth said, “so the actual harvest total of hogs by all legal means is likely somewhat higher.”