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  • Deep River Buck

    My name is Hollie Seawell and on October 13, 2018 my husband and I were hunting an area along Deep River in Northern Moore County. As we have hunted here for several years and we have taken several big bucks we have learned for this particular area to wait until mid October to begin hunting here. Bigger bucks usually don't begin showing up around our stands until this time each year based on trail camera pics. The week before we noticed several nice rubs and scrapes around my stand.
    The morning hunt was eventful as I saw 9 does and one small buck. My husband didn't see any! After the morning hunt we very carefully and quietly returned and put out fresh corn. On the evening hunt the wind remained perfect for my stand and at 5:30 the buck came from a thicket located to my right and walked straight to a shooting lane where the fresh corn was. Instantly, I tried to calm my nerves and fired my .308. The buck jumped and ran very quickly going out of my sight down a big hill. My shot woke my husband from a good doze as he again did not see anything at his stand! About 30 minutes later we started looking for signs of a hit. Only a few yards from where he stood when I shot we found good blood and after only trailing a short distance I spotted him at the bottom of the hill. I was so excited as this was the biggest buck I have taken so far. 20 inch 10 point 180 pounds!