Joey Prince, a firefighter from Hendersonville, N.C. was hunting over a soybean field in Orangeburg County, S.C. on Oct. 20, hoping to get a shot at a deer. No deer showed up, but Prince bagged a boar big enough to fill up the back of his Toyota Tacoma.

Around noon, Prince was scanning the field and saw a big hog stand up from its bedded position in the middle of the field. The animal stood broadside to Prince at a distance of 85 yards. Prince shot the boar with his Marlin 336 lever action .35 Remington. The shot connected, but barely fazed the hog, which ran to the back of the field, stopping to offer Prince another broadside shot, which he took.

“My second shot found its mark again, and he ran into the edge of the woods and hid in a thicket. As I approached him, I had to take a third shot to finish him,” he said.

Prince had to call in a favor from a local farmer, who put his backhoe to work lifting the big hog into Prince’s truck bed so Prince could haul it to Butcher Boys Deer and Hog Processing in Summerville, S.C. Luckily, they had scales big enough to weigh the swine, which pushed the scale to 520 pounds. 

“Butch, the owner of Butcher Boys, stated this was the largest hog he had ever checked in at his facility!” said Prince.

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