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    So heres my story for my big buck...
    I've been watching this Buck on the trail camera visiting my corn pile for two weeks getting there a little earlier a little earlier. But I usually come out the stand about 8:30 and legal shooting time is till 9. But you can't see after 8:30 least not down to the corn pile. My buddy kept telling me not to get down to legal shooting time is over. All that was going through my head was- don't get down to the legal shooting times over. He had come to my stand two days earlier at 8:40 so I knew he'd been coming regular and spending time on my corn pile. He had been running with a group of bucks but he came out first every time and was dominating my corn pile. So Friday night I put out a buck bomb I was trying anything to lure him out. Well it got to be 8:30 and I had my buddy voice in my head saying don't get down till 9 so I stayed, I could not see the corn pile without my binoculars, but I continue to sit, then I heard a noise and I pulled up the binoculars and 30 yards from my stand I could see him through the binoculars and I knew it was a good buck, was not sure if it was the one I was after or not but I assumed it was him because he been coming first every night. I could not see him with my naked eye. Through my binoculars I could tell he was staring straight at me, I didn't waste any time I put my binoculars down found him in the scope of my rifle and shot quick before he ran off. After I shot, I seen him Bronco kick and it looked like he cut a flip. He ran 20 yards and I heard a boom, he had crashed. I sat their shaking for about 10 minutes texting my buddy that was in the stand right down from me. I told him I thought I'd got him. I got out of the stand and could not find where he was standing at when I shot, because it was dark. But I knew he'd crash so I went in the woods looking and sure enough 20 yards from where he got shot he was laying. I hollered and could not believe that I had got this big Bruiser. I was scared to leave him thinking he might disappear. I yelled for my buddy to come and help me pull him out. I was so excited that I laid my gun down beside him and left it in the woods where he had been laying. So needless to say I had to track down my gun after I tracked down my dear. I thank God for the wonderful Harvest, and took him and showed him to my brother and my daughter and everyone that would look. I have to give thanks to God for this beautiful dear. So there's your story. I know it's a memorable hunt that I won't forget for a long time, if ever.