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  • Taged out

    Didn’t think I would ever tag out this year. Especially after I fractured my ancle two days before opening day of bow season. For the first two weeks all I could do is sit on the couch and look at the pictures I had gotten on my trail camera. Hoping my ancle would heal enough to let me go hunting . As soon as I was able to put pressure back on my foot I was headed to my deer stand on crutches. And it wasn’t long before the biggest buck I had on camera stepped out at 35 yards and started walking away from me . Finally he stopped at 50 yards and started feeding facing away.what seemed like forever he finally turned enough to give me a shot. It was a quartering away shot and he only went 20 yards before expireing.And just a little over a week later when the wind was in my favor. I returned to my deer stand and was able to have the other big buck that I had gotten pictures of stepped out in the exact spot as the first buck. 50 yard broadside shot and went down within 30 yards.